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Why are so many freaking out over John McCain?

I said in an earlier post that I would support the Republican nominee, even if he is not my choice. The prospect of Hillary or Obama as commander in chief tipped the balance and convinced me that support was necessary. In my column at Townhall today I explain just how hard it will be for me to support the nominee if it is John McCain and why so many other conservatives are freaking out about the possibility.


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I think the MSM has OB and ... (Below threshold)

I think the MSM has OB and Hill so pumped up as an either/or that many are voting in a defensive mode rather than examining the issues and records of our guys. It's all about "who can beat her?". When I don't think either has a chance.

Keating 5.You just... (Below threshold)

Keating 5.

You just know the Clintons are giddy waiting for the McCain nomination. All they have to do is discuss the subprime lending fiasco and the MSM will link it to the S & L bail out...presto Keating 5 and John McCain.

I never really understood why McCain got a pass on that one.

I've softened my visceral p... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I've softened my visceral position on McCain potentially being the GOP nominee in the last couple of days. I had openly said I'd throw my vote toward the Dem. candidate if he became the nominee. Here's why I came to believe why that's a really, really bad idea.

The most important issue for me is the GWOT/War Against Islamo-fascism. On that issue, McCain has been consistent and tough (save for the whole waterboarding/torture debate); he supported "the surge", wants to put pressure on Syria and Iran, is against timetables, will continue to fight for a stable Iraq, etc.

Hillary? Duplicitous and back-pedaling are putting it mildly.
Obama? Anti-war right from the get-go and would command ZERO respect from privates to generals.

In good conscience, I can't throw my vote their way. That would be dumb.

So, if McCain gets the nomination, he gets my vote--albeit begrudgingly.

For now, Romney gets my vote.

I don't think we're freakin... (Below threshold)

I don't think we're freaking out about it.

If conservatives are like me, we aren't Identity folks, we're issues oriented. John McCain is not only wrong on most of the issues, he takes great pleasure in calling himself a Republican and pretending at being a conservative while doing so.

This I won't be voting for. If we conservatives are responsible for electing John McCain, his liberal, big government policies will hurt this nation. Guess who will be blamed?

I'd rather Clinton or Obama put in those liberal policies than McCain.

Besides, Democrats like him. Which means they won't demonize him like they did Bush and reflexively vote against whatever initiatives he likes. He'll get together his gang of 14 plus all the other democrats and be unstoppable.

On the other hand, Republicans will try and stop Obama and/or Clinton. And as long as we can have the guts to filibuster in the Senate on the really important issues, we'll be fine.

A major problem with McCain... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

A major problem with McCain is that he went out of his way to insult the base while kissing up to the dems and the liberal media. Bob Dole was a RINO, but he didn't try to insult the base.

There are three attendant i... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

There are three attendant issues just now, I think: Super-Tuesday, Gerald Ford, and the McCain paradigm.

First is Super Tuesday. For all McCainian claims that he's wrapped it up, the real race in large part will be decided February 5 (though after what happened in 2004, how the GOP decided that front-loading the primaries the way the Donks did would be a good idea is an unanswered mystery), with over a thousand delegates being decided. With McCain getting media support and political smooches from various and sundry Macciavellians, there is naturally heightened concern that McCain will do better on Feb. 5 than his qualifications deserve.

Then there's Gerald Ford. Gerry was a genuinely nice man, considerate and open-minded ... who was by no comparison the equal to Rondald Reagan. Our present problems in the Middle East to a large extent were created by Jimmy Carter being President when the crisis got really serious, and Carter won the 1976 election because, frankly, Ford could not rally Republicans in the key states he needed. Ford got the GOP nod in 1976 not because he was better qualified, but because he took advantage of an early strategic advantage and was able to play a few tricks with the convention rules that prevented the late Reagan surge from being enough. It was Ford's one true 'Be Like Nixon' moment, and it cost Republicans much much more than anyone at the time would have believed.

