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Reality Check: Al-Qaeda in Iraq Sinks to Ghastly New Low

Al-Qaeda terrorists strapped explosives to two women and detonated the bombs by remote control, killing as many as 72 innocents on Friday at popular pet markets in Baghdad.

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Here's a link to Reuters' version of events.


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In case anyone missed it:</... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

In case anyone missed it:

An Iraqi military official said the two women were mentally retarded and the bombs detonated by remote control.

Those sick f***s.

And some of you liberals don't think evil exists. Explain what else this could possibly be.

Remember, these are the sam... (Below threshold)

Remember, these are the same shining examples of the Religion of Peace that Obama and Clinton want to neotiate with. DIPLOMACY!!

"An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is NOT overcome by fleeing from it!"
Jeff Cooper

What kind of monster straps... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

What kind of monster straps a bomb onto a smiling, trusting person suffering Down's Syndrome?


There IS evil.

Wait, I'm confused. The li... (Below threshold)

Wait, I'm confused. The libs tell me al-Qaeda was not like this until our own barbaric army invaded Iraq.

One witness said the fem... (Below threshold)

One witness said the female bomber entered the market saying she had birds to sell. Scores of people gathered and then the bomb underneath her clothing went off, the witness said.

Sounds like someone who knew what they were doing to me.

We will have to see if al Qaeda releases videos of the women to see who they were.

peter, they'll just blame B... (Below threshold)

peter, they'll just blame Bush. you see if he never invaded the poor terrorists wouldn't have had to resort to such barbarity.

Sounds like someone who ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Sounds like someone who knew what they were doing to me.

How on earth can you make the assessment. Feckless.

All in the name of islam an... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

All in the name of islam and mohammad.

"And some of you [lefits... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"And some of you [lefitsts] don't think evil exists"

The leftist must force themselves to believe evil does not exist or they might start to recognize it in themselves.

This should really endear t... (Below threshold)

This should really endear the Iraqi people to al Qaeda.

It is because of this evil,... (Below threshold)

It is because of this evil, that we must elect a President with the strength and resolve to resist and put an end to it, regardless of how long it will take.

What a lovely religion. I'... (Below threshold)

What a lovely religion. I'm glad the democrats give these people such credibility.

Hey, this wasn't the first ... (Below threshold)

Hey, this wasn't the first time that AlQ has used mentally handicapped people in suicide bombings, a few years ago (2005?) they used a mentally retarded boy (I guess teenager) carrying the suicide vest.

Just because they've "graduated" to adult women now doesn't make them any worse.

They've been evil since they started this jihad.

Larkin writes:"We wi... (Below threshold)

Larkin writes:
"We will have to see if al Qaeda releases videos of the women to see who they were."

Oh yeah, like that's gonna happen. They only show what the DNC can defend in a position paper.

We shouldn't oppose this ev... (Below threshold)

We shouldn't oppose this evil. Instead we should run from it.

And of course we will hear ... (Below threshold)

And of course we will hear the same refrain about how the US is seen on the Arab street, or how we have lost our moral authority. I want to hear the Arab street condemn these senseless acts of violence committed by Arab's to Arabs. The US has always tried to preserve innocent lives when we wage war. These freaks try and kill innocents, they chop off heads of people who do not want convert to Islam. They kill women for not wearing head scarfs.
What morals do they have?

Thank God we went in or we would be dealing with these attacks here.

Maybe Ann Coulter had it right.

How do you know it was Al Q... (Below threshold)

How do you know it was Al Qaeda?

How do you know it... (Below threshold)
How do you know it was Al Qaeda?
You know, by some miracle it may turn out you have a point. But I would wait for some actual data to substantiate this counterpoint other than you automatically don't trust our military. Otherwise, you might come off sounding like a desperate a-hole. Oh, wait...
The simple fact is al Qaeda... (Below threshold)

The simple fact is al Qaeda followed us to Iraq. If we stayed in Afghanistan this kind of attack would have never occurred in Iraq. If we stayed out of Iraq al Qaeda would be fighting us only in Afghanistan where we would have concentrated our forces based in a country that is not divided by ethnic hatred and settling old scores.

