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Bill Clinton: Race Baiter

Bill Clinton is such a sleaze. I don't understand how anyone can support either him or Hillary. Barack Obama completely trounced Hillary and John Edwards, but how does Bill Clinton characterize Obama's win? He essentially said, "well, of course, Barack Obama won; most of the voters were black." Of course he didn't say it just like that, but he might as well when he said Obama's win was no big deal because Jesse Jackson won there twice. I'm not an Obama supporter but the man is a legitimate presidential candidate who happens to be black. The Clintons are trying to marginalize him by characterizing him as the black candidate in the vein of Jesse Jackson. Here's the video via TPM:

Michael Graham at The Corner writes that the Clintons have succeeded in their efforts to marginalize and defeat Obama:

He's got a glass jaw, and he will fall into the trap of identity politics.

In fact, he already has. The "could we beat Obama?" conversation is purely academic. It's over. The Clintons have defeated him already, because he is leaving South Carolina as "the black candidate."

He won't win another state. Even worse, in November Hillary will carry 90 percent of the black vote, despite their cynical, race-based campaign against the first viable black presidential candidate.

According to Graham, it looks like Bill Clinton has protected his status as the first black president.


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Comments (34)

BILL CLINTON WAS A GREAT PR... (Below threshold)

BILL CLINTON WAS A GREAT PRESIDENT!Its confirmed in SC, Obama is the black special-interest only candidate. SC only showed that Obama proved true to his racist church. Its was black voters ONLY that gave him the un-impressive win in SC. Michelle Obama has been stumping throwing our racial comments last few months but media refuses to report or print. That worked in a mostly black voter state (SC), wont work anywhere else, obamas have spent months chasing black voters from the Clintons and distanced himself from ALL white and Hispanics voters, again, showing he isn't too smart at making decisions and proven he doesn't have the ability to look ahead, but in his favor, no one said he was smart, just able to give a black inspirational speech that's written for him.. He is def not the uniter he and the media claimed. It was no surprise he won SC... Now let's move on to the not so racist primaries...Obama is an embarrassment to the U.S. His idea of change is going back to racial divisions of the 60's...He is a fairy tale in politics...Not experienced, no substance, now all he and Michele offer is skin color to the 1/3 of the American voters...BIG MISTAKE. More and more proof this guy couldn't lead his way of a paper bag...
Obama supporters wake up. Obama is running a racist campaign.

Obama's camp compared their victory over Clinton in Iowa to OJ's murder of his wife.

That was waaaaaay back in January. And the media covered it up!


The comment above is comple... (Below threshold)

The comment above is completely inaccurate factually as is the comment by Michael Graham. Barrack Obama defeated Hilary Clinton in EVERY age demographic under 65 years old and captured almost ONE QUARTER of the white vote in South Carolina. Not to mention how he trounced her among both married and single women. So you all might want to actually take time to research facts rather than make things up. Hilary Clinton NO ONE likes a race baiter except those who are decidedly racist themselves. And after Bill's comment it's hard to deny with any kind of credibility that that's not what the Clintons, plural, have become.

Even if you give Bill Clint... (Below threshold)

Even if you give Bill Clinton the benefit of doubt, and not accuse him of playing the race card, he fails to mention that Jesse Jackson did not win Iowa plus South Caroline. JJ didn't come within just a few points of winning in NH (making the delegate win a tie) nor the fact that JJ didn't get more delegates than his rivals in Nevada. So in reality, despite the fact the MSM tries to make this look like a contest, it's in fact been close to 4 consecutive victories for Obama.

Identity politics likely <i... (Below threshold)
Eric F:

Identity politics likely is why Sen. Obama won in SC. Can someone explain to me why it's taboo to pretty much say as much (though I'll grant Rev. JJ is much more a 'race hustler')?

The fact many blacks will v... (Below threshold)

The fact many blacks will vote for the Hildebeast will be proof to me that they are their own worst enemy.

We already see it in the black murder rate, we see it in inner cities, and we see it in big cities with black leadership, like NOLA, Philly, Det-riot, etc.

Blacks following corrupt hustlers like the Klintons is like the JFK Jr death spiral. The keep 'pulling up', yet, all they do is help propel themselves closer to their ultimate demise.

Of course, Clinton's strate... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

Of course, Clinton's strategy is sleazy, but it will prove highly effective. Hillary may lose the nomination if the campaigns are based solely on personalities (there are no essential differences on issues between them), so the racial contentions must be raised because one sure way of galvanizing the "base" is accusing blacks of bloc voting. One group (race) of voters will instinctively push back if another group seems to be forming... and whites obviously outnumber blacks.

I think the final outcome of this strategy will immensely benefit the Republican nominee because Hillary will see much of her black support stay home in November.

