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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is The Tampa Electric Company. They get the award for the following.

TAMPA - A man and his roommate got quite a surprise when they opened their electric bill Friday.

The Tampa Electric Co. bill showed the couple owed almost $100,000.

"I have no idea how I ended up with a $100,000 electric bill," Richard Grieshop said. "There's no way. I don't think anyone uses that in a lifetime."

Grieshop and his roommate, Lynda Williams, live in a one-bedroom mobile home. Both use wheelchairs and live on fixed incomes.

Their power had been turned off during the holidays, but with help from friends and social services, they got the lights turned back on about two weeks ago, Grieshop said.


Grieshop said he called TECO and was told to pay up or face having his power turned off again.

A Tampa Electric spokesman told News Channel 8 that a system error generated the bill and that Grieshop and Williams don't owe $99,999.

The spokesman said Grieshop need only call customer service again to get the problem solved.

Here's a message for the Electric- Get off your lazy ass and fix the mistake. Why does Greishop have to call them again? There is no reason, the company is aware of the mistake. Plus if anyone at this outfit had some brain matter between their ears, they'd know the first bill had to be a mistake. Why not investigate it? Pure and simple laziness.

For sending out a bogus bill and then giving lousy customer service, The Tampa Electric Company is today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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Comments (8)

All high level management p... (Below threshold)

All high level management personnel are graduates of major colleges. Need more proof that the liberal run non-educational colleges are a 100% failure? Time to cut the taxpayer cord to them, completely.

QWEST deserves to be the "k... (Below threshold)

QWEST deserves to be the "knucklehead" of the decade. A couple weeks ago, even though all the phone bills were fully paid up for the estate of my recently deceased parents, which averaged about $400 a month with long distance included, QWEST shut off the phone service for no good reason and even acted in contempt of court of a signed Circuit Court order that granted me full access to the account and the right to order that the service be reconnected immediately. My lawyer twice sent them official papers from the court that they managed to only lose twice in less than seven days giving me access to the account and refused to reconnect the service until I sent a copy of the Circuit Court documents a third time to them, filed an official complaint with the Public Utility Commissioner's Office, and the lawyer contacted QWEST for the third time that week. Not many businesses disconnect your phone and internet service when your bills are fully paid or defy Circuit Court orders, and ignore lawyers, but QWEST does. The worst of the worst for sure.

It's an honest mistake. Fo... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

It's an honest mistake. For all the power company knows the couple just moved into Al Gore's old estate...

I'd be surprised if TECO di... (Below threshold)

I'd be surprised if TECO didn't also issue a non-apology qualified apology like "We're sorry if he was unhappy with our mistake;" not "We're sorry for our mistake."

It must have been a hanging... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

It must have been a hanging chad on their meter.

It is good that you can ope... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

It is good that you can openly criticize an electric company for their mistakes like that. If you dare to criticize McCain and the dems 60 days before a federal election, they will put you in jail. This is another example why the big gov agenda of the dem is a disaster. Mistakes like this are numerous in gov run programs.

I vote "Blue's" Larkin for ... (Below threshold)

I vote "Blue's" Larkin for this awards and for the folling quote in ref to his leaving Wizbang Blue:

"We should have higher standards than that."

If not knucklehead of the day he's most certainly "Mr. Disingenuous" for the day or the "Buwahahahah" post of the day.

To even mention "higher standards" in the context of any writers at Blue is the height of asshattery.

Paul H:Qwest regul... (Below threshold)

Paul H:

Qwest regularly has such bad service without disconnecting you that I would think you'd wanna go with cable or another ISP anyways. Witness the impressive failures of their "failure-proof" 911 system here on the coast.






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