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Super Tuesday Update: Traders Betting on McCain, Clinton

For Republicans the big prizes on Super Tuesday are California, New York, Georgia, Illinois and Missouri. All but Illinois are winner-take-all primaries.

For the media/Democrats the big delegate scores are in California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Delegates are allocated proportionally, so unlike the case with GOP primaries strong second-place finishes can and do matter.

Click the below link if you'd like to see how the Intrade political markets currently are viewing these contests.

GOP Prize Delegate States

California: McCain
New York: McCain
Georgia: McCain
Illinois: McCain
Missouri: McCain

Democrat Prize Delegate States

California: Clinton
New York: Clinton
Illinois: Obama
New Jersey: Clinton
Massachusetts: Clinton



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this is all baloney- i thin... (Below threshold)

this is all baloney- i think there is a lot more anti clinton sentiment out there than democrats are willing to admit. nobody speaks out against the king until the king is dead.... obama is no fluke and the republicans know it

I don't believe California ... (Below threshold)

I don't believe California is a winner take all primary. Unless you mean winner take all from each district. For example, if McCain wins in Los Angeles, he gets all the delegates from that district, but i'm pretty sure as far as the state is concerned, each candidate can come away with some delegates.

<a href="http://ne... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:
California's GOP divvies up 170 delegates, on Feb. 5 -- three in each of the state's 53 congressional districts and a bonus of 11 to the statewide winner -- with 1,191 needed to secure the party nomination.

For the first time, Republicans are awarding delegates to the winner in each congressional district.






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