Bill's involvement in this ... (Below threshold)

Bill's involvement in this race has served as a reminder of what things would be like if Hillary does become president. If she can't stand up for herself, Bill will certainly jump in. Unfortunately for my gender, it appears that a woman can't run the country without her husband and it's a setback for many years.

Sen Fulbrite would be proud... (Below threshold)

Sen Fulbrite would be proud of Bill Clinton. Looks like the segregationist Democrats have a little race war on their hands. About now I would believe a lot of Democrats are wondering were people right all along about the lies Bill would tell? Because he is still telling them.

Bill Clinton: Black hater.<... (Below threshold)
Donald 914 Rumsfeld:

Bill Clinton: Black hater.

I in no way support the cri... (Below threshold)

I in no way support the criminal Clintons but Slick was right in a way. B Hussein Obama is like Je$$ie Jack$on except he is a better educated con man. His criminal activity may already match or exceed that of the Clintons and that's a hard to do. His only qualification for POTUS is, I'm black, and that's a half lie.

And consider, if you will -... (Below threshold)

And consider, if you will - that the Clintons and Obama are the absolute best, the pinnacle, of what the Democrats have to offer.

The best.

Oh, we are SO screwed as a country...

Wait a minute, if Bill Clin... (Below threshold)

Wait a minute, if Bill Clinton was the first black president.....and Hillary was the first lady, doesn't that make Hillary the first black first lady? Therefore, this race is between two African Americans.

You can put a dress on a pi... (Below threshold)

You can put a dress on a pig, put lipstick and mascara on it, but it's still a pig.

Democrapic Party, meet your favorite pigs, Hill and Bill.

Hillary is white, but is ma... (Below threshold)

Hillary is white, but is married to the first black president. This gets so confusing, doesn't it, when one tries to prattle on in the Democrap way about race.

Here's what's going to happen, I guarantee it, come convention time: Hill is going to call Obama, and say, "ok, you got me, I want you as VP and I'll do whatever I have to to get you--you write the script--we can say I wanted 'the most hopeful, visionary VP nominee, who can help us, help me, take us to the change we promised, blah, blah. You can control control HUD, HHS, and a couple other cabinet depts., etc.'"

She knows she can't win without him; she's counting on Obama, with ego properly stoked, to come around, and bring "his people."

Count on it.

Mitchell, but Bill is white... (Below threshold)

Mitchell, but Bill is white too but he was the first black president......doesn't that make Hillary the first white black first lady?

doesn't that make Hillar... (Below threshold)

doesn't that make Hillary the first white black first lady?
More shades of gray...particularly in moral issues!

Shouldn't that sleezeball b... (Below threshold)

Shouldn't that sleezeball be doing time somewhere??, my God I am sick to death of him and his worthless wife.

Just my observations.... (Below threshold)

Just my observations.

1) Obama has a media produced halo that a surprising number of people buy into for some unexplained reason to me. Perhaps its just hatred for the Clintons making Obama seem sympathetic.

2) The Clintons didn't need to do this to win the Primary. They've got it. They are thinking of the General Election.
They said what no Republican could ever say and get away with it. They were endearing themselves to (a) racists and (b) people who hate race hustlers. I don't think there's anything wrong in hating race hustlers. But the Republican nominee could never appeal to either group, ever, and get away with it. They've taken a page from Ron Paul. And when the election comes, Blacks will still vote for them.

It's important to realize t... (Below threshold)

It's important to realize that Graham has been saying this long before President Clinton's comments. Graham has correctly identified the Clinton strategy of knowing that they would lose SC and turning it to their advantage.

1. You;ll notice that the press has picked up on the idea quite early that the SC primary is a "black primary", implying (incorrectly) that most of the Democratic voters will be black.
2. The Clintons actually drove away black votes:
2a. Senator Clinton's remoanks about how Martin Luther King had vision, but President Johnson did the work to affect real change.
2b. President Clinton fell asleep during the MLK speech.

These are not accidents: the Clintons are always thinking strategy.

Now, it is also true that Senator Obama beat Clinton across racial lines and across age segments, but this is politics, and perception counts more than reality. If the Clintons can convince a lot of people that Obama is "the black candidate instead of the candidate who happens to be black", they will isolate him and stir up racial prejudice that will feed itself over time.

Of course is a horrible thing to do, but let's face it, nothing is too low for Clintons.

Eric F"Identity p... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Eric F
"Identity politics likely is why Sen. Obama won in SC. Can someone explain to me why it's taboo to pretty much say as much.."

Oh come on man. It's only allowed to be brought up in the national MSM when it's alleged to be a white and/or Republican and/or conservative doing it. Attack a black man for using Identity Politics? Better be careful. Attack the Dem party of being involved with divisive IdenPol? Better be careful. Attack the sainted Clintons of using IdenPol? Better be careful.

