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The New York Times Crime Syndicate, Part I

Well, the New York Times has endorsed its candidates for president, and it's rather entertaining to note that the two they bestowed their dubious blessing upon are, quite possibly, the most corrupt candidates of each party.

Let's start with the one they gave the full wet kiss, with tongue, to: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her corruption is the easiest to document.

Back when Bill was Arkansas' Attorney General (and on the cusp of becoming governor for the first time), she thought it might be fun to play the cattle futures market. So she found a friend who was an attorney for Tyson Foods and giave him $1,000 to invest. Mr. James Blair helped Hillary parlay that grand into a cool hundred grand (an incredible near-10,000 % return on her investment).

And how did he work his magic? First, by getting two of Tyson Foods' top people to advise him (note that Tyson is a major player in actually buying and using these cattle futures, but we won't call it "inside trading," that would be crass). Secondly, by bundling Hillary's money with his own and making sure that "her" money only earned profits, while "his" absorbed all the losses.

Now lets fast-forward to when Hillary won the hard-earned promotion she got in 1993, when she moved up from First Lady of Arkansas to First Lady of the United States. That's when she left the penny-ante games of the Natural State and started playing with the big boys.

Where to start? It's a veritable cornucopia of sleaze.

Let's go for the easy one first -- Whitewater. It came out that at roughly the same time Hillary was making beefy bucks in cattle, she was also dabbling in real estate with the Whitewater Development Corporation. That little racket led to 14 people being convicted -- including all of the other Whitewater principles and Clinton's successor (and former Lieutenant Governor). Two of these people later won pardons from President Bill Clinton.

But that, again, was old news. Hillary was busy in the East Wing of the White House, working new schemes.

First up, she decided to reward some of her loyal supporters by putting them in charge of the White House Travel Office. To pull this off, she had to fire the current staff. These were traditionally career employees, not political employees (some had worked there through at least four prior administrations), but that didn't stop Hillary. To justify their mass firing, she called in the FBI and had them look for the financial improprieties she alleged against the former staffers. None ever turned up, but by then Hillary's buddies were firmly ensconced in the office.

But that didn't end Hillary's fondness for the FBI. Another Clinton crony, one Craig Livingstone, was appointed Director of White House Personnel Security. (His absolutely unquestionable credentials for this lofty post included a career as a bouncer.) This office's main responsibility was paperwork -- making sure all White House staffers had all their security clearances in order. It didn't do any actual security work; the accent was on "personnel."

Well, Mr. Livingstone, apparently entirely on his own volition and initiative and without any guidance or even awareness from Hillary, got the FBI to deliver over 900 highly-sensitive files (containing "raw" information -- any and all allegations and rumors, with not even the slightest attempt to verify them). And by an astonishing coincidence, they were all people who had served in the prior two administrations -- Republicans George H. W. Bush (whom Bill Clinton had defeated in 1992) and Ronald Reagan.

At about this same time (and by yet another astonishing coincidence -- if Nature had a Special Prosecutor, Hillary would be under investigation for "conspiracy to violate the laws of probability"), Hillary was working on having the government take over the health insurance field. She and her highly-secret task force debated how best to achieve this massive takeover.

One member of the Task Force -- Senator Jay Rockefeller -- offered his sage advice for how to get the plan through the lawmaking process. He suggested that they use "classic opposition research" and "expose lifestyles, tactics, and motives" of those lobbying against the plan.

This was roughly about the same time that the FBI files mysteriously materialized at the White House, remember. (Yet another astonishing coincidence.)

Rockefeller also reported that they had some allies just lined up, waiting to help: the media. According to Rockefeller, they "are anxious and willing to receive guidance [from the Clinton Administration] on how to time and shape their [news] coverage."

Apparently inspired by Rockefeller's suggestion of using opposition research to discredit or silence critics, two other staffers suggested that the White House should use the Democratic Naitonal Committee to gather and disseminate this stuff. Yup, that's right -- in order to silence those who opposed Hillary's plan to nationalize a full one-seventh of our economy, the White House (which, by a very fortunate happenstance, happened to have the raw FBI files on a whole slew of likely critics, files just jam-packed with unverified allegations regarding marital infidelities, medical histories, and all sorts of personal indiscretions) was going to collaborate with the Democratic National Committee to discredit or destroy its opponents.

Let's go back to Whitewater for a moment. The investigation had decided to look into what sort of work Hillary had done for the company while she was a partner at the Rose law firm, so they asked her for her billing records from that time. Whoops, can't find them. A couple of years later, they were discovered in the Clintons' private quarters in the White House. (My own theory is that they were used to steady a wobbly piece of furniture, and no one noticed them down on the floor. Hey, it's at least as plausible an explanation as any the Clintons ever offered.)

