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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Colorado State House Representative Douglas Bruce. He gets the award for the following.

DENVER - The state House voted Thursday to censure a lawmaker who kicked a newspaper photographer taking his picture -- and refused to apologize.

The resolution, passed 62-1, was the first censure in the history of the Legislature. It says Rep. Douglas Bruce "failed to uphold the honor and dignity of the House of Representatives and reflects poorly on the state."

Bruce, a Colorado Springs Republican, kicked Rocky Mountain News photographer Javier Manzano for snapping his photo during the traditional session-opening prayer on Jan. 14. Bruce was sworn in as a midterm replacement hours later.

Bruce was standing during the prayer when Manzano knelt down, along with other photographers and videographers, and snapped his photo. Bruce brought the sole of his shoe down hard on Manzano's bent knee and said, "Don't do that again."

Bruce has described his action as a "nudge" and not a kick.

After the vote Bruce again blamed the photographer and compared himself to the character Mr. Smith in the move 'Mr. Smith goes to Washington'. I must have missed the part where Jimmy Stewart kicked the photographer. Colorado State House Representative Douglas Bruce doesn't just get censured, he becomes today's Knucklehead of the Day. Will I get kicked now too? Remember I'm a masochist.


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Comments (3)

Usually, I can say "HA HA, ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Usually, I can say "HA HA, stupid Dems!", but this shows both sides of the aisle have their a-hole reps... So: "HA HA, stupid politicians!"

(maybe he thought the photographer was attempting to steal his soul?)...

...(or "sole"?) :)

Yeah. He's my district's re... (Below threshold)

Yeah. He's my district's rep. He's been a troublemaker since he came here from California. He's done a few good things, like the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights back in the early 90s. But since then, he's been a general crank in El Paso county. Hell, most of the party leadership dislikes the guy.

The good news is that he'll probably lose the primary in August.

He's a jerk. TABOR is possi... (Below threshold)

He's a jerk. TABOR is possibly the only good thing he's actually done. Even though he shares many of my political beliefs, he couldn't buy my vote if he was running against a Clinton.






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