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Ironic Liberal Media Headlines of the Day

Obama faces Super Tuesday challenge with Hispanics -- Reuters

Why are Democrats so obsessed about race and racial politics?

* * *
The Year of the Youth Vote -- Time

Riiiight. Hell, this very January in New Hampshire -- the "youth vote" state -- the 18-24 year-old demographic made up a whopping 11% of the Democrat primary and 9% of the GOP primary. In the November general election, in fact, 18-24 year olds will account for . . . . less than 10% of the national vote. (Many of those ballots, incidentally, will be self-invalidated.)

That headline, BTW, is more ironic than it is oxymoronic. The irony being there are lots of people out there in the chattering classes who will believe that media meme.


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in fact, 18-24 year olds... (Below threshold)

in fact, 18-24 year olds will account for . . . . less than 10% of the national vote.

Ah, still spinning your numbers even after being called out? Yeah, well what's your motto again? For obvious reasons you are couching the facts in very different terms, eh?

BTW, that 10% is equal to the 65-74 age range. I don't see too many people discounting the senior vote.

"Why are Democrats so obses... (Below threshold)

"Why are Democrats so obsessed about race and racial politics?"

It's a Berkley/Columbia sort of thing, I guess. They seem to see everything as racist or race related. Katrina-race, Iraq-race, Vietnam - race, Mortgages - race. The interesting thing is that they only concentrate on the "Liberal" races. The conservatives, like the Vietnamese or Cuban immigrants, don't get to play the same race card.

You know, some major news o... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

You know, some major news organization trots out that "Year of the Youth Vote" in every election since 2000. It hasn't happened yet. Sure, young people get involved in campaigns, and make a lot of noise during the primary season, then when it comes to November, they stay home.

Some people think the "youth vote" will grow up and start voting. The problem is, they do, but by then they aren't the "youth vote" anymore. It's always a new batch in every election, repeating what the last ones did.

Oh. and tyree, the correct name is Berkeley *spit*. Unless one is a Marine, in which case of course the entire town isn't worth one drop of their spit.

My Father-in-Law is a forme... (Below threshold)

My Father-in-Law is a former Marine, my Father is former Navy, and both Grandfathers served in the Great War with the U.S Army, so I agree with you 100%, John. Always had trouble spelling the names of places I was trying to forget.

Let me quote a response fro... (Below threshold)
Norman J. Leer, Ph.D.:

Let me quote a response from someone identified on YouTube,com as goat909295. I believe this says it all.


I don't want a re-run of Bill. He'd be de facto vice president.

When Congress passed the Constitutional amendment limiting a president to two 4-year terms, it did so with good reason. Bill is trying to dodge the letter of the law and get more White House time."

AMEN to that!

Nevermind "Whitewater" and ... (Below threshold)
John O. Merd, Esq.:

Nevermind "Whitewater" and Monica Lewinsky ...
a.) the Clintons charged money for overnight stays in the White House, thus turning it into a veritable Bed & Breakfast;
b.) no accounting was ever given for that money;
c.) they tried to up stage Bush's inauguration by throwing themselves a brass band send-off, at which they bragged about the "gifts" they both received;
d.) no accounting was ever given for that money either.

Several books have been wri... (Below threshold)
Santo Christoforo:

Several books have been written about Team Clinton's treatment of the military personnel assigned to them. Hillary in particular was cited as being particularly abusive. She was said to wipe her butt with military brass whenever she could. There is no way our armed forces would accept her as commander-in-chief.
All she wants to do is break a "glass ceiling"
and get her loyal female supporters in positions of high power.






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