This is turning into such a perfect storm of P.C., multi-culti contradictions that it can't help but get weird. The MSM doesn't know whether to shit or wind it's watch in deciding to back Hillary or Obama. (In the end, they'll pick Hillary, btw)

And we have 10 more f**king months of this shit before the election. I know everyone says every election is the 'worst ever', but this one really is the worst.

jpm100:Perhaps ... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:


Perhaps its just hatred for the Clintons making Obama seem sympathetic.

Pretty much what I'm wondering. Is our dislike of the Clintons blinding us?

I dunno.

how can someone who support... (Below threshold)

how can someone who supports a president like Bush whose campaign did a push pull on John McCain where they asked "would you vote for mccain if he fathered a black child out of wedlock" in South Caolina complain about Clinton comparing Obama to jessie Jackson?

It seems to me you are just fine with dirty tactics as long as it is your guy

This is fascinating to me b... (Below threshold)
Caustic Conservative:

This is fascinating to me because so many of my Democrat friends who support Obama are touting this win today, despite the fact that it worked out true to the Clinton calculation.

It is impossible going forward to discuss Obama's win in SC without noting he did so with the 80% support of black voters. Efforts to suggest that getting a mere 25% of the white vote there ring hollow, when trying to paint the picture of a "man for all peoples" candidacy.

Obama got the win, the Clintons got the racialist validation their campaign was seeking, going forward. Time will tell if Obama will be able to overcome what was delivered him in SC. I have my doubts he will, this campaign season.

Poor Bill, but you would t... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Poor Bill, but you would think the ex-president for all his experience, would show a little more diplomacy or subtlety in some of his campaign statements. I wonder if he will still feel as he were at home when he returns to his office on 125th Street in Harlem.

You can put a dress on ... (Below threshold)

You can put a dress on a pig, put lipstick and mascara on it, but it's still a pig.

Democrapic Party, meet your favorite pigs, Hill and Bill..

Mitchell, I couldn't have said it better myself. Hilarious and true. The democrats keep lowering the bar, if that's possible. What a sad, pathetic "has been" party.

Looks like BUBBA is still t... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Looks like BUBBA is still thimking he is in the whitefouse

And consider, if you wil... (Below threshold)

And consider, if you will - that the Clintons and Obama are the absolute best, the pinnacle, of what the Democrats have to offer.
The best.

Oh, is that how it works? So McCain and Romney are the absolute best, the pinnacle, of Republicans?

No wonder you feel screwed.

Brian - "Oh, is that ho... (Below threshold)

Brian - "Oh, is that how it works? So McCain and Romney are the absolute best, the pinnacle, of Republicans?"

Funny, I didn't see where the topic was Repubs.

Oh, wait it was Brian doing the old bait and switch.


WOW, have you guys fallen o... (Below threshold)

WOW, have you guys fallen off the reservation? Didn't you get the memo that the right wing conspiracy wants Hillary to win? What other chance have you to win the general?

Keep pushing the anti Clinton meme, and see Obama cruise to a landslide victory.

What will the pub nominee do in the general, push the racial card? That will get you the south which is all the GOP has right now.

What will the pub nominee d... (Below threshold)
Love America, Immigrant:

What will the pub nominee do in the general, push the racial card?
Looks like modern liberals are deeply racist. Given their tendency of projection, the liberal heroes Bill Clinton is playing the race card. Given the this is not the first time the Clinton has tried to destroyed a black candidate. They did to one in NY and another one for the DNC job. But the liberals didn't seem to mind their racism at all. That 's not a surprise to us all since we expect dishonesty from these liberal dems in any case.

All the republicans have to do is to expose Obama 's extremism for the liberal agenda of "killing babies, not terrorists" big gov. We can leave the racism to the liberal dems.

Funny, I didn't see wher... (Below threshold)

Funny, I didn't see where the topic was Repubs.

Nor where the topic was that presumptive nominees of a party constitute the "pinnacle" of what that party has to offer.

Oh, wait it was marc doing the old "I like to pretend I don't understand obvious points so I can reply with snark instead of intelligence".


MitchellSorry baby... (Below threshold)


Sorry baby, you're way off track thinking Obama will accept the VP position. It ain't gonna happen! Before blacks help Hillary win, they're going to stay home! (check out black bloggers) I be d%mn if she get my vote!

I just told my husband this... (Below threshold)
Jolene Author Profile Page:

I just told my husband this morning that I'm so sick of seeing and hearing Bill Clinton I could throw up when ever he's on the tv. They are so full of "me me me, I I I" crap - they want the whitehouse for "them" not to do good for the country. Its all a power trip and personally, they are getting back what they gave to the black community as a whole - nothing.

LOL You guys sure have you... (Below threshold)

LOL You guys sure have your panties in a bunch. You must have suffered a stroke when Kerry got swift-boated






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