Then there is McCain himself. He sells himself as a Conservative, but he not only has said and done things that no Conservative would do, but he has said and done things which he clearly knew were out of bounds. You said, Lori, W would not be considered a Conservative by some of his decisions, but at least W was trying to do what he saw as right, and W never took the road of personally attacking or disparaging his own party members. Even when the Senate leader and Speaker refused to follow his lead on some critical issues (the Nuclear Option for Judges' up/down votes, for example, or Social Security Reform), W never took the low road of personal attacks and feuding. In fact, Bush supporters have often wondered at how much abuse the President took without retaliating. The same cannot be said of McCain, a man whose virtues have never included forbearance since he became a Senator, whose conduct has more than occasionally been reprehensible. McCain burned many bridges, by all appearances quite deliberately, and it would be foolhardy to think he could rebuild them now, especially as he refsues to apologize for his conduct. Not his decisions, which he might have held honestly, but for the way in which he delivered derision on his own party and colleagues. McCain abused conservatives for nearly a decade, so it is useless for him to imagine he has any credibility with that bloc.

And so, in the end this may cost the Republicans the White House. Romney, even Huckabee, has a chance to build the party into a unified force for the General Election, but if McCain wins the nomination a sizable portion of the party will refuse to support him. And while I agree that any Republican is better than any Democrat in this election, I also understand that McCain made this condition, no one else, and in my opinion a McCain nomination is no different from conceding the White House to the Democrats.

I could not twist my princi... (Below threshold)

I could not twist my principles in such a fashion as would be required to pull the lever for McCain. I will choose between voting for the Democrat candidate or not voting at all if McCain secures the nomination. I have never been more serious.

If McCain is the nominee, I... (Below threshold)

If McCain is the nominee, I may stay home, not that the GOP would stand a chance in the New York general election anyway. So that may be moot.

But if Rudy is his running mate, I may vote the Republican line after all, since that's how Teddy Roosevelt got in, and McCain doesn't seem that healthy.

But for goodness sake, let's get the Congress back into Republican hands, so they can counter any of McCain's liberal plans, especially the shamnesty plan, tax increases, liberal Justices, and giving habeas corpus rights to foreign terrorists. Maybe even dismantle McCain-Feingold.

Patterico has posted this n... (Below threshold)

Patterico has posted this not-really-a-joke:

Q. What's the difference between Hillary Clinton and John McCain?

A. One has a grating, disagreeable personality; has a history of financial scandal; has spoken of setting benchmarks for withdrawal from Iraq; has said the Bush tax cuts benefitted the wealthy at the expense of the middle class; has derided Sam Alito as too openly conservative; has supported amnesty for illegal immigrants (and then lied about it); has said that we shouldn't drill in ANWR because it's "pristine"; has misrepresented the positions of Republican candidates; wants to close Guantanamo; has spoken of sending "greedy people on Wall Street" to jail for their roles in giving subprime loans; has been endorsed by the New York Times; supports blatantly unconstitutional limits on free speech; and is hated by Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Michelle Malkin . . .

. . . and the other one's a Democrat.

Nice post DJ, I too was thi... (Below threshold)

Nice post DJ, I too was thinking of the G. Ford parallels the last few days. Geez Louise

McCain is a serial liar and... (Below threshold)
Diane C. Russell:

McCain is a serial liar and dangerous!

He has amply demonstrated that he will not allow the Constitution and Bill of Rights to stand in his way when he is determined to stomp on the rights of the people or of state or local governments. He has repeatedly and falsely sworn an oath to protect the Constitution from its enemies even though he is himself one of those enemies.

I do not trust McCain to preserve our current form of government and civil liberties, or to do anything he promises to win votes.

The fact that he might have been some kind of war hero and acts like a Republican once in a while on a few issues does not make him any less a potential danger.

His record speaks for itself. There is no reason to believe that he will now change his actions to match his campaign rhetoric.

Romney, Paul, and Obama, as bad as they are, are all safer choices if we want to preserve what is (or should be) most important to all of us. I see Clinton as a toss-up. I'd rather have a Democratic President than a faux "Republican" autocrat.

