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Immigration Update: Contracts Bill Passes Miss. State Senate

The Mississippi state senate by a 46-5 margin passed a bill on Friday that would require companies with state or local government contracts to verify that all their employees legally are in the country.

The bill envisions businesses utilizing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's e-Verify database to check the legal status of employees. Several state agencies, including the attorney general's office, along with the federal Homeland Security Department, would be in charge of policing state contractors to ensure compliance.

A company found in violation would lose its state or local government contract.

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Bonus points to the first liberal law professor or student who can figure out a way to complain about that bill *and* simultaneously to advocate for plenary state law control over their pet issue, e.g., assisted suicide, medical marijuana, etc.

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P.S. -- Here's a link to a preposterously biased and agenda-driven article on this subject by the AP. The first graf is priceless.


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