There were a whole host of other scandals, but let's fast-forward to 2000. Bill was being forced out of office (DARN that inconvenient 22nd Amendment!), but Hillary wanted to stay in Washington and keep some vestige of power. The US Senate looked promising.

There was only one problem, though: she was legally a resident of Arkansas, and had been born in Chicago. Neither Arkansas nor Illinois had a Senate seat opening up for her. Luckily, though, New York did have one, so she suddenly discovered her fondness and ties for the Empire State and moved there JUST in time to qualify to run for the Senate. She campaigned hard, and lucked out when some miscarriages of justice were uncovered JUST in time for her husband to pardon some people on his way out of office. These people, astonishingly enough, belonged to some groups whose political assistance proved crucial to her winning election. These were some Rabbis who had been convicted of conning federal funds into their religious schools, and some Puerto Rican separatist terrorists who'd been involved in various and sundry crimes towards winning independence for that United States territory. And the backing of various Jewish and Puerto Rican groups helped Hillary win her Senate seat.

This election was supposed to be a major milestone for Hillary. It was the first time since her stint on the Watergate staff that she had achieved something that could not be attributed to Bill Clinton. Unfortunately for her, his pardons helped her win that election, meaning that she was once again "Mrs. Bill Clinton."

I just passed 1,200 words here, and I'm still 8 years in the past. I'll skip most of that time, and just look at her most recent peccadilloes.

One of Hillary's biggest fundraisers was Norman Hsu. Now, fundraisers getting into legal trouble is nothing new -- campaign finance laws are incredibly arcane, and it's hard to avoid running afoul of them in the normal course of business. But Hillary broke new ground in this field by choosing to save time -- instead of having her fundraiser get indicted, she decided to save time and just have him be a wanted fugitive in the first place. Somehow, this man who'd been on the run from authorities for over a decade met with her several times, even posing for photos. I've had one question ever since this story broke, and no one has ever managed to answer it satisfactorily:

Hillary Clinton, as a former First Lady and current leading presidential candidate, enjoys Secret Service protection. (And no one in their right mind would begrudge her that.) The Secret Service allowed her to meet with a wanted federal fugitive numerous times. Was the Secret Service so inept that they did not know Hsu was a wanted man, or were they ordered to allow him to come and go? It must be noted that arresting Hsu was not within their authority, unless he had done something to physically threaten Hillary or others; grabbing him on old warrants is not part of their job. But they could have notified the FBI or the US Marshals about his presence, had they known and were they not ordered to do otherwise.

Hsu is merely the most egregious person in Hillary's orbit who has run afoul of the law. I don't have the time to list all the rest of them (Sidney Blumenthal is currently facing drunk-driving charges here in New Hampshire; she and bill posed for a photo with Anthony Rezko, the Chicago slumlord she's trying to hang around Barack Obama's neck; and so on). It seems that associating with the Clintons tends to bring people very, very bad luck with the law.

And this is the woman whom the New York Times considers "the best choice for the Democratic Party as it tries to regain the White House."

God help us all.


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Comments (11)

Thank you for reminding us ... (Below threshold)
linda Tarricone:

Thank you for reminding us just what Ms.Clinton is all about. Waiting to see Mr. McCains paccadilloes. Hope someone does a youtube with this info. People need to be reminded about these two.

I don't prefer Hillary as m... (Below threshold)

I don't prefer Hillary as my democratic candidate. But there is this perverse side to me that will thrill to the idea of watching wingnut heads explode for up to 8 years.

And of course this is the same crowd that whenever anyone anywhere any time offered a criticism of Bush accused us of BDS. Oh my how the worm turns.

Keep up that good faux libertarian front Jay Tea. My New Years wish for you is that some day you'll get honest and admit you're just another wingnut. Oh, I forgot you voted for a democrat once.

I always know I'm on the ri... (Below threshold)

I always know I'm on the right track when Just Fucking Obtuse chooses to ignore the substance of my pieces and instead mock me personally. It's a delightful affirmation. Thanks again, Obtuse.


That was an excellent Prefa... (Below threshold)

That was an excellent Preface to your upcoming tome on the Clintons.

I particularly look forward to the Language and Grammar Chapters. Will we get to diagram sentences using the different definitions of the the word "is"? And will that Chapter settle once and for all the definition of the term "sexual relations" or is that word usage going to live forever in the strange world the word "is" was sent to?

Not to be totally nit-picky... (Below threshold)

Not to be totally nit-picky, but also to give a cautionary note to those thinking of leaving the stock markets.

There's no such thing as "inside trading" in commodities. Ok, there is, but it's legal and some would even say it's an integral part of the game.

So, unless you want to make the Cargills (and the McMillans) even wealthier, stay in the kiddie pool.