Current Republican strategy... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Current Republican strategy reflects the idea that conservatives are unnecessary to win the White House. Moving left will supposedly attract enough moderates/independents to more than make up for the loss of conservative support.

What then is the message to the bluebloods if conservatives turn out for McCain just to get a Republican elected? Obviously, the message would be that we can be taken for granted. The only way to get politicians' attention is to hurt them at the polls. If we support McCain, we conservatives are relinquishing our voice and influence in the party.

Therefore, I am with Baggi and DJ on this. McCain, the MSM and the elite Republican establishment can shove it.

there are 9 million Vietnam... (Below threshold)

there are 9 million Vietnam Vets. McCain has been
a leader in making life easier for Communist
Vietnam. In his own writings he says he gave military information to Vietnam. His war hero
claim won't survive the general election.
since he lost in 2000 he's done everything he can to undermine the GWOT and GW Bush. Any body remember Donald Rumsfeld?
We'd be much safer with Hillary.

McCain wasn't my ideal cand... (Below threshold)
capital L:

McCain wasn't my ideal candidate. But it is absolutely delusional to imagine that electing Hillary or Obama is somehow an appropriate response. This isn't some arbitrary game, where you can just sit out a period in sullen protest. John McCain is an American, and a reasonable decent one at that, with more good ideas that the prospective democratic opponents to boot.

That's why, if it comes down to it, he'll get my vote.

Furthermore, if it's Romney, then he'll get my vote. And I think far less of him that I do of McCain! Action have consequences however, and when government's act badly, it is rarely very easy to correct mistakes.

I care far more about America than about the purity of the conservative movement.

I do not trust him. He is t... (Below threshold)

I do not trust him. He is too close to the Dems and now it turns out he was willing to switch parties.

Its simple I do not trust the man. His record is not consrervitive and furthermore he does stand by his record he hides from it. So he has no honor these days. He served with Honor in the Navy but his senate service is not so honorable.
Pre Bush appeared shaking on some polices and we saw him jerk left. If John does the same will be the same as Hillary. If that happens we will not have enough money to support our war efforts or or commanders will be so ham strung we will have to retreat.

McCain is a true patriot. ... (Below threshold)

McCain is a true patriot. His son is a Marine and has been serving in Iraq.

Can you imagine the beating that Romney would take in a general election, with 5 sons of military age and him saying that they were "serving" by campaigning for him?

Romney tanked because of that comment, in my opinion. There was just a general revulsion against that and all of his flip-flop phonyness.

All of the other Republican candidates but McCain had permanent fatal errors - Thompson was lazy and uninspiring, Giuliani was corrupt and immoral. Huckabee had no money.

McCainiac, John does indeed... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

McCainiac, John does indeed have a fatal flaw - he told 40% of the GOP to go to hell not 2 years ago.

They plan to return the sentiment this fall, if John steals the nomination.

As Pat Buchanan said, a McC... (Below threshold)
Ken Hoop:

As Pat Buchanan said, a McCain presidency means
the illegals will never leave...the jobs will never come home....and the wars will never end.

Well, the saving grace might be when the invaders sap our economy and cause enough social fissure..and the free traders sap the
working middle class amply....America won't have enough strength left to fight illegal wars any longer. A hat tip to Ron Paul on that one.

If you are going to claim t... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

If you are going to claim that McCain gave military information to Vietnam, then you had better cite your source of information so that others can see if your claim is true. Simply claiming that McCain said so in his writings isn't good enough because such a claim may be nothing more than an urban legend.

