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Governator to Endorse McCain

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He's probably rethinking th... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

He's probably rethinking that decision after tonight's debate.

Well, of course Der Governa... (Below threshold)

Well, of course Der Governator will support McCain, since McCain is the only Republican candidate for president who wants to do something significant to reduce global warming!! Arnie is, after all, somewhat of an environmentalist. A conservative who believes in conserving? Will wonders never cease?

It is wonderful that you conservatives have finally (FINALLY) come up with a Republican presidential nominee who gives a damn about global warming. You are, of course, slow to catch on, (we Democrats came up with someone who wants to do something about global warming EIGHT YEARS AGO) but better late than never.

Herman,You do real... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:


You do realize that our surrounding planets (particularly Mars) have seen increasing temperatures over the past 20 years, right? Please google "solar flares" and get back to us on that. BTW, January is on track to be the coldest worldwide in over 50 years.

He's probably rethinking... (Below threshold)

He's probably rethinking that decision after tonight's debate. Are you kidding? McCain practically offered him Federal Highway funding for a major project in Kalifornia!

The jerkinator will support... (Below threshold)

The jerkinator will support McPain cause hes everybit as liberal as that idiot moron is.

"we Dumocrats came up with someone 8 years ago who wants to do something about global warming"

And that something was to make a movie full of lies to enrich himself while profitting off of fools like you. you big dope.

Typical. One guy t... (Below threshold)
Dave W:


One guy that thinks leadership is caving in to liberals, supports another who thinks leadership is caving to liberals...

Is doing anything that libe... (Below threshold)
Neil Bush:

Is doing anything that liberals support "caving in" to liberals? Are liberals wrong 100% of the time by virtue of the fact that they are not conservatives (specifically, not the right kind of conservatives--Ron Paul et al's ideas presumably also don't cut it, 100% of the time)?

You mean McBain backs McCai... (Below threshold)

You mean McBain backs McCain.






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