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ACLU Believes Ohioans Are Too Stupid To Vote Correctly, Lawsuit filed to prevent use of paper ballots

The ACLU asked a federal judge on Monday to block the March 4 presidential primary in Ohio's biggest county if it switches to a paper ballot system that doesn't allow voters to correct errors.

How condescending is that?

Seriously, why is the ACLU assuming people in and around Cleveland can't vote without messing up their ballots?

Also, how racist is that lawsuit?

Why do lily-white, spoiled-brat liberals in the ACLU presume inner-city Democrats can't vote correctly?


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Here's a link to the AP's story.


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Gotta admit, I've become a ... (Below threshold)

Gotta admit, I've become a bit leery of the electronic voting systems. Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm thinking it's a great idea... but you'll notice that the ones who objected most in the last couple of elections when things were close were the Democrats... supposedly because the exit polls didn't match the vote (like I wouldn't lie like hell to an exit pollster) which raised issues about the, um, integrity of the electronic voting system.

I find it most interesting that the greatest objections have been raised where the votes have been closest, and those objections raised by Democrats. Perhaps because they didn't get their expected margin of victory after some hacking? (Which makes me wonder if there weren't some back doors that were exploited, but didn't yeild a sufficiency of votes. It's SO hard to find a mole that'll stay bought.)

Now they're griping about PAPER ballots.

Well, after Florida in 2000, can you blame them? It's a lot of WORK to punch out the 'proper' chads, and if you're rushed and stuff too many ballots into the puncher at one time you end up with dimpled chads. And it's really suspicious when you keep finding 'overlooked' ballot boxes long after the election ...

I'm thinking that if the ACLU is getting involved on this - then someone in the DNC has gotten the passwords and is ready to change the vote so the 'proper' candidate wins.

After all - if it's for the right cause, it's not a BAD thing to cheat... is it?

Bwhahahaha....the dems just... (Below threshold)

Bwhahahaha....the dems just can't make up their minds. They figure out ways to cheat and them the system is changed and they get all flustered.

And to answer the questions - democrats think blacks are idiots and they prove that they think so on a daily basis.

Why do lily-white, spoil... (Below threshold)

Why do lily-white, spoiled-brat liberals in the ACLU presume inner-city Democrats can't vote correctly?

Maybe because those inner-city Democrats went to inner-city schools that had already been ruined by the ACLU?

They could use color pictures stickers. Peel the picture of the candidates you want and stick them on your ballot. It could have Hillary, Obama and Hello, Kitty.

For once I partially agree ... (Below threshold)

For once I partially agree with the All Crazy Losers United (ACLU). The democrats in and around Cleveland are too stupid to vote. Kocinich anyone?????

I serve as an election judg... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

I serve as an election judge.

If you make a mistake on a paper ballot you are supposed to take it to the election judge and get a new one. The voted ballot is "spoiled" (marked as invalid) and placed in a separate envelope. Spoiled ballots are not tallied, but you keep them to make sure that they do not get counted as a "voted" ballot and to make sure that voted ballots do not just disappear. (Ballots issued to a polling place at the beginning of the day must equal ballots voted + ballots not voted + ballots spoiled at day's end.)

Most states allow a voter to spoil two ballots, so you get three tries to get it right. If you screw up the third ballot you are stuck with it. Three strikes and you are out. How much easier can it get?

You're missing the point he... (Below threshold)

You're missing the point here. All the hysteria about touch-screen voting (it's not electronic voting; optical scanners are still electronic) has been fomented by an extremely small, but extremely vocal, group of hard-left activists for whom BDS is not just a condition, but a genetic defect. In their opinion not only should Bush not have won either attempt at the presidency, but when the Dims took congress, only through the eeevill (think of Dr. Evil with pinky to cheek) of eVoting was there any repubs, anywhere, from president to dog catcher, left in office. By dismissing the ACLU's suit, without examining the facts, you're siding with these tin-foil wearing, ass-hat, moonbats. The attack on touch screens is only a feint. Remember when having a paper-audit trail was going to be the solution to the assault on democracy represented by touch screen voting? The minute states invested in that technology, it wasn't good enough. Now that politicians, driven mad by fear of disapproval of the media elites, fingers rapidly drying in the wind, have surrendered that point, optical scanners won't be good enough. They're going to argue that the only way to secure elections is by a 100% handcount, at the precincts, by the hands of the citizenry. Well, as long as all you want is left-hands. There's a reason banks use calculators and not the abacus or fingers and toes. Machines are more accurate. And voters, even the relatively informed and conscientious ones, make mistakes. The argument about security is a smoke-screen. These jokers are only going to be satisfied that an election is "accurate and secure" when their particular choice of candidate wins. After all - they don't know anyone who voted for Bush. It must have been those evil touch screens! Politicians who lose elections will always argue that the touch screens were rigged, the ballot box stuffed, the media was against them, their opponent engaged in the "politics of personal destruction." It couldn't possibly be that the voters didn't want them in office! By ceding this battleground to the left-wing nuts, the repubs are giving the opposition exactly what it wants. Examine the ACLU's argument without the hyperbole of "ACLU believes Ohioans too stupid to vote" and look at the deeper issues involved. Even a stuck clock is right twice a day. Even a blind pig finds the occasional acorn. Even the ACLU can fight for the right cause, even if it's for the wrong reasons.

Paper ballot.Pencil.... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Paper ballot.
Fill in circle next to candidate's name.

WTF is so hard about that?
Ballots get counted by optical scanner. All the ballots are kept as physical evidence in case there is a re-count. What's the problem?

I'll admit, I've never quite been happy about the electronic touch-screen voting. I don't have the level of confidence that they are free from tampering with the software. Maybe it's just as easy to cheat with paper ballots as it is with touch-screen, but I have just not seen any advantage to using it.

Leave it to the ATHEIST.COM... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Leave it to the ATHEIST.COMMUNIST,and LAWYERS.UNDERGROUND to think the citizens of OHIO are too dumb to vote on their own asolutly the ACLU is a left-wing organization

The racism on the left is s... (Below threshold)

The racism on the left is sick and disgusting.

Maybe they need to design a... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Maybe they need to design a ballot with only one cadidate per page. Sure, it would be really thick, but it might (I said might) help out the confusion a small amount.






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