Right now I'm not inclined ... (Below threshold)

Right now I'm not inclined to vote two-handed (with one hand holding my nose). Lori has cited all the right facts but reached the wrong conclusion. The Republican Party will not improve with "conservative" nominees like McCain. He is against water-boarding and favored amnesty. He sided with John Kerry and against the Swift Boaters. He believes in the myth of global warming and is willing to sink the economy with his cap-and-trade bill. His respect for the First Amendment is AWOL. He's linked with and closer to Fiengold, Kennedy and Lieberman than to most of the Republicans in the Senate. (If you believe Bill Clinton, he's also close to Hillary.) What are his great conservative accomplishments during his Senate tenure? None. The only saving grace is that he's 71 and might choose a good veep. (There's still a chance he'll pull some stunt like choosing Joe Lieberman, who's great on the GWOT but horrible on every domestic issue.) He opposes Anwar drilling. He's unfairly attacked Romney for allegedly backing a withdrawal timetable. He wants to close Gitmo. I'm not unequivocal but right now I'm leaning toward sitting out the Presidential race if the self-proclaimed "Sen. Straight Talk" is the Republican nominee.

Lorie put the country's fut... (Below threshold)

Lorie put the country's future first over your petty feelings. I hate when conservatives act like moonbats.

all you "conservatives" are... (Below threshold)

all you "conservatives" are nuts if you think Hillary is preferable to McCain. Drummond comments that Romney or Huckabee would unify the party...maybe they would, but both would lose the general. Only McCain can get the crossover votes NECESSARY to win. Go on and live in your deluded little world and whine like babies because your candidate lost.

DJ, whether you vote or not... (Below threshold)

DJ, whether you vote or not, McCain has the advantage in the general election. He will attract large numbers of independents and Democrats who are not too happy with Hillary, the likely Demo nominee.

McCain is the nominee and very probably the next president, get used to it.

This should have happened eight years ago, but I'll take it now.

Wrong, McCainiac. MJcCain ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Wrong, McCainiac. MJcCain can attract Democrats and Independents to vote for him in the Primaries, but no one in his right mind can claim that he will take more than 5% of the Democrats in a General Election, or more than 40% of the Independents. As things stand now, a McCain nomination WOULD insure at least 10% of Republican voters will stay home, and that alone would guarantee a Democrat win.

I am not saying that is what SHOULD happen, but it definitely is what WILL happen, if the GOP is foolish enough to pick McCain as its nominee. Also, I hear a lot of arguments about how we should put up with McCain because he is somehow the most "electable". The Dems tried that in 2004, remember how that worked out for them?

McCain as nominee guarantees a Democrat President. If you support McCain, you are really voting for Hillary or Obama in November.

MichaelWhat make eve... (Below threshold)

What make everyone think that Mccain going to get this big cross over vote?
He for Open Borders MCcain Kennedy
Hillary is for Open borders
Obaham is for Open borders.

Mccaiin is against water boarding, want to close down Gitmo, give terrorist lawyers.
Hillary and Obama the same

John does not like tax cuts for the rich
Hillary and Obama well their Dems

Mccain believes in Global Warming being man made

He violates the 1st Amendment with McCain-Feingold
Hiil and Obama the same

So if it between Hill and Obama why would these cross over voters not go for the 1st black or women when he has few things that differentiate him.
You know there guys will be like remember in 08 when I voted for Hillary or Obama.

One could sat Mccain could be a check against a democrat congress. However since his best pals with kennedy well who knows?
we have a RHINO and super lib and ultra lib.
I just do not think he will get these votes.

So I will vote for Mit in primaries and hope we have someone who stands out.

DJ, there are head to head ... (Below threshold)

DJ, there are head to head polls for all of the possible matchups. And McCain polls far better than any other Republican candidate did. McCain will beat Hillary. Romney would have been crushed by Hillary or Obama.

You might have hurt feelings now, but only the most deranged will stay home in November.

McCainiac, polls are propag... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

McCainiac, polls are propaganda tools used to manipulate public opinion. Only the most deranged and easily led make important decisions based on them. I'll take a set of core principles any day.

I'm not making my decision ... (Below threshold)

I'm not making my decision based on polls, I just like McCain. He is a man of integrity who is not afraid to follow his "core principles," unlike the weathervane, Romney. I don't agree with McCain on every issue, especially campaign finance, but overall I think he'll make a great conservative president.

Seriously, how could anyone fall for that charlatan Romney? Talking about propaganda, Romney is the product of blowhard propagandists like Limbaugh and Hewitt. Makes you wonder who's paying the piper.

