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Sunshine State Predictions

So, who do you think will win?

My guesses about the finishing order, FWTW, are below the fold.

1. McCain - 36%
2. Romney - 33%
3. Giuliani - 15%
4. Huckabee - 11%
5. Paul - 4%
Etc. - 1%.

Then again, maybe not.


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Comments (12)

Romney's going to win:... (Below threshold)

Romney's going to win:

Romney 37%
McCain 33%
Huckabee 12%
Giuliani 11%
Paul 6%

I think Jayson's prediction... (Below threshold)

I think Jayson's prediction seems reasonable. Only thing I might change would be Huckabee a point higher, Giuliani a point lower.

I say Romney but have clue ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I say Romney but have clue by how much.

Well I predict a back lash ... (Below threshold)

Well I predict a back lash against Romney's surrogates and the Florida voter will vote against that by proxy.

Another stupid thing was Drudge posting the LA Times article yesterday about Giuliani dropping out. That just sent those National Security voters to their second choice McCain. Also they'll vote McCain because basically they know fair.

Fair is not whining about being sleazed and then ripping a man's twenty-four year old voting record based on "something" John Fund's unnamed source heard from another unnamed source.

That's what The New York Times does to Conservatives right?

Remember how republicans supposedly all hate the inherent unfairness of "unnamed" sources...?

Unfortunately The National Review is not "above" that and Victor Davis Hanson is getting snarled at by the idiots over there for simply pointing it out to them.

The NRO , talk radio and bloggers hopefully they keep true to their threat to sit it out. They made fun of Liberals not following through and moving to Canada and hopefully they keep their promise and sulk off into oblivion.

They'll prove the little dirty secret that McCain does not need them.

Just heard on Fox radio tha... (Below threshold)

Just heard on Fox radio that McCain is preparing to give his victory speech. Oh well, looks like we'll have 2 democrats running in the general election.

Strange how <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)

Strange how CNN has results even though the polls haven't closed?

It's beginning to look like... (Below threshold)

It's beginning to look like McCain in Florida.

Hopefully this is a marathon and not a sprint because Romney holds the advantage there.

McCain running for president will mean the end of the Republican Party as we know it. Even Bill admits he wants McCain as an opponent for Hillary. Do Republicans need any more clues?

National security voters wi... (Below threshold)

National security voters will vote for McCain?? Hes for open borders, illegal amnesty, restriction of free speech and civillian criminal due process rights for Al Quaida terrorist supporters..
Hes for national security? hes a dangerous lying nutcase, in other words, a leftist.

McCain is a slimeball... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

McCain is a slimeball

Geeze, this primary cycle m... (Below threshold)

Geeze, this primary cycle more than ever, I'm reminded of this exchange from the movie "Sneakers":

Posit: People think a bank might be financially shaky.
Consequence: People start to withdraw their money.
Result: Pretty soon it is financially shaky.
Conclusion: You can make banks fail.

Instead of a bank, it's a primary candidate: run enough stories on a particular candidate's (pick one) lack of energy, dwindling cash reserves, intra-party issues, etc. -- anything to cause voters to question that candidate's electability. Eventually, enough voter's are questioning that candidates electability such that they actually are unelectable.

It makes no matter whether or not the original posits were true, only that enough people stopped to actually question them (which in and of itself is a good thing, I might add). However, these masses of people stopping to question, when presented through the Proper Poll Results Spin Cycle, get reported as a "loss of support" for the poor candidate/target, with no explanation or detail beyond the screaming headline.

Not long after that, the candidate withdraws.

Fred was the first victim (or maybe not, depending on whether or not you considered him a viable "top tier" candidate -- I did). Rudy will be the second; we've seen the eye wall of the MSM propaganda hurricane against him made landfall tonight in Florida. Huckabee will be the third, although it won't take much more to do him in. And already we're seeing the MSM gear up against Romney, so that when the others are gone they can attempt to remove him as well.

It's been clear for a long time that McCain is the MSM's anointed choice -- which, frankly, should be all the warning a conservative needs.

Strange how CNN has resu... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Strange how CNN has results even though the polls haven't closed?

You mean like in, say, November 2000, also in Florida?

Yeah, fancy that.

It's been clear for a lo... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

It's been clear for a long time that McCain is the MSM's anointed choice -- which, frankly, should be all the warning a conservative needs.

Until Hillarity! gets the nomination, then the eye of the hurricane passes, and he gets hit by the back wall.






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