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The Worst

As if there was any doubt, Mary Katharine Ham has truly arrived as a leading spokesperson for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Keith Obermann has declared her "the Worst."

Way to go, MK! You made your dad proud.


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Idiot of the Decade: Keith ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Idiot of the Decade: Keith Olbermann.

Sorry, Lorie, but MKH made ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Lorie, but MKH made the ass of herself that she is. If that makes her daddy proud, he must be King of the Rectums.

You people of the right ilk have your heads so far in some nether region that you haven't seen daylight for decades; rationality either.

Mary Katherine has also won... (Below threshold)

Mary Katherine has also won the Knucklehead of the Day award. How did Diana Irey do against John Murtha? She was on a political fantasy trip almost 18 months ago.

One that Lorie was on also. See Lorie was a co-winner(among others) with Mary Katherine.

Crackpots and Masochists can be right.



A pass?? a pass?? no shit i... (Below threshold)

A pass?? a pass?? no shit it's a pass, he and his wife are serious candidates for President!!!! He should be holed up somewhere making furniture instead we have to watch his antics on the campaign trail. These people and the liberal media have no shame--None!

I have to disagree with Obe... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I have to disagree with Oberman here.

That's giving Ma Ka Ha too much credibility. She's better left in the "kooky fringe" category where we can more easily just ignore her.

I'm almost positive that's ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I'm almost positive that's Bart Simpson's friend, Milhouse.

All rationality in this cou... (Below threshold)

All rationality in this country went out the window when the term "It depends on what the definition of IS is" came about. That's not to mention that when an intern with runs on her hose at the knees and a lump on the top of her head from the bottom of the desk was stated as "not having sex".

Then the media did their very best to make it sound like it was no big deal (you know, everybody does it) as the other Nations of the world laughed at the U.S.

Then the women started lining up with the same or worse stories of said President. Of course ALL these women lied according to the press. (I have to wonder if the word "PASS" fits in here?)

One thing is for sure in the press coverage. In this special case it only happened once and with only person, unlike other sex offenders who are commonly repeat offenders.

It was only then that the supposed "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" that wanted this man to answer for the damage he had done.

And yet to this day (a decade later) the same "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" is blamed for every bad piece of press the Democrats receive.

Let's also not forget that a year or so ago, Hillary in N.H. stated that as president she would make the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" a crime.

Olbermann is a girly-man. M... (Below threshold)

Olbermann is a girly-man. MKH could smash him in a fight.

Does Olbermann not see the ... (Below threshold)

Does Olbermann not see the irony of his "worst" presentations? He's such a tool.

VRWC now stands for Vanishi... (Below threshold)

VRWC now stands for Vanishing Right Wing Coalition. Adios muchachos, vaya con Reagan.

Olbermann needs to grow up.... (Below threshold)

Olbermann needs to grow up.

Besides...she's a babe!... (Below threshold)

Besides...she's a babe!

Amazing.MKH is a k... (Below threshold)


MKH is a knucklehead for supporting someone to displace Murtha. Long shot, maybe, but why not support the good guys over the bad guys?

Or she's the "worst" for saying that the Clintons got a "pass" from the media? In what reality did they not? Though if they aren't getting that pass now, it's because they're going Dem vs. Dem and suddenly find themselves accused of all the things usually directed at Republicans... not getting a pass about racism anymore are they.

I wonder why?

(No, I really don't.)

Keith who???... (Below threshold)

Keith who???

The Obermannequin speaks! ... (Below threshold)

The Obermannequin speaks! So he could've been a stand-up comedian, but he wound up there? I suppose I understand his bottled up obnoxious behavior. Yeah, Obie, Clinton was impeached! But MKH is talking about the fact that Clinton is a money and drug laundering crook, besides not being removed from office for lying under oath. (Details, details...) And there he is, front and center, going again for the Big Tamale right next to his wife!

If he sputters all over the screen enough, though, someone will actually take him seriously, or write him off as another juiced-up talking head.

I gave Irey money for her c... (Below threshold)

I gave Irey money for her campaign, so can't say I agree with the criticism.

Keith O. is a perfect example of the Peter Principle married with the "Unhinged."

"Besides...she's a babe!"</... (Below threshold)

"Besides...she's a babe!"

You mean in a non-psycho but still in a really stupid kinda way?






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