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Does This Qualify As Hate Speech?

I have no problems going after Ted Kennedy. Lord knows that he's done so many heinous things in the last 60 years, there really isn't such a thing as a "gratuitous" shot at the Senior Senator from Massachusetts.

But to describe Barack Obama as, essentially, another black man who's out to rape a white woman...

That takes big brass balls.

Or, in this case, big brass ovaries.

I think I'll just duck down and stay out of the crossfire in THIS fight...


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Comments (16)

Notice how it's fine and fa... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Notice how it's fine and fair game when it's lib against lib, but if a conservative were to do it, that conservative would be drummed out of town in 3 seconds.

Women Rights groups are su... (Below threshold)

Women Rights groups are supposed to support women.

Does NOW stand up for Condoleezza Rice? She mentioned how men psychologically and physically gang rape women and want to put them in their place.
Where was the outrage of man in power having an affair with and intern and when things became bad he said she was making it up. In fact wanted to have her sanity questioned. With all these pseudo rapes why did they not side with the victims when of the alleged Clinton issues.

Why is NOW not working to support our efforts in in Iraq where women were really gang raped by Saddam Hussein's soldiers.

NOW should really support women no matter their race or political status. They should support candidates that advance their cause.

I want to Judge someone by the content of their character. Show what Hillary by ignoring the serial abuse that Bill has done has advanced women.

There isn't a lot new to sa... (Below threshold)

There isn't a lot new to say about professional gender activists -- except that after all these years, they're all still of one gender, and that there's never, ever, anything else on their minds or agendas. Just one more data point on the graph.

Hillary has a sterling rep... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Hillary has a sterling reputation for defending women victims of sexual abuse... except for those which occured on her doorstep or Bill's.. some cases like the Paula Jones case, which NOW wouldn't help as with a 'friend-- of-- court-- brief', because they were too politically charged, i.e Bill Clinton.

It seems the article you li... (Below threshold)

It seems the article you linked to want women to vote for Hillary because of her gender. How very uninformed, uneducationed and extremely biased is that!?!

I would hope women (and men) were placing their vote based on the platform of the canidate, on a canidate whose platform aligns with theirs, not based on the canidate's gender, ethnic background, religion, etc.

But then, I don't get most of NOWs ranting and raving half the time - they usually seem to miss the point.

Yikes. That was probably t... (Below threshold)

Yikes. That was probably the scariest, most unhinged thing purportedly written by a sane individual that I have read in a long, long time.

Here in Oklahoma, we laugh at hillbillies and rednecks and sometimes lament the fact that they have the right to vote.

But I'd prefer the collective opinion of a thousand rednecks to the lunatic fringe masquerading as "women's rights leaders."

Hye, this is liberal identi... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Hye, this is liberal identity politics at its "best".

"Vote for Hillary Clinton b... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

"Vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a women, and women get raped by evil men!"

First, there is a large difference between "gang bang" and "gang rape" that this heinous author ignorantly interchanges.

Second, to equate POLITICAL drummings with the physical and emotional scarring of something as serious as rape is absurd. It is a disservice to actual rape victims everywhere.

Finally, as has been mentioned, where was NOW with all of Bill's daliances? It appears NOW only trots out the hot-button word when it furthers whatever their agenda is...

And that is obviously hating "evil men" over supporting women.

The irony is trying to pict... (Below threshold)

The irony is trying to picture the actual gang rape occurring. Hillary bent over a desk in Bill's Harlem office, cottage cheese everywhere. All the other "bubbas" watching, talking about getting BJ's at work and making other rude suggestions of "kiss it" with their junk hanging out.

When it comes to gang rape, her husband is much more likely to be a participant in a gang rape than she is to be a victim.

Mike - "Yikes. That was... (Below threshold)

Mike - "Yikes. That was probably the scariest, most unhinged thing purportedly written by a sane individual that I have read in a long, long time."

Well there's your first problem right there. You think she's sane!

"when it comes to gang r... (Below threshold)
bubbas peckerdillos:

"when it comes to gang rape,her husband is much more likely to be a participant in a gang rape then she is to be a victim."

99.9% more likely..

So, as a woman, what a fema... (Below threshold)

So, as a woman, what a female candidate stands for shouldn't matter to me. I should just vote for her because she is a woman. Talk about condescending...

Wow. Gang bang of Hillary.... (Below threshold)

Wow. Gang bang of Hillary. The wackjobs just got wackier. Wow.

What's the fastest way to discredit a feminist--let her write/talk . . .

The name "Hillary" and any ... (Below threshold)

The name "Hillary" and any term even vaguely related to sex should not be used in the same sentence, post, state, etc.

eww, eww, eww.

First, there is a large ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

First, there is a large difference between "gang bang" and "gang rape" that this heinous author ignorantly interchanges.

Ah, but to the uber-feminist, who follows the Dworin/McK model that "all sex is rape", the two terms are perfectly interchangable.

That Marcia Pappas -- she's... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

That Marcia Pappas -- she's cute when she's mad, isn't she?






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