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Is Rudy Thinking of Dropping Out of the Presidential Race?

The LA Times ponders the possibility based upon some of Rudy's most recent comments. After reading them, I think the Times is reaching a bit, but still, it's amazing how far he's fallen from front-runner status. For a while last year he seemed unstoppable. Now, he's coming in third place in Florida after spending 59 days and a boat load of money there. From the LA Times:

Rudy Giuliani appears to be pondering an end to his long pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination.

In a meeting in the back of his chartered plane en route to St. Petersburg, Fla., a short while ago, the onetime, longtime GOP front-runner told a small group of reporters, including The Times' Louise Roug: "The winner of Florida will win the nomination."

He then went on to predict he would win. And his spokeswoman, Maria Comella, said later he was speaking with confidence.

But that's an unusually categorical statement suggesting that only a total first-place upset by Giuliani, who trails both Mitt Romney and John McCain in all major polls for Florida's Republican primary tomorrow, will keep him in the competition, despite previous repeated vows to continue.

Ryan Sager at the New York Post analyzes Rudy's Florida strategy and comes to the conclusion that it was really his only option.


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Comments (4)

Rudy who?I'll dial 9... (Below threshold)

Rudy who?
I'll dial 911 to find out.
oops, 411.

Giuliani is dead.. Huckase... (Below threshold)

Giuliani is dead.. Huckaseed is next.

On the other side I worry about Obama..? the Clintons have a way of making obstacles disappear.

A Giuliani dropout would be... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

A Giuliani dropout would benefit McCain. I hope he stays in the race thru February 5th or McCain could run away with this.

I think some folks are a bit premature in calling for Huckabee to leave the race. He went dark in Florida when it became obvious that he had no chance in this winner-take-all state. But he is actually leading now in FIVE Super Tuesday states. If that holds (a big "if"), he will be sitting on a respectable total of delegates in 9 days. He'll be in third place in the delegate total, but actually not terribly far off from the lead. He could never win the nomination outright, but he may hang around long enough to prevent McCain or Romney from attaining enough delegates before the convention. This scenario becomes very plausible if Romney wins tomorrow. Ordinarily I'd say this would be doing the Republican Party a huge disservice, but if McCain is out front, then I'm all for his remaining in the contest. As a post-Super Tuesday candidate, Huckabee would participate in more debates, discuss the FairTax a bit more and poses a big threat to win Texas later on. I don't think he's going to bow out as quickly as some people are expecting.

it's about time!! The world... (Below threshold)

it's about time!! The world will be a much better place without the fascist thug with the bad comb over from NY trying to run it. The 9/11 families and the NYPD firemen have been following Rudy around here in FL and berating him. Turns out he really did a crappy job on 9/11 and they'll tell you about it. And his dog faced wife didn't help either. Party tonight at the WRECK when Rudy comes in 3rd or 4th. These NY firemen know how to throw a party!!!






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