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Lie Down With Dogs...

While flipping channels last night, I caught a glimpse of Fox News' coverage of the Florida primary. Hillary was celebrating with two of her top Florida campaign officials. I didn't catch the woman's name, but the guy was identified as Representative Alcee Hastings.

That's the same former federal judge Alcee Hastings, impeached for corruption and removed from office back in 1989.

This got me thinking: how many people involved in Hillary Clinton's campaign have some serious legal/ethical issues in their past? I started working up an admittedly incomplete list.

Bill Clinton: Impeached for perjury, acquitted by the Senate, but stripped of his license to practice law for lying under oath.

Sandy Berger: Pleaded guilty to stealing and destroying 9/11-related documents from the National Archives; has yet to undergo the agreed-upon polygraph test over the matter.

Norman Hsu: Wanted fugitive for fraud from the 90s, sneaked back into the US and became a major fundraiser for Hillary until his fugitive status was uncovered.

Sidney Blumenthal: Faciing trial for aggravated drunken driving in Nashua, New Hampshire the night of the New Hampshire primary.

That's just five high-ranking people, off the top of my head. How many more names can you add to the list? Remember, they have to be documented, not just generally "sleazy."


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I'm at a loss for names at ... (Below threshold)

I'm at a loss for names at the moment, but most of those Whitewater folks were convicted, no?

I really don't like Blument... (Below threshold)

I really don't like Blumenthal, but it ain't right to include his sins in this list, they're solely of a personal nature and have nothing to do with abuse of power, fraud or corruption.

You left out Elliot Abrams,... (Below threshold)

You left out Elliot Abrams, poor l'il Scootums, Abramoff among others. And let's not overlook pardonned Weinboogar either.

Of course the all-time King of Oath of Office violators, Richard Milhouse Nixon who would have been kissing Pat through the bars except for the Greatest Pardoner of All, Gerald Ford.

Talk about Pantheons....

Clinton is a verb now. Inst... (Below threshold)

Clinton is a verb now. Instead of "you are a lawbreaker," it is now, "you are a Clinton." ww

Come now. If you're going ... (Below threshold)

Come now. If you're going to talk about "Lying down with dogs", let's add the other big dog [pun intended]: Senator Clinton herself.

In the last minute Presidential pardons, President Clinton freed members of a terrorist group that killed police officers. He did it to help his wife's bid for the Senate. Two of the other last minute pardons were arranged by Hillary's brothers, who benefited financially. And let us not forget that many of the other pardons were for Clinton benefactors.

The counter argument is that Hillary had no idea that any of this was happening: she'll take partial credit for everything good that happened during the Clinton administration, but she didn't know about any illegal, immoral, or unethical conduct. Well, if any Hillary supports want to make that claim, no one who isn't main-lining Clinton Kool-Aid will believe it. But then I'd also say that calls into question the whole idea that her experience as First Lady counts for anything. As Dick Morse said about her eight years in the White House, "So does the pastry chef."

Then there's the Travelgate scandal. If the numerous stories are true, Hillary was the driving force behind getting Billy Dale, the head of the White House travel office, illegally removed to make room for her friends. This is a classic example abusing power to destroy an average hard-working middle class person to aid the rich and powerful. The Clintons had literally thousands of patronage jobs to give away, there was no need to ruin Dale's life (and others) so that she could arrange a new position for the Thomasons.

How about the $100,000 cattle futures deal? Of course it was a bribe by Tyson chicken so that Governor Clinton could help the corporation continue to endanger the health, safety, and welfare of the public by polluting the air and water. Hillary's direct involvement in the receiving the money makes her the "Bagman for the Arkansas Mafia".

And let's not forget the Hillary personally arranged for the "private investigators" to track down and pressure Bill's "bimbos" to sign affidavits.

And then there's Hillary's fingerprints on the billing records that she was required to turn over to investigators - but didn't.

And then there's her involvement with Whitewater and Madison Savings and Loan.

It just goes on and on and on. The Clinton's a scum. They routinely abuse power for personal gain. President Hillary Rotten Clinton!? Only if the majority of Americans have no moral, ethical, or legal standards.

A month or two ago, Hillary... (Below threshold)

A month or two ago, Hillary had to abruptly cancel an appearance at one of her fundraisers because the person putting on the event was indicted on felony bribery charges (Richard "Dickie" Scruggs). There was very minor coverage in the national press at the time.

