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How to roast Reagan

Democrats tiptoe the line between honoring Ronald Reagan and opposing everything he stood for. Well, if they want to be effective in chastising Reagan, they need to take their cues from a great spiritual leader:

Thanks to K-Lo at The Corner.


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Rickles is a beauty. ... (Below threshold)

Rickles is a beauty.

The good ole times. ww... (Below threshold)

The good ole times. ww

Wow. Some of the old names... (Below threshold)

Wow. Some of the old names there...

Watched a special on the Bio Channel a few weeks ago about Jack Benny. That stuff is timeless and still funny.

That was hilarious! That's... (Below threshold)

That was hilarious! That's how one does a proper roast.

Wow, nobody could put toget... (Below threshold)

Wow, nobody could put together a roast like Dean Martin. That was priceless! :)

Now that, that was f... (Below threshold)

Now that, that was funny.

10 million light years of w... (Below threshold)

10 million light years of what any leftist could do being funny. They're just angry at everything they can't control.

That was hilarious. If only... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

That was hilarious. If only it could be done that way today. It was just as funny to watch Deano's reaction as it was to watch the Gipper's. Rickles certainly was one of the best.

Rickles is still with us, b... (Below threshold)

Rickles is still with us, btw. He was on Letterman last week to promote his new DVD. The guy is as funny as ever, firing the insults and one-liners as rapidly as ever, keeping Dave and Denzel Washington (who requested to stay out for Rickles' spot) in stitches.

Iran Contra?... (Below threshold)

Iran Contra?






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