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Iraq Update: Iraqi Forces Poised to Strike Al-Qaida Terrorists, Showdown planned in Mosul

Iraqi army reinforcements on Sunday moved into positions near Mosul, ready to strike al-Qaida-in-Iraq targets in the terror group's last remaining urban stronghold.

U.S. commanders have said Iraqi security forces will take the lead in Mosul. That will mark a major test of the latter's capabilities and thus will play a role in the Bush administration's plans to shrink the size of U.S.-led coalition forces, eventually to be deployed as a backup for Iraqi forces.

* * *
You know, honestly, neocons did a pretty bad job conquering Iraq for its oil.

In the first place, Iraq still produces far less oil than Saudi Arabia or Iran. Hell, even the tiny country of the United Arab Emirates pumps more oil than Iraq. Neocons instead should have invaded Alaska. California too.

Moreover if the Iraqis continue stubbornly raising and equipping their own armed forces to evict terrorists from their own country, well, in a few decades Iraq might be to the Middle-East what Japan was to the Pacific Rim during the Cold War. That would be tragic. For American liberals.

* * *
Here's a link to the AP's version of the Mosul story.


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Comments (13)

Yes, liberal's ascribing ma... (Below threshold)

Yes, liberal's ascribing malicious intent to Bush is a bit of projection, isn't it. The know-nothing Democrats ought to let the adults take care of foreign policy.

I don't want may family going up in a mushroom cloud just because some fanny-pack wearing liberal thinks blindfolding terrorists is torture.

Dear God in Heaven.

Would that make al-(F***in)... (Below threshold)

Would that make al-(F***in)quida liberal or conservative when they murder and invade the lives of innocent people, all in the name of religion and their so-called god? (So they say).

Does it matter?

Is it right?

The truth does not hide behind labels...only those trying to hide something; that includes stupity and ignorance.

I will choose to be Universal. Do unto others...

There's another person in t... (Below threshold)

There's another person in the world who's heard of the Groovie Ghoulies? Rock'n'roll!

This is tragic for all Amer... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

This is tragic for all Americans

nogo? What are you doing he... (Below threshold)

nogo? What are you doing here? I thought you stormed out in a huff, slamming the door behind you, swearing you'd never come back.

Yup, you did.

Now you come crawling back, acting like it never happened?

How typical of a scumbag like you.

I dunno if you're too stupid to remember saying this, or think we're too stupid to remember you saying this:

good news..I am leaving here.. cause I see the fucking hypocritical bullshit.. please,,,ban me........ and hey Fay..I mean Jay..please continue writing your fiction...after all you know.. than those of us who served while the rest of you...well did not... Those that are vets here, who have no choice other than the V.A. because of the 7 years of Bush gain, maybe I will see you.. The rest of you cowards... FUCK YOU...

But it is seared, seared into my memory.

So, nogo, the choice is yours. You can:
1) Apologize for the above, and admit you lied and had no intention of keeping your promise to leave permanently;
2) Keep your promise, after this violation of it;
3) Have my help in keeping your promise.

Your call, nogo. Answer soon, or I'll answer for you.


and I can hear a pin drop.d... (Below threshold)

and I can hear a pin drop.dont think he,ll answer Jay.

A showdown with IRANIAN ter... (Below threshold)

A showdown with IRANIAN terrorists.. how fitting.
Nogo.. FU

nogo = f*cktard, verbal mas... (Below threshold)

nogo = f*cktard, verbal masturbater. I have visions of a bleary eyed,dope smokein hippie, stringy hair,(professional)war protester, screaming into a cheap bullhorn...it might just be me, just sayin...

"fucking hypocritical bulls... (Below threshold)

"fucking hypocritical bullshit"


Who's nogo?... (Below threshold)

Who's nogo?

To get back to the topic, s... (Below threshold)

To get back to the topic, sorta, yes it would be a tragedy. For Nogo and liberals.

But I'm sure they'd have no trouble finding something else to whine about. And other minor lefty organization web sites to link to.

Neocons instead should h... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Neocons instead should have invaded Alaska. California too.

And the west coast of Florida, too! We have some stock in an oil company that would go through the roof if they were ever allowed to drill...

Invade Florida now!

On the serious side, good luck to the IA and US forces. Kick some ass.

Quagmire!... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:







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