Johnnie Chung - Clinton fun... (Below threshold)

Johnnie Chung - Clinton fundraiser who admitted to funneling illegal contributions to the Clinton and DNC campaigns

The McDougals

Web Hubble - pleaded guilty to federal mail fraud and tax evasion charges in connection with his handling of billing at the Rose Law Firm (plus isnt he Chelsea's bio dad?)

George Stephanoplolis - free loan for his pricy DC-area home

Dick Morris - prostitute toe sucking while listening to president on phone (isnt something there illegal?)

Jim Guy Tucker - jailed for fraud over something

Nora & Gene Lum - convicted for laundering money for DNC, I believe

And it is killing you that ... (Below threshold)

And it is killing you that both are more loved, in this country and around the world, than any thing the Pubs and run out there for President or GWB himself.

Barney: "And it is killing ... (Below threshold)

Barney: "And it is killing you that both are more loved, in this country.."

Is that why Bill never got more than 50% of the popular vote?

And why Hillary is in a fight for her political life with an empty suit candidate who only mouths "change" and "hope"?

Barney: ".. and around the world, than any thing the Pubs and run out there for President or GWB himself."

It is absolutely true that those who hate the United States, and would like to see it destroyed, are more enamored of the Clintons than any Republican.

Especially the Chinese Communists.

Which is why they funneled and continue to funnel so much money to the Clinton campaigns.

Of course, when Bill allows technology transfers to the Chinese Communists that allows the Chicoms to shave years off of their development schedule for the very complex multi-warhead launch, targeting and stike capabilities, is it any wonder why?

Thank you Bill, and thank you Loral.

Hmm... people seem to be mi... (Below threshold)

Hmm... people seem to be missing my point: these are people whose criminal/ethical lapses predated their connection to the Hillary campaign (or, in Blumenthal's, coincided).

And Barney... if that's the best defense for Hillary associating with so many established swine you can muster, thanks.


Barney crashes and burns, a... (Below threshold)

Barney crashes and burns, and makes our point. lol.

As Andrew Sullivan once said about the Clintons "They are the biggest grifters to ever set foot in Washington DC"....


It is my steadfast goal to ... (Below threshold)

It is my steadfast goal to unseat Alcee Hastings during the 2008 election. I invite you to visit www.marionthorpe.com to view my platform as well as my approach to unseating a 16 year incumbent. In the plainest of terms, U.S. Congressional District 23 deserves true leadership.


Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Jr.

U.S. Congressional Candidate
District 23 - Florida

[email protected]

Jay, I do not have to justi... (Below threshold)

Jay, I do not have to justify Hillary or Bill's actions or associates. Those persons have made mistakes and have paid their debt to society. Do you suggest that any person with a conviction should be locked away for life, or not allowed to become a productive member of our society? Do you feel the same about Bush and Scooter?

It eats the hell out of conservatives that the Clintons have been highly successful. They have come after the Clintons for 16-years now, and Bill is more popular now than ever. Even GHW likes Bill more than W.

Wild Willie, I hate nit-pic... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Wild Willie, I hate nit-pick, but I believe the proper definition of the verb, "clintoning", is: the act of straight-faced lying even though the lirr knows that everyone with a tripple digit I.Q. (which eliminates Phoenix & Barney) knows he or she is lying, while still swearing that it is the unvarnished truth.

For example, Barack Obama was clintoning when he stated with regard to the Rezko land deal, "I am confident that everything was handled ethically and above board".

Now in Barney's case, sayin... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Now in Barney's case, saying "Even GHW likes Bill more than W" is not really clintoning, since in his sick and twisted communist mind he actually believes something that remarkably stupid.

Correction noted and apprec... (Below threshold)

Correction noted and appreciated. To say otherwise would make me a clinton. ww

"Those persons have made... (Below threshold)

"Those persons have made mistakes and have paid their debt to society."

And Barney slips, in grand fashion, from a state of mere denial and juvenile intellect into complete gibbering idiocy.

Fun game, Jay!Let'... (Below threshold)

Fun game, Jay!

Let's do Romney next!

Robert Lichfield -- Raised hundreds of thousands for Romney as co-chairman of a fundraising committe; hit with multiple lawsuits for over 100 accusations of child abuse and fraud.

Alan B. Fabian -- Fund raiser indicted on 23 counts for mail fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice.

Jay Garrity -- Investigated by NH attorney general for impersonating a state trooper and harassing a reporter.

Jason Roe -- Resigns after FBI investigates his ties to the Jack Abramoff probe.

