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GOP Florida Debate

I got a kick out of this piece from David Espo of the AP:

Republican presidential contenders on Thursday evening depicted Sen. Hillary Clinton as weak on Iraq and certain to raise taxes, setting aside their own campaign debate squabbles long enough to agree that she is unworthy of the White House.


Unelectable too. But that's another topic for another time and place.

* * *

So, who won the debate?


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Well I would say Rudy.... (Below threshold)

Well I would say Rudy.

Even though MSNBC gave Romney more time as did the other candidates during questioning.

I was really surprised that the one "fact" statistic that russert threw at Romney during a question on the economy about unemployment being terrible and having risen to 5% Romney let stand.

Wow. I thought he was an economics guy. Instead he was disengenious and he let that "issue" stand so that he could run on it.

5% unemployment isn't that bad. In fact an argument can be made that if you get much below 4% it is inflationary because the pool of competitors for new jobs is too limited, too tight.

Romney let it go unbelievable.

He also went "boogey man" on China. One of the best ways to keep China "friendly" and to insure thsat is to keep introducing them to the benefits of Democracy and the best way to do that? Their pocketbooks. Capitalism. Instead Romney played to the fear factor.

Duncan Hunter supposedly endorsed Huckabee because of the fact that Romney's Bain Corporation was too friendly with China. I think Duncan Hunter is interested in punishing China for human rights violations which is a worthy idea, but workable I don't know....

Romney wasn't expressing that though. He just wanted to play on China for the fear element.

Yikes I ended up liking him less than McCain-that takes some doing.

He also said something about the "poor" snowbirds that have to go from Massachusetts to Florida- and then had Chris Matthews blabbering -"Romney won this.."

If Chris Matthews thinks you won....well yuck.

Rudy knocked the econ questions out of the park.

Instead of going after global warming he went after becoming energy independent for National Security reasons. He made a good argument for why we want some foreign investment. Shorthand if the countries invest in our markets they are less likely to want to see them being blown up. Simple economic interests. Mutual. Rudy said it even better.

Rudy managed to defend the early difficulties of the war by hitting upon the fact that there was a 20% draw down of troops by Clinton before the war on terror even started. Instead of using the negative attacks by Romney and McCain on the war management. Because again they both want to have that issue to run on and to play to Liberals.

Rudy had answers about energy such as nuclear and bio that McCain could only tag onto and say "what Rudy said." It was obvious that during a question from ron Paul McCain did not know the econ answer and went to a rehearsed litany of who his supporters are. He also denied admitting earlier that he did not know much about economics. The quote will be used on him by the media probably only after he's up against Hillary.

At least McCain only used "my friends" once and he dropped the Air Force tanker speel-strategic because someone must have wised him up to just how many air bases there are in Florida.

So I say Rudy.

How ironic.... (Below threshold)
M. Webster:

How ironic.

Fake name comments, how lam... (Below threshold)

Fake name comments, how lame.

Didn't watch it, it was pro... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Didn't watch it, it was probably a liberal/populist off.

Who can be more populist than the pandering liberals!? Lets race!

Kind of like the Dubai Ports deal. It wasn't a bad deal, but everyone was rushing to take credit for shutting it down.... Idiots...

So I take it SPQR is your g... (Below threshold)
M. Webster:

So I take it SPQR is your given name?

"What should we name him, honey?"

"He looks like an SPQR to me, dearest."

Honestly, do you even read what you write?

By the way, Jayson, someone who ridicules the use of a fake name while using a fake name themselves is an example of irony. Maybe SPQR was very cleverly commenting on my post by doing that.






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