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Feds target illegal immigrants far from border

Federal immigration agents, with help from local law enforcement officers, have begun intercepting illegal immigrants and alien smugglers along stretches of highway deep in the U.S. interior.

'They think they're pretty much home free once they get up here,' said Bill Botts, of the Border Patrol's Gulport, Mississippi, station. But Operation Uniforce, as the two-week crackdown started Jan. 13 is called, 'is pretty much a shocker for the [alien] smuggling organizations.'

More than 300 illegal immigrants and alien smugglers had been arrested as of Tuesday, just over a week into the operation.

About 40 Border Patrol and U.S. Customs agents who normally work at or close to the border temporarily have been assigned to the interior highway crackdown. They and local law enforcemernt agents have spread out along several miles of I-20 and some of its connecting highways.

After the two-week crackdown is up, they will return to their usual jobs and evaluate what they learned. In the coming weeks or months, they might return to I-20 and do it again.

Whether or not they return, the hope is that the crackdown will put illegal alien smugglers on notice and disrupt their business by forcing them to take longer, slower and more costly detours.

Border Patrol spokesman Ramon Rivera said the vast majority of those caught up in the crackdown are Mexicans headed to the East Coast, where they typically land jobs in agriculture, construction and manufacturing. Agents also uncovered vital information about a few prolific alien smuggling rings and a popular Texas stash house where illegal immigrants were stowed. 'The intelligence we are getting is absolutely priceless,' said Rivera.

In 2007 federal agents ran three alien smuggling interdiction operations, but closer to the Southern border. Those efforts seemed to force the smugglers north from I-10 to I-20. So this time, agents moved deeper into I-20, some 800 miles from the nearest border crossing, at Brownsville, Texas.

* * *
Law Enforcement 101.
Public Policy 101.
Politics 101.
Economics 101.

On full display -- in real life.

* * *
P.S. -- Here's a link to the excellent AP article on which this entry is based -- the first two grafs of which read like an Ed McBain novel.

As they say, read it all.


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Comments (4)

Almost but not quite too li... (Below threshold)

Almost but not quite too little too late.

Good news but let's face it... (Below threshold)

Good news but let's face it. Bush & Co. have encouraged this mass "migration" from south of the border. How you ask?

1) By constantly talking up, complimenting, pandering and worshiping "Hispanics" which is essentially a euphemism for illegal aliens from Mexico.

2) By refusing to make English the official language of government in our nation. By refusing to insist that public schools ONLY teach in English, like they used to for centuries - immigrants were expected to learn English on their own and expected to show a healthy amount of respect for native US citizens, US culture, US history, traditions, customs, etc.

3) By constantly making silly arguments like "jobs Americans won't do" and the like. There are only jobs Americans won't do for pennies an hour (and rightly so).

4) By refusing to criticize Mexico even after numerous "entries" of Mexican army and police and illegal alien and drug smuggling gangs onto US territory. Bush & Co. walk on eggshells when dealing with the narco-nation of Mexico. We look impotent to them.

Built a DOUBLE-LAYER fence ASAP. Then we as a nation can decide what to do after that.

Stop the flow first!

The latest poll confirms wh... (Below threshold)

The latest poll confirms what many polls have found over the last six months, 68 percent of Americans want deportation.

The news media will never print that poll, so pass it along. Here is the cite:

Why not send it to your Senators and Congressman and State reps too? We don't want them to stay in the dark do we?

Funny that just before Christmas Congress using the Omnibus Act gutted the Fence bill. They did away with double fencing, the kind that has been proven to really work, and put conditions on building the fence which will guarantee it will not get done.

Another question to ask your people in Congress, why are they doing this since the America people are against it?

We got to keep fighting folks.

Our laws provide that all Americans can bring in their family and race hence each country has about equal quotas.

Any form of amnesty gives a huge preference to Hispanics over all Americans of other races, both in number and timing of those allowed to live here. It is completely racist and violates the USA Constitution anti discrimination and equal protection clauses.

But politicians, the media and dishonest business want taxpayer supported cheap labor, and to keep those illegals coming, so they are doing their best to hide the stench of racism they are promoting by their amnesty proposals.

It is the civil rights battle of the 21st century, for all non Hispanic Americans. Do we let greedy corporations abolish our civil rights and the rule of law? Or do we fight back and refuse to vote for any politician who is pro amnesty of any sort?

This is a fight for what America will be. A nation of laws for everyone, or for the dissolution of the country so the greedy elite can reap huge profits form a North American Union.

Don't believe me?

Read David Brooks of the NYT article in December where he haranges Lou Dobbs for screwing it up; per Brooks, the "elite" ( his words) had reached a bipartisan agreement on free trade that was reaping huge profits. He fails to mention that it was profits for the "elite" and ordinary Americans get hung out to dry.

Check Judicial Watch. You can read an actual Bush gov. document which says that as Americans will resist North American integration, it has to be done in secret and implement by "evolution stealth".

Guess what leaving the borders open and amnesty is?? Evolution steatlh for integration of Mexicans and Americans.

Ever wonder why the politicans, media and business never ask for legal immigrants?

Because they come from all countries and they don't want that. They only want Mexicans to further their plans to for the North American integration.

Check out Jeff Hoards videos (google Jeff Hoards) and see him catch our politicians lying about the North American HIghway they are buiding RIGHT NOW.

Check out Judicial Watch again and read the Bush gov documents- agendas for meetings with Mexico and Canada for integration of our infrastructures and for open borders.

How about Bush letting in the Mexican turckers to the USA even though Congress passed a bill banning it?

How about our Congress just before Christmas in the Omnibus ill doing away with double fencing (it works) and adding conditions for the building of the fence which means it will never get b built?

People, wake up. Tell you friends and family.

We are in the fight for our lives. If we lose, we lose our language, our culture and our nation.

All there will remain to be done is to ask the last person in the country we once called America to lower the flag for the last time.

Vote out every politican that does not support deportation.

Call, email, fax your reps constantly demanding answers to why our borders are still unprotected. Wny the fence act has been gutted. Why they are proposing racist amnesty. Why legal immigrants are being discrimianted against? Why oridinaty Americans unless they are hispanic, are being discrimina nted against in terms of number and family they can have in the USA.

We don't have much time left.

This isn't a Republican issue or a Democratic issue. It is an American issue. We all have to work together to put a stop to it.

THE STORY YOUR ABOUT TO SEE... (Below threshold)
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