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South Carolina: Obama by a Country Mile

1. Obama - 55%
2. Clinton - 27%
3. Edwards - 18%


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Very strong showing for Obama.

Unfortunately for Obama, however, this probably will be his high water mark. Clinton very likely will win California. California + New York + New Jersey would = presumptive Dem nominee. Time will tell for certain, however.

Next up: Florida GOP primary.


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Gov. Christ just endorsed M... (Below threshold)

Gov. Christ just endorsed MCain-huge.

Whoops Governor Crist endor... (Below threshold)

Whoops Governor Crist endorsed McCain.

I dont know, Hollywood put ... (Below threshold)

I dont know, Hollywood put Obama up to this in the first place-he could carry Cal. Will carry Illinois....

RoryTell us what the... (Below threshold)

Tell us what the Crist (and Martinez) endorsement will do for McCain. How many votes?

Unfortunately I think it is... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately I think it is huge.

Crist would not have stuck his neck out like this without knowing some internal polling most likely done by his own canpaign apparatus.

Also they are saying in the polls that 9m out of ten Floridians were still undecided-given that Crist has a 60% approval rating sussed out just last week-that's huge.

The only place that Crist looked weak was in north Florida but given that the military bases of Pensacola, Eglin and Jacksonville NAS are located there with not only a high military active duty community but also a huge retired veteran population that strongly identifies with MCCain and this is over.

Also MCain got the endorsement of Bud Day a popular well known veteran in North Florida.

Intrade is going beserk.

MCain 60% to Romney now hovering at thirty a 25% reversal from earlier today.

I'm wondering what this mea... (Below threshold)

I'm wondering what this means for Team Hillary. It may well represent a high water mark for Obama, but at what cost to Clinton?

With the highest negatives in recent electoral history, she cannot afford to lose a significant block of traditionally Democratic voters (with the only electoral exception being McCain as the nominee). After this past week, she and Bill seem to alienate many constituencies in the Democratic demographic.

One must ask, is this a runaway train or a train wreck?

Hugh all we can do is hope ... (Below threshold)

Hugh all we can do is hope that somehow she still pulls it out.

Probably via the latino vote in Florida , California and Texas.

I think this changes the dy... (Below threshold)

I think this changes the dynamic of the Democratic race. Obama's huge advantage among black voters will help him in the Super Tuesday states of California, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Alabama and Georgia. He also got 25% of the white vote which isn't bad considering there were 3 viable candidates in the South Carolina race.

The other thing that is interesting is that Obama won by around 27% which is way more than the Real Clear Politics average of 11%. That could mean that the pollsters are undercounting the enthusiasm of black voters for Obama so the polls in states like California may not be all that accurate.

Hillary's got a dogfight on her hands now that's for sure.

RoryI didn't know th... (Below threshold)

I didn't know that about Bud Day. Good scoop for you and Wizbang!

That's bad news for Romney and every other Republican.

Don't forget the delegates... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Don't forget the delegates for the 22 primaries on February 5 for the Dems (The six largest are California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Georgia.) are awarded proportionately, not on a winner take all basis as they are with the 21 primaries for GOP, so Obama needs a good national trend and he is very close to Hillary now- only a few points behind,(36 to 33).Ramussen Reports National Tracking Poll maybe after the bounce from SC tonight..even a little closer.

Shoot got that wrong it's 1... (Below threshold)

Shoot got that wrong it's 1 out of 10 undecided. Still a big sector.

SC - "as they are with ... (Below threshold)

SC - "as they are with the 21 primaries for GOP, so Obama needs a good national trend and he is very close to Hillary now- only a few points behind,(36 to 33)."

Unlike the lie Obama told during his SC "victory speech" when he claimed to lead in total votes and total delegates.

And as expected none of the pundits on air or their MSM masters, including Fox, noted the discrepancy.

Marc, your statement is cor... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Marc, your statement is correct if "Super Delegates are counted. Obama does lead without the Super Delegates.
The real pattern being established is continuing record turnout for Dems.
The only SC Primary with more was 2000 Bush/McCain..and SC has many more Republicans.
Last week 446,000 Republicans voted in SC, on Saturday over 520,000 Dems voted.

The Clintons were hurt and not just by the 2:1 loss.

Don't Crist and the FL GOP ... (Below threshold)

Don't Crist and the FL GOP reaize that McCain is the one candidate that Hillary WANTS to run against?

She has already stated that his nomination would make the General Election one of the most 'civil' in years. Yeah...like the primary race she has been running so far?

The Keating Five will be resurrected and new 'revelations' about McCain's involvement in that, plus his ineptness regarding domestic economic policy will be broadcast from the night of the convention until election day.

C'mon! The MSM have been sharpening their knives for McCain for years. McCain doesn't realize that his 'friends' in the media have been waiting to stab him in the back since they missed out in 2000. They only 'like' him because he has been a willing tool to publically hurt President Bush. 'Mavericks' are only valuable to the MSM, while the GOP are in power. Like Cindy Sheehan, John McCain will be dropped like a bad habit; a former GOP Senator who will be quoted only when the MSM wants something to hurt some other GOP politician or President.

WAKE UP AMERICA! We all kno... (Below threshold)

WAKE UP AMERICA! We all know why Obama received the majority of the black vote. We DO NOT need a President that does not have the skills, talent, knowledge or the experience to accomplish getting the stuff that he is promising the American people. We DO NOT need a ROOKIE for a OJT President (on the job training).We want Hilary Clinton to be our next President, which by the way DOES have the skills, talent, knowledge and experience to start doing her job on day 1.

That's hilarious, Ken. Hil... (Below threshold)

That's hilarious, Ken. Hillary is as much of a rookie as Obama is. Her nonsense about second-hand experience for living in the same floor of the White House notwithstanding.






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