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Court Allows Pro-Life Slogan on State License Plates

Check this out:

An Arizona agency wrongly denied a pro-life group permission to print the slogan 'Choose Life' on state license plates, a federal appeals court ruled on Monday.

The Arizona License Plate Commission generally allows non-profit groups to highlight their causes on license plates, but denied the Arizona Life Coalition permission to produce a specialty plate with the 'Choose Life' slogan.

The Arizona Life Commission alleged the denial violated its First Amendment right to free speech. A three-judge federal appeals panel agreed:

'The commission ignored its statutory mandate and acted unreasonably in violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Go figure.

Who knew they had such conservative/originalist judges over there in San Francisco?

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Here's a link to Reuters' version of events.

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Here's a link to the actual text of the opinion.


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Comments (2)

"Court allows pro life s... (Below threshold)

"Court allows pro life slogan on state i>liscense plates"

A court allows free speech? not if John McCain has anything to say about it.

We had that same battle in ... (Below threshold)

We had that same battle in TN, and won. Personally, I never understood what they were complaining about. No one ever opposed the equal opportunity for the Pro Choice crowd to put "Chose Death" on their plates. :)






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