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Choked Up

Well, my internet connection is fried. Comcast helped me swap out my cable modem, but that didn't do any good whatsoever. And the soonest they can have a technician here when I can be here, too, is next Monday.

In the meantime, I'm mooching off a neighbor's unsecured network (and getting a blistering 36k speed out of it).

Naturally, blogging might take a bit of a hit over the next few days.

On the plus side, this means I'll be able to devote more time to my fiction. I just finished part II of the next USS Manchester story, and will commence posting them when I get a few more stockpiled.

I think I'm Jonesing already...


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Comments (5)

What, no Starbucks in NH?</... (Below threshold)

What, no Starbucks in NH?

Why would anyone still use ... (Below threshold)

Why would anyone still use Comcast after all the negative publicity about their poor service and unreasonable restrictions? Unless it is the only choice for a particular area I guess.

One might use Comcast inste... (Below threshold)

One might use Comcast instead of Qwest, if you are stuck in the rural great NW. Lesser of two evils.

Where I am in the rural NW,... (Below threshold)

Where I am in the rural NW, neither Comcast nor Qwest nor Verizon nor local telco DSL reaches.

Now that's a shock, Comcast... (Below threshold)

Now that's a shock, Comcast swapped out your modem and it didn't work? Imagine that.

I think that's the only page in the Comcast technician's training book. Anything more significant requires a real technician, which takes days to find.






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