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Ironic Liberal Media Headlines of the Day

Obama calls Clinton a divisive figure -- AP

* * *
Why Edwards Never Caught On -- Time

I guess after all there's only one America.

* * *
McCain ended 2007 with campaign debt -- AP

That's true, McCain is heading for the nomination despite being the 'poorest' of the contenders. Just imagine what his victory margin in Florida would have been had Romney not aired three times the number of TV ads. {gulp}

* * *
'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Turns 15 -- Time

Andrew Sullivan implodes in 5, 4, 3 . . .

* * *
Mukasey refuses to address waterboarding -- USA Today

Spoiled-brat, liberal law professors implode in 5, 4, 3, 2 . . .

* * *
Philadelphia unveils crackdown on violent crime -- Reuters

Wow. Who would have envisioned a city controlled for decades by liberal Democrats would be in such bad shape?! Next thing you'll tell me is that *all* liberal policies have the opposite effect of what they intend; that 'rent control' leads to higher rents, that 'gun control' leads to higher rates of gun violence, that 'living wages' lead to less employment, that welfare leads to worse rates of poverty, that probation in lieu of jail leads to more crime, that . . . oh, right.


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Um, Philly doesn't have gun... (Below threshold)

Um, Philly doesn't have gun control laws. It's something to admire. But control of crime there requires draconian measures that the politicians - and judges - are unwilling to consider. Criminals know that the system is overwhelmed and they'll never get a real death sentence due to liberal judges.

Capital punishment doesn't ... (Below threshold)
Neil Bush:

Capital punishment doesn't 1) deter criminals; 2) reduce overcrowding in the penal system; or 3) otherwise save taxpayers any money. Apart from uncivilized notions of justice-as-eye-for-an-eye, what reason is there to support it, Kozaburo?

Actually Romney aired NINE ... (Below threshold)
x vc:

Actually Romney aired NINE or TEN times as many ads in florida as McCain (not THREE TIMES) 4,600+ for Romney to 470 for McCain I believe






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