Larry Craig -- Leaves as co-chair of campaign after... well, you know.

Now let's try Giuliani...

Kenneth Caruso -- a close Giuliani friend and business partner, has been accused of conspiring to steal $10 million invested through a Caribbean bank.

Bernie Kerik --Giuliani inexplicably backed Bernie Kerik, and made him the city's police commissioner, after he'd been briefed on Kerik's organized crime connections.

Thomas Ravenel -- the chairman of Giuliani's presidential campaign in South Carolina, was indicted on cocaine distribution charges.

Arthur Ravenel -- the replacement chairman of Giuliani's presidential campaign in South Carolina, has characterized the NAACP as the "National Association for Retarded People," and has an unusual fondness for the Confederate battle flag.

Alan Placa -- was accused by a grand jury report of sexually abusing children, as well as helping cover up the sexual abuse of children by other priests. Giuliani then put Placa, his life-long friend, on the payroll of Giuliani Partners. (Adds Anne Barrett Doyle, co-director of BishopAccountability.org, which tracks suspected priest abuse, "I think Rudy Giuliani has to account for his friendship with a credibly accused child molester.")

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) -- the family-values conservative caught up in a prostitution ring, was not only Giuliani's top Senate backer, he was also the regional chairman of Giuliani's campaign.


Who's next? How about Thompson? I'll start...

Philip J. Martin ...

Brian, you missed the point... (Below threshold)

Brian, you missed the point.

(I should set up a macro for typing that.)

I listed people who were part of Hillary's campaign AFTER their misdeeds were exposed. OK, I'm not certain Blumenthal is still with the campaign, but Hillary CHOSE to have those people work for her AFTER they had been caught.

The ones you list all seem to say "resigned after" or the like.

This isn't Calvinball, Brian. The game is simple: name the CURRENT campaign staffers who have lengthy legal issues, and were either hired or kept on despite them.

That's where the real fun lies.


Marion Thorpe's web site ha... (Below threshold)
Al in St. Lou:

Marion Thorpe's web site has to be the worst one I've ever visited.

Barney has convinced me. Th... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Barney has convinced me. The reason Bush is so hated is because he CAN'T be bought and sold as easily as Clinton.

"Who's next? How about T... (Below threshold)

"Who's next? How about Thompson? I'll start..."

Yeah, because we all know how genuine you are (and even-handed too!) when it comes to revealing the shortcomings of all politicians on both ends of the spectrum....

I mean, after all, when Tom Delay was being trashed here, Brian jumped in and said, "Hey! Let's talk about Murtha!" And when Foley was the hot topic, Brian piped in with, "Hey! What about Berger?!"

Oh wait....

JayBrian doesn't j... (Below threshold)


Brian doesn't just miss the point. He misses the roadblock complete with tire chains and Jersey barriers.

We're talking about the Clintons, right? I know you want current Clinton staffers or campaign workers but there is simply no degree of separation here. As Bill said, you get one for the price of two.

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Travelgatee (poilitical favoritism trumps career civil servants)
Vince Foster
Cattle futures
Monica Lewinsky (note addition to vernacular)
The definition of the word is (note addition to the vernacular)
Pardons to Pincus/Mark and others....whose wives gave what and how much?
Sandy Berger......?
Web Hubbell.....?
Secret Healthcare meetings...? (Actually, thanks for that, it cost him/her the House and Senate)
Billing records from the Rose Law Firm....found in the White House residence days after the subpoena expired?????
FBI Files....scattered around the White House in the possession of Hillary pal Craig Livingstone?

As the song says, it goes on and on and on.....

Terry Mcauliffe.... (Below threshold)

Terry Mcauliffe.

Henry Cisneros HUD seretary... (Below threshold)

Henry Cisneros HUD seretary under Bill clinton. Indicted on 18 counts. pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of lying to the FBI. Pardoned by Bill. He is now in charge of Hillary's campaign in Nevada or one of the states in the south west.

You guys forgot the best on... (Below threshold)

You guys forgot the best one in my estimation! What about the eleventh hour Clinton pardon of Marc Rich that was living on his stolen millions in Zug Switzerland? He fled the United States in 1983 to live in Switzerland while being prosecuted on charges of tax evasion and illegally making oil deals with Iran during the hostage crisis He received a presidential pardon from United States President Bill Clinton in 2001. I'm sure Hillary didn't know a thing about it. Talk about strange bedfellows!

Doug Ross notes <a href="ht... (Below threshold)






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