The blood is on your hands not mine.

jpm- At some point, the Adm... (Below threshold)

jpm- At some point, the Administration started calling ALL violence in Iraq Al Qaeda related. The press soon followed suit.

I honestly don't know how they tell.

You people are mainly worsh... (Below threshold)
Ken Hoop:

You people are mainly worshippers of Empire--pagans in other words--little better than "AQ." Why? For years you have denied the complete failure of the occupier to bring stability to Iraq, while arrogantly assuming it ultitmately has that capability and
ignoring the many intelligence reports--and assertion of native Iraqi leaders-that they themselve can ably get the job done after we leave,that our presence only fuels the
insurgency. A good many of you are overly worried about Israel's security if we leave,
aren't you?

ken hoop - "A good many... (Below threshold)

ken hoop - "A good many of you are overly worried about Israel's security if we leave,
aren't you?"

The greater fear is having loonbats like you anywhere near the reigns of power.

why does barney continue to... (Below threshold)

why does barney continue to lie? Even vicious America haters like barney knows zarqawi and his buddies were in Iraq in 2002. What does he get out of lying?

mark, it sure doesn't take ... (Below threshold)

mark, it sure doesn't take long for the disgusting anti-Semitism from the left to show up does it?

The term for them during th... (Below threshold)

The term for them during the war between the states was "copperheads". Taking the long perspective on that war one could easily make the case that they caused many of the deaths by needlessly raising the hopes of the secessionists (thinking that if they could only fight on long enough the Republican president would relent or be forced out of office). Does anyone now think it was a good idea to remain at status quo, keeping a significant population in slavery as opposed to ending it with some admittedly ugly business? I think the present round of copperheads will be viewed in the same light as the last group.

The liberals are so predict... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

The liberals are so predictable and so despicable. They couldn't even bring themselves to condemn AlQ! They are ready to smear our military at any moment. San Franscisco bans our marine recruiters and give Code Pink liberals protest permit to harass our marines. These are the people who would rather turn Iraq over to these barbaric killers.

"why does barney continu... (Below threshold)

"why does barney continue to lie?"

He's a punk ass liar. A miserable lowlife POS.

What does he get out of lying?"

He gets off on it. Sick miserable basturd is lonely. Misery loves company and he can never feel good about the fact that he is party too and supports a party of criminal frauds , traitors and phony commiserators.

Their desperation to "CLINTONIZE" President Bush was their last hopes to feel good about BJ Clinton. They failed and must resort to lying all the way to the grave.

"What does he get out of lying?"

The ability to live with all the shame.

Three cheers for Michael Mo... (Below threshold)

Three cheers for Michael Moore's minutemen!

If we stayed out of Ira... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

If we stayed out of Iraq al Qaeda would be fighting us only in Afghanistan...

Oh really? So what were we doing during the African embassy bombings, the USS Cole, Khobar Towers? We hadn't invaded Iraq at the time of those attacks, and yet, al Qaeda was fighting us--pretty much fighting us around the globe. Including on our own soil. We just weren't fighting them.

The fact is that while AQI may not be directly tied to OBL & Co. in Afghanistan, AQI has pledged its allegiance to OBL and fights in its name. Furthermore, AQ is not (duh) strictly confined to Afghanistan. Even an idiot lefty like yourself has bemoaned that a majority the 9/11 attackers came from S.A.--yet they were AQ. They go where we go because they us. They hate you. They hate everything we stand for. And they have ZERO respect for life. Including the dignity and lives of two retarded women!!!

....where we would have concentrated our forces based in a country that is not divided by ethnic hatred and settling old scores.

No surprise, but your history and knowledge of Afghanistan sucks about as much as your logic. I guess you think the Northern Alliance was the Mickey Mouse club. When in fact it was a loose alliance of various warlords who weren't exactly buddy buddy.

