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Florida: The Stakes

There's less than a week remaining before the crucial GOP primary in the Sunshine State:

McCain -- The ramifications of a victory are obvious. But what happens if he finishes 2nd or 3rd?

Romney -- Has the cash to continue no matter the outcome. Anything less than 2nd, however, and the writing will be on the wall.

Giuliani -- Needs a win. 2nd place won't cut it.

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P.S. -- It's over for Huckabee. You don't need a "crystal ball" to figure out why he's pulling money and other resources out of that state.


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Comments (14)

"Guiliani-needs a win. 2nd... (Below threshold)

"Guiliani-needs a win. 2nd place wont cut it."

Needs at least a 4th to break into the top 5 for the first time??

I think Giuliani is sunk al... (Below threshold)

I think Giuliani is sunk already. If McCain can't beat Romney here, I wonder how he'll react?

A crystal ball? You won't b... (Below threshold)

A crystal ball? You won't be doing any of your Satanic divination once President Huckabee has properly aligned the Constitution with the Bible!

Giuliani could survive a cl... (Below threshold)

Giuliani could survive a close second to McCain, say losing 32-31%, with the others no higher than low teens. That would allow him to position himself as the anti-McCain candidate for Super Tuesday - when none of the Republicans will be able to advertise heavily in all the states with their cash on hand.

But any realistic path to the nomination for him has to begin with a win in Florida.

McCain, having been proclaimed the GOP nominee by all three Democratic candidates in their debate, won't even be derailed by a respectable third place - but if he expects to clinch the race early, he needs wins to create "inevitability."

"McCain, having been procla... (Below threshold)

"McCain, having been proclaimed the GOP nominee by all three Democratic candidates in their debate"

F^ck the Democratic candidates, and McCain's "inevitability".
Republicans will decide this issue, and it's a long way from over.

The state of Florida has pr... (Below threshold)

The state of Florida has primaries where the citizens cannot cross party lines to mess with the outcome. So, McCain will lose handily. ww

Giuliani is polling fairly ... (Below threshold)

Giuliani is polling fairly even with McCain and Huck. He certainly has a chance. Don't give up on him. Though he's a moderate conservative, he has said he will nominate judges like Alito and Roberts, and wants to reduce taxes a very meaningful amount. He can win Florida.

Huckabee would be doing the... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Huckabee would be doing the Republican party a big favor if he followed Thompson's lead. Pull out now. Let the real contenders battle on alone. The Huckazombies charged Thompson with only wanting to help McCain. Now the same charge can be leveled at Huckabee.

Big difference is that Huck... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

Big difference is that Huckabee is actually leading in 3 of the Super Tuesday states right now. Of course, those leads could easily evaporate over then next two weeks, but it is difficult to pull out when there is that situation. Thompson had zero prospects of winning any state, including Tennessee.

I think the best chance for... (Below threshold)

I think the best chance for Huckabee to get his party's presidential nomination is to switch to Democrat and he'll be leading in more than three states.

Florida doesn't matter. Ho... (Below threshold)
Jardinero1 Author Profile Page:

Florida doesn't matter. How many delegates is it worth? 55 or 57? Hardly more than the Louisiana Caucus last night, 44. There's is a good chance Ron Paul will pick up half of those Louisiana delegates.

It's all about the delegate count. The way it is going nobody is going to have more than a third until way after super tuesday. The ultimate winner is going to be determined by money, organization and sheer staying power. The only candidates who have all three are Romney, Paul and McCain in that order.

Romney owns FloridaR... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Romney owns Florida
Romney owns McCain

McCain is toast when we get to states where Independents and Democrats can't vote for him.
Anyone who is a Republican is one of the following:

1.) Senile
2.) Cannot remember anything before 2008
3.) Likes the abuse
4.) Isn't really a Republican

McCain is only a contender at this point because he's been propped up by the media. Their wishful thinking will not bear out at all. Romney is my spite pick since the media hates him. Thompson is gone, so lets piss off some media elites and some libs at the very least.

I wouldn't quite nail that ... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

I wouldn't quite nail that final coffin in Huckabee's grave quite yet. For whatever reason his donations have actually been increasing these past few days and his staff has decided to proceed without pay. Now Dunacan Hunter, remember, the true conservative who was tough on immigration from who's nuts most of you guys were swinging... yeah, that guy has endorsed Huckabee today. You can pronounce him dead right now, but I think he may still have has a prayer... literally.

Mikey will stay in the race... (Below threshold)

Mikey will stay in the race for the purpose of siphoning votes from Romney. Of course, McCain will develop a severe case of Clinton amnesia when Mikey comes to collect the prize our straight-talking traitor promised for that little service.






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