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Ironic Liberal Media Headlines of the Day

Obama walks a tricky racial line -- AP

Which begs an important question: Why are Democrats so obsessed with race? What's your take, Robert Byrd?

* * *
Yearlong anti-Bush campaign planned -- MSNBC

Wow, you would think after seven full years the lunatic left, you know, would have moved on.

* * *
Bill Clinton again wagging finger, raising eyebrows -- Reuters

If Monica saw that headline she'd blush.

* * *
Clinton: Give states their delegates -- AP

Free them from the shackles of DNC oppression.

* * *
GOP Debate: Not Quite a Smoka in Boca -- ABC

Okaaay. Or perhaps it was a 'smoka' but none of them inhaled.


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Let me get this straight.</... (Below threshold)

Let me get this straight.

Obama and Edwards took their names off the Michigan ballot. Hillary left hers on-essentially running unopposed but it was all ok 'cause the delegates weren't suppose to count. Now that she won it she wants it to count.

In Florida they supposedly all took a pledge not to campaign there but surprise, surprise Hillary broke it.

Now,ghee- she wants those delegates to be re-instated too.

Why doesn't Obama just surrender now?

It's unbelievable-but then republicans have known how they steal elections for awhile.

Just ask anyone with an ounce of fairness in Philly.






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