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Open Borders Go Both Ways

I was considerably dismayed when I read about John McCain's point man on immigration, a renowned open-borders advocate. Dr. Juan Hernandez is a citizen of both Mexico and the United States, and is on record calling for an abolition of any enforcement whatsoever of the border between the two nations. Indeed, he famously said about the Southwest: "it's not two countries, it's just a region."

This isn't just some guy spouting off. Dr. Hernandez served in Mexican President Vicente Fox's cabinet, as "Minister of Mexicans Living In The United States." At the same time, he also taught at the University of Texas, meaning he was an employee of both the government of Mexico and the state of Texas.

This statement, naturally, has a lot of Americans a bit miffed. And understandably so.

But I think we might want to consider taking Dr. Hernandez' idea up and trying it out, seeing how well it works. Maybe giving it a "test run" in very controlled circumstances and evaluating the results. Maybe the United States and Mexico can form a truly unique partnership in global history, disregarding issues such as borders and documentation and immigration and legal status laws.

And I think the perfect test case presents itself with one Cesar Laurean.

Cesar Laurean, if you don't recognize the name, is the United States Marine who is charged with murdering a fellow marine, Maria Lauterbach. (Lauterbach was 8 months pregnant when she was killed.) Laurean was awaiting trial on charges he sexually assaulted Lauterbach when her burned body was discovered buried in his back yard. He fled, and apparently has been seen back in his native Mexico.

Under Mexican law, if he is arrested in Mexico, he cannot be deported back to the United States if he faces the death penalty -- or, as I understand it, life without parole -- because the Mexican government considers them inhumane. He will only be turned back over to the US if the government pledges to foreswear those sanctions.

Well, this is where the "open borders," "one region" element comes into play. Since we won't be considering Mexico and the United States two separate, sovereign nations, we should send our law enforcement officials across that evil, vile, racist, separatist, apartheid border into Mexico, track down Laurean, and bring him back to face justice -- Mexican law and sovereignty be damned.

The Mexican government cannot insist on its rights to compromise our sovereignty, our rights to control our border, our rights to control who enters our nation and under what circumstances, without forfeiting the same rights in return. It's a concept called "reciprocity," and it's one that's been absent far too long from the vocabulary of the US government.

I can already think of one person who'd probably be delighted to testify how badly this idea needs to be tried out.

Author's note: This is not the first time I've suggested this. I published this article about three and a half years ago, and it now seems even more relevant than ever -- right down to the last threat I made.


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Comments (7)

Nice thought experiment Jay... (Below threshold)

Nice thought experiment Jay but you need to understand that the entire United States nation, government, business - everything is for one thing only: the greater good of Mexico. This administration will not dare say the slightest negative thing about Mexico and the corrupt government in Mexico City, less the behavior of many illegal alien Mexicans, aka, the alarming crime rate of those aliens.

The 24/7/365 "Hispandering" that has gone on over the past several years is nausiating. And it's worsened under Bush. Bush and Rove had the idea of not enforcing the border and interior immigration laws and that gave Mexico the green light to "encourage" tens of millions of those "hard working amigos" to flood into our country illegally, work illegally, drive down wages for blue collar Americans, use fake or stolen ID's, commit social security fraud.....all for Rove's plan of bringing more Hispanics (euphemism for Mexican) into the Republican party.

Yeah sure Karl, those poor, uneducated, quasi-socialist Mestizos are going to vote for less government, lower taxes, English language, etc.

Rove = Idiot.

I agree, but sadly, I don't... (Below threshold)
USpace Author Profile Page:

I agree, but sadly, I don't think Bush has the balls or the will to speak firmly to Mexico.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't do the right thing


Under Mexican law, if he... (Below threshold)

Under Mexican law, if he is arrested in Mexico, he cannot be deported back to the United States if he faces the death penalty -- or, as I understand it, life without parole -- because the Mexican government considers them inhumane
Yes, but what does regional law say?
BTW, I understand those Mexican prisons are extremely humane!

Here's an easier test. As a... (Below threshold)

Here's an easier test. As a U.S. citizen, try buying some land in Mexico. It can't be done.

In the case of Cesar Laurea... (Below threshold)

In the case of Cesar Laurean, the usual Mexican civil laws may not apply.

We have a treaty with Mexico which provides for the immediate return of any AWOL soldier. Laurean is AWOL, and must be returned to the USMC directly. Extradition doesn't enter into this case if the USMC requests his return.

The only way the usual prohibitions in capital cases (which are also the practice of Canada and most European countries, btw) would apply is if the military does not request his return. I can't imagine any reason they wouldn't, though.

I wonder how many illegal a... (Below threshold)

I wonder how many illegal aliens are serving in uniform? Are there no standards anymore? Or do they use such good fake identities?

Nothing will be solved until large scale deportations begin. The only word that Mexico fears is the "d" word - deportation. That's the only way to end Mexico's welfare program via the US government and especially Jorge Busheron.

I have no problem whatsoeve... (Below threshold)

I have no problem whatsoever with the DA in NC saying he won't ask for the death penalty in this case. We'll get the scum back, and then the DA can turn him over to the Marines, and if I remember correctly from my time in the Navy, he's a deserter in a time of war, the penalty for which is execution. That's not the DA, that's the Marines. Besides, let's be real....they lie, we lie. We need to start protecting our own.






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