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Ironic Headlines of the Day

Chuck Norris says McCain too old for presidency -- Associated Press

Hell, isn't 70 the new 50?

Moreover attacking a candidate as being too old to govern in advance of a crucial election in -- hello -- Florida is sort of like bashing the auto industry while campaigning in Michigan, isn't it?

* * *
Rising health care costs put focus on illegal immigrants -- USA Today

Will conservatives blame Ronald Reagan and that 1986 amnesty law? Or will they somehow figure out a way to blame George W. Bush?

* * *
Why Have Abortion Rates Fallen? -- Time

Good question, huh?

Of course the real question is why does that issue need to be federalized? What's wrong with letting individual states and individual voters or elected representatives determine whether or not to regulate abortions?

What say you, Patricia Ireland?

* * *
Clinton, Obama Trade Blows in South Carolina -- NPR

If Monica saw that headline she'd blush.

* * *
Russia bombers to test-fire missiles in Atlantic -- Reuters

Nothing about which to worry? Or are we heading back to the halcyon days of "The Hunt for Red October" and "Red Dawn?"


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Comments (4)

Or will they someh... (Below threshold)
Or will they somehow figure out a way to blame George W. Bush?
The article inherently does that already.
Hi JJ,An off-topic... (Below threshold)

Hi JJ,

An off-topic econ q: Why is M3 rising (as best as can be estimated, since the Fed no longer publishes that number), but M2 and M1 are not? Is this foreign money buying US bonds or what?

"Russia bombers to test-fir... (Below threshold)

"Russia bombers to test-fire missiles in Atlantic"

Now that's ironic!

Chuck Norris says McCain... (Below threshold)

Chuck Norris says McCain too old for presidency -- Associated Press

If Huckabee is elected, the stress of the job will probably cause him to start over-eating again, and we'll have a 400 lb President in office by the end of his term.






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