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Patrick Ruffini is asking all Republicans to rally behind their new nominee by donating to the winner next Thursday, February 7. Ruffini is supporting Romney over McCain, but is convinced that even if McCain is the eventual winner it is of utmost importance that Republicans get behind the nominee because "a nation at war cannot afford Hillary or Obama in the White House."

Through Rightroots, Republicans can rally behind their new nominee right out of the gate by donating online next Thursday, February 7th. Go to February7.org to take the pledge to make F7 the day we stop Hillary or Obama.


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I already ordered my bumper... (Below threshold)

I already ordered my bumper stickers. They say,

Vote for Mitt
He's Not Hillary

The names might change before they are printed but the idea won't.

It's the Last Day to witnes... (Below threshold)
Rovin Author Profile Page:

It's the Last Day to witness the CRUCIFICTION OF JOHN McCAIN by the "puritan conservatives". Be sure to step up to the cross and heave a spit on the old man that some here are claiming Hillary is more conservative than McCain------what a load of horse manure...... LINK

Linked and trackbacked the old fasioned way.

Thanks Lorie for pointing out our main priority-----which is defeating the Dem nominee.

The main priority is voting... (Below threshold)

The main priority is voting for a candidate that most shares your viewpoint. the record shows alas, that it is not John McCain in my view.

As an Independent I will no... (Below threshold)

As an Independent I will not vote for McCain or Hillary or Obama ... ever ...

If Hillary, Obama, McCain or Romney wins no matter what nonsense they (the dems) spout on the campaign trail they will defend America ...

that said, Hillary, Obama and McCain will all ruin the US economy and I cannot vote for their policies plus I won't vote for liars (Hillary and McCain) and won't vote for an empty suit (Obama).

So this is not a "threat", it is a promise ...


Johm McCain, the crucified ... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

Johm McCain, the crucified Son of God. Why yes, I can see McCain approving of that imagery.

RNC can look for money else... (Below threshold)

RNC can look for money elsewhere if McCain is the nominee. I will be using by personal form of campaign finance reform.

I can respect Ann Coulter's... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I can respect Ann Coulter's argument that with either Bill's wife or McCain we'd get basically the same thing, but at least with Bill's wife, the Republicans won't be blamed for it.

Still, if it comes down to it, I will hold my nose and vote for McCain. At least with McCain there's a chance that we will win the war and there's a slight chance that his judicial nominees won't be far left, fascist, ideologues.

Bill's wife has guaranteed that she will allow Al Qaeda to defeat us in Iraq and there's no question that the judges she nominates will be neo-comm fascists with no respect for the law or the constitution.

Keep that in mind, those of you who are willing to put ideology above pragmatism.

Don't forget that there are... (Below threshold)

Don't forget that there are Congressional races to be won! If we control Congress then it won't matter who is sitting in the Pres seat.

Paul Bunyan wisely wrote :I... (Below threshold)
Myron Loss:

Paul Bunyan wisely wrote :I can respect Ann Coulter's argument that with either Bill's wife or McCain we'd get basically the same thing, but at least with Bill's wife, the Republicans won't be blamed for it.
If the next president is going to take our country down the wrong path, which is rather likely looking at the candidates, I would rather the liberal demobrats got blamed for it than a supposed Republican.

"Don't forget that there ar... (Below threshold)

"Don't forget that there are Congressional races to be won! If we control Congress then it won't matter who is sitting in the Pres seat." -- Jim

Taking a vacation again from reality-land, huh, Jim?

Sorry, I can never, ever, v... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I can never, ever, vote for a candidate who is responsible for taking away one of my constitutional rights.

If McCain is to win he will... (Below threshold)
retired military:

If McCain is to win he will do so without my vote. The country can stand just about anyone for 4 years as President. We took 8 of Bill. Sorry let the blame for the next 4 years of disasters fall on the dems shoulders instead of the republicans and conservatives (unlike McCain I dont believe the 2 are interchangeable and he is proof of that).

If McCain wins then we have 4 years of disaster, liberal judges and will lose the WH for another 8 years.

Obviously Congress hasnt leaarned it's lesson in fiscal discipline and obviously the GOP hasnt learned its lesson of not running a true conservative.

"Conservatives win every time they run as conservatives" - Ann Coulter.

McCain is nothing more than a RINO.

If Romney wins the republican nomination you will see McCain as the VP choice - For BILLARY.

Ms Byrd This artic... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Ms Byrd

This article hacks me off to no end. I mean are we just supposed to support someone because the alternative is worse? That is like saying hey doc cut off my hand to save my arm just because you cant think of anything else better at the moment. It is articles like this that give McCain hope.

The left used the first few primaries to vote McCain in via independents. Now you are saying that most of the country should just acquiese and let them have their way?

As I said before. If the country wants McCain or Billary than fine but dont be complicit in destroying the republican party because we "have" to support a candidate who doesnt believe as we do.

I am old enough to remember the dark days of Jimmy Carter and the 8 years of fiasco of the Clinton administration. After those times we actually got better for awhile before we heard "compromise with the democrats, take things off the table, blah blah blah".

Sorry I will go down with the ship thank you and let the disaster be blamed where it belongs squarely on Billary's head. Better 4 years of Billary than 8 years of "Maverick McCain".

BTW Ms ByrdYou lef... (Below threshold)
retired military:

BTW Ms Byrd

You left one thing out of your column.

"This message approved by Maverick McCain for President"

yawn!Donate to the G... (Below threshold)

Donate to the GOP? When they support a Conservative.

Here is an idea. Why not w... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Here is an idea. Why not write a column that pleads with the Ron Paul supporters to vote for Mitt Romney and be unified behind him?

Not the best choice for President but 1000 times better than Rhino McCain.

McCain is NOT the nominee y... (Below threshold)

McCain is NOT the nominee yet. I still think that Romney can win this. I am the farthest thing from a McCain fan. Read pretty much anything I have ever written about him and that is painfully obvious. I really don't want to vote for McCain in November, but the thought of a Democrat as commander in chief is the thing that tips me over the edge to do something I didn't think I could ever do and vote for McCain. I REALLY hope it doesn't come to that and that Romney wins, but I just cannot subject the people I know in the military (and those I don't) to 4 or more years of Clinton or Obama commanding our armed forces. I am pulling for Romney now and would gladly vote for him if I din't live in a state that doesn't hold its primary until May. Hopefully I will still get a chance to vote for him.

Ms. ByrdI emphathi... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Ms. Byrd

I emphathize with your feelings. however, if the country wants a Hillary or HIllary lite then maybe the best thing in the long term is to let them have her. Let them be reminded of things under democrats and what will happen if they get their way.

Sometimes a bit of short term pain can lead to greater gain. Look at Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

I especially emphathize with the military and work on Ft Hood so I deal with the soldiers every day. THe last thing they want is Billary in the chair. But sometimes the best medicine tastes bitter.






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