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Pro golfer Rory Sabbatini gives $170,000 to US military charity

In case you missed this at Wizbang Sports.

Rory Sabbatini at least took a step toward mending his image this week when he donated his Target last-place check of $170,000 to the United Through Reading Foundation, which assists servicemen and women and their families who are in combat overseas.
This isn't the first time Rory, who is South African, has been generous to US servicemen and their families. Read this news from three years ago.
Dublin, Ohio: If Rory Sabbatini qualifies for the NEC Invitational this year, those in the know won't disparage his unusual choice of Thursday attire, which is actually a tribute to soldiers in Iraq.

The 29-year-old South African started wearing camouflage pants in February as a tribute to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which provides aid to families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

His wife, Amy, read an article about the US government's poor death benefits and the charity in an airline magazine and called it to his attention.

With Sabbatini donating $US250 ($332) for each birdie and $US1000 for each eagle, the fund jumped by $US1500 after the first round of the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club. Sabbatini turned in his best score in camouflage, firing a six-under-par 66 to trail leader Jeff Sluman by one shot.

Kudos to Rory for his generosity. How many US born pros on the PGA Tour are that generous to our fighting men and women?

If you want to read a post about Rory and his feud with Tiger Woods, click here.


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Comments (3)

Not trying to be cynical, b... (Below threshold)

Not trying to be cynical, but the fact that he accepted the money in the first place was very boorish. In case you don't follow golf, he was playing in Tiger's personal tourney and withdrew on Saturday (Sunday was the final day) due to some bullshit excuse (shingles, according to his agent) so that he could start his Hawaiian vacation one day early. If you want to quit a tourney prior to its final match, do so, but don't take any winnings with you.

Golf is a sport built on trust and honor. He displayed neither on that day, and in my opinion made the donation due to all of the negative backlash and PR he rightfully received afterwards. Hell, even all of the other players thought he was a schmuck for what he did.

Him and Tiger don't get on ... (Below threshold)

Him and Tiger don't get on do they? The only reason he accepted the last place check in the first place was presumably to donate it to a charity of his choice rather than have it go to a charity of Tiger's choice. Aside from that I don't really see why he was obligated to play on when he was out of contention and felt he needed to prepare for Hawaii. Although a good golfer it isn't like the tournament suffered for it ("now that Sabbatinis out what point is there...).

Better then giving to to PE... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Better then giving to to PETA or the SIERRA CLUB






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