That having been said, start registering everyone you know to vote now, and avoid the rush later.

JFO -But there ... (Below threshold)


But there is this perverse side to me that will thrill to the idea of watching wingnut heads explode for up to 8 years.

And what would you be willing to pay for that thrill?

A severe economic downturn? A massive recession? How about a good, solid old fashioned depression?

Looking forward to the tax hikes that'll 'punish the rich' - and bugger the ecoonomy? Man, I just can't WAIT for the prime rate to top 20% again, and double-digit inflation and mortgages - can you? It's the law of Unintended Consequences - look up a little thing call the "Luxury Tax" and what it did to the general aircraft market, and also boatbuilders. You saw jobs lost by the thousands. And the funny thing is it cost about twice as much to administer than it brought in. But it sure showed the 'rich', didn't it?

Looking forward to foriegn policy initiatives that'll abandon Iraq, like we abandoned VietNam in '75? Or perhaps a more 'enlightened' approach that'll be reminiscent of the Carter era? Man, THAT was a really great time, wasn't it?

Maybe you just want to see the Hil & Bil show back in the White House. Sorry - but 8 years of that was enough. I don't want to see a rerun of "America's Royal Couple".

You really might want to consider the ultimate costs of the package you're wanting - because it ain't the purchase price that's the killer. There might not be any really good candidates on either side - but voting for the worst possible Dem (aside from perhaps Kucinich) isn't doing the country any favor at all.

JLawson, don't appeal to JF... (Below threshold)

JLawson, don't appeal to JFO's rational side or better nature. They don't exist.

His/her/its sole purpose is to mock the authors and their supporters here. Everything and anything else are secondary concerns, at best. He/she/it has nothing they support, nothing they believe in, nothing positive to respect. It's all about attacking and mocking and deriding.

Personally, I put up with him/her/it because he/she/it does such a pathetic job at it, they're barely, marginally entertaining. And that's it.


Kind of figured as much, bu... (Below threshold)

Kind of figured as much, but for too long folks like JFO have been a significant voice in the narrative - so IMHO it's not at all a bad idea to point out just what their greed and stupidity would get them. People like him want a feel-good moment with the election? Politically it's like chugging down a bottle of Boone's Farm or MD-2020 - tastes good going down, and you'll have a few minutes of a buzz, and then be puking sick with a hangover that lasts for hours. We won't even talk about the LONG term damage.

But it sure tasted good going down!

What we have heah is a fail... (Below threshold)

What we have heah is a failure to communicate.

Remember that book from a few years back, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus? Not to claim merit for the particulars in that work, but the basic theory was that many problems occur because people have entirely different definitions of simple concepts.

The NYT doesn't see "ethics" the way someone with a Jesuit education would (or even an agnostic-but-hale-fellow-well-met might). Since Pinch Sulzberger took over, their definition of "ethical" is closer to "whatever promotes leftist control and ideology." As Mrs. Clinton's various dreams and schemes did not directly contradict that goal, they are at worst only irrelevant to NYT.

It remains unclear to what ethical standard JFO adheres, if any.

if Nature had a Special ... (Below threshold)
Uncle Pinky:

if Nature had a Special Prosecutor, Hillary would be under investigation for "conspiracy to violate the laws of probability

Pretty damn good,sir. I will be pinching it, so think of this as a preemptive hat tip.

Thank you Jay! This is a gr... (Below threshold)

Thank you Jay! This is a great column on Team Clinton, especially the bit about Mr. Hsu.

I have been asking about the Secret Service's lapse in identifying Normand Hsu since the story broke in August. I wrote to the authors of the stories in the Washington Post and the LA Times and am still waiting for their answer in print. (They replied to me personally saying their investigations were ongoing.) I even wrote to the Obama Camp asking them about it; all I got was invitations to campaign for him. I must have written a couple of dozen letters of inquiry on that point to all sorts of people in the media and law enforcement and until now silence was all I got for my efforts. Your column was the first time I saw the question asked clearly and concisely. Well done.

Why do I feel that all of this will be ignored, however, and she'll just continue to be part of the biggest team of criminals ever produced by this country? I say that without hyperbole either, between her and Bill the body count alone is staggering; sex crimes by him and covered up by her far outdo any known offenders by orders of magnitude; they put National Security up for bids, with China winning missile guidance technology for 'campaign contributions'; money laundering in general on a scale that the Columbian Cocaine Cartels are envious of; and a contempt of everybody who are not in their inner circle can hardly be spoken of without seeming like hyperbole but is simple truth (on a monstrous scale). Their list of crimes is so staggering as to be unbelievable; and I suspect that's why some people may not believe it.

As I tell people, I do not say bad thinks about the Clintons because I do not like them; I do not like the Clintons because they are such bad people.






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