Another reality check by Re... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Another reality check by Reuters this week Iraq conflict has killed a million Iraqis: survey, 'since the invasion and ensuing conflict'

barney2000You are ... (Below threshold)


You are right. It is the fault of Americans. We call them CNN ABC NBC NYT you know the usual suspects. When we went in we heard how it would be another Vietnam and how we would get bogged down.
We did not so they were pissed. Then we heard for month how the use most declare an end to the fighting so that IRaq can get aid it need. When the President Bush declared an end to the major fighting and the first death occurred there was glee as the new reported death after end of fighting. Then day after day we heard how the US would pull out if the death toll increased and how "war weary" Americans were. so the enemy took it to heart and stated killing our troops. Even though in fire fights we kill a large number everyone only hears about our deaths. Then when we did not leave the press talked about sectarian violence for months until AIQ start trying to incite violence.

These guys want US to fail. The sad part is if the Islamist would kill all of US without thought.
Conservative Christian convert or die
Women's Rights Death
Homosexual death
Atheist death
women no head covering death
women in jeans death
American death

So Barney2000 as the clash says when they kick your front door how you gonna go with the hand on your head or on the trigger of a Gun.
Opss your liberal so you believe in gun control. So then you be on your knees as your friend give you chance cut off your head or convert.

Look at the attacks or plots in UK, Spain, Philippines Malaysia Russia Germany etc those who support our efforts or oppose them makes not differences. Conservatives or Liberals do not go to war Countries do and its countries that are defeated and the enemies are the one who feel free to attack the US. So when revel in our countries defeat you revel in your own self destruction.

http://www.mailarchive.com/[email protected]/msg23738.html

I am not sure the survey ci... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

I am not sure the survey cited by Steve may have been funded by Soros or not. There were a number of "dishonest" studies by Soros funded groups that were pointed out in the last month or so.

Questions for Steve and the likes: how many Israeli women and children have been blown up since the West Bank and Gaza been returned to the Palestinians? The liberals again are so predictable and so despicable. The liberals are only interested in the death of the Iraquis when they can blame the US. They do not care when Cambodia genocide occured (Barncommie even tried to spin it as a good thing!). They were silent when AlQ cooked the children to intimidate the parents in Iraq. And now Steve Crickmore couldn't even bring himself to condemn the terrorists.

No wonder Steve and his likes are so excited about Obama. He is the #1 liberal and his church is strongly anti-Seimitic. Sounds like some liberals on this thread wouldn't mind if Israel was wiped off the map. They may find some excuse for it even.

LoveAmerica Immigrant - The... (Below threshold)

LoveAmerica Immigrant - The implication behind the survey is that it's the AMERICANS (evil, nasty bastards) who are killing the Iraqis - because everyone knows that Muslims don't kill Muslims.

Unless they're Sunni against Shi'a, or Shi'a against Sunni, or Kharijitis against Wahhabi against Ismailis against Druze against Sufi...

Man, that religion's got more points of view than you can shake a stick at, and they're all antagonistic. If there wasn't an outside threat that the Wahhabi had kicked up, they'd be going at it like Hamas and Fatah.

And the left will ALWAYS give them a pass, no matter how heinous their crimes. As long as it's over there, of course. If it ever comes stateside, they're going to be the first ones screaming for internment camps.

LAI - "I am not sure th... (Below threshold)

LAI - "I am not sure the survey cited by Steve may have been funded by Soros or not. There were a number of "dishonest" studies by Soros funded groups that were pointed out in the last month or so.

The ORB study was done in partnership with the Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies that was also the research partner for the Lancet Study.

So you know how much it's worth, nothing.

LoveAmerica Immigrant. I th... (Below threshold)

LoveAmerica Immigrant. I think we are all on the same page in this respect, the attack is quite despicable (here's more information from the London Times) and gives me hope that because their tactics ,(it has all the signature marks of al Queda) are so medieval and so senseless the movement will eventually burn or blow itself up and those more moderate, Muslims, as has occurred in Anbar province, will eventually throw them out of Iraq with or without our help.

as has occurred in Anbar pr... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

as has occurred in Anbar province, will eventually throw them out of Iraq with or without our help.
Without our help, the moderate Muslims have been intimidated into silence. Without our help, Saddam Hussein is still in power today with his rape rooms and UN oil for food corruption in place, and his continued support of terrorism. AT least we should be honest enough to admit that the SURGE is instrumental in bringing this around. Let 's not try to pull a Clinton or Obama here. The long association of Obama with his racist and anti-seimitic church should be a great cause of concern for people who are not easily fooled by his vapid rhetoric.






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