"Only the most deranged and... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Only the most deranged and easily led make important decisions based on them. "

Case in point - Bill and Hillary CLinton

"McCain as nominee guarante... (Below threshold)

"McCain as nominee guarantees a Democrat President. If you support McCain, you are really voting for Hillary or Obama in November."

What idiotic nonsense.

Drummond you are going over... (Below threshold)

Drummond you are going over into the deep end with McCain as Polipundit has with immigration... ironic isn't it.

Michael, I don't recall loc... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Michael, I don't recall locking any Wizbang writers out of the site ...

He is a man of integrity... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

He is a man of integrity who is not afraid to follow his "core principles."

McCain readily shares his "core principles" with Feingold, Kennedy, Kerry and Leiberman. Good luck with that.

The guy has a solid LIFETIM... (Below threshold)

The guy has a solid LIFETIME ACU rating of 82.6%.

His immigration position is hard to swallow for conservatives -- but I don't think that many are even willing to consider a Senator's responsbility to represent his state -- and his constituents -- on a matter that so directly affects them. An interesting position indeed to suggest that a Republican Senator from a border state with a massive Mexican constituency should be compelled to commit hara-kiri to demonstrate his conservatism.

I find this "my way or the highway" absolutism really obsessive -- and perilous to the future of the Party.

Its simple I do not trus... (Below threshold)

Its simple I do not trust the man ...not to be like Hillary. So, instead, I'll elect (or not impede the election of) someone I can trust to be every bit as bad as Hillary!
I'm not a big McCain fan. But if the choices this November are Hillary and Hillary-lite, then I'll go with the liberal who is strongest on national defense, and less likely to appoint hard left justices to lifetime appointments.

"The guy has a solid LIFETI... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"The guy has a solid LIFETIME ACU rating of 82.6%."

I think wavemaker is actually the troll Scott Erb from QandO.net.

McCain hasnt scored above about a 65 with ACU in the last 8 years. And was behind 40+ senators the past 8 years in his ratings with ACU.

Scott AKA wavemaker is so far left that he sees McCain as someone Far right instead of riding the middle of the road.

McCain cares about one person. McCain. If he doesnt get the republican nomination I look for him to be Hillary's VP choice. Dont put anything past him. This is his last chance and he knows it.

Well Drummond in the past y... (Below threshold)

Well Drummond in the past you have always been measured, intelligent and rational in your articles and comments...but now you have undermined all that with this irrational McCain hatred. It puts you on the same plane as Polipundit.

A quote from the inimitable... (Below threshold)
capital L:

A quote from the inimitable Bill Whittle:

"...when anyone wants to see the United States come to harm in order to get their way politically, that is disgusting and abhorrent to me.

I love conservative values. I have given them many years of serious thought and found them sound. Likewise, I am proud to be a Republican, and no one here is going to shame me out of that. But I will tell you this: these things I believe because I love America. AMERICA. The day these party affiliations take precedence over America, or when people would make a choice to see harm come to America in order to see them advanced, I am no longer an ally of that diseased cult."

Michael, I - and many other... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Michael, I - and many others - have clearly laid out why McCain's actions and words make him utterly unacceptable. How does this make my position "iirational hatred", especially since I have not said I would not vote for McCain in the general election if - God forbid - he actually got the nomination. You may recall that I said - several times - that any Republican is better than any Democrat. I observed, however, that no matter what the polls say, a McCain nomination will invraiably cause a significant portion of the GOP vote to stay home, or simply not vote for either candidate. This is neither "irrational", nor "hatred", but a clear warning that McCain is a high-negative liability for the Republicans, not the answer to the present situation.

Having explained - again - my reasonaing, I'd like to see YOU, Michael, show how your comments are not themselves hateful and irrational. You have not exactly backed up your assertions very well.

I have not made any hateful... (Below threshold)

I have not made any hateful or irrational comments. I was just pointing out that some of your comments like - "McCain as nominee guarantees a Democrat President. If you support McCain, you are really voting for Hillary or Obama in November." are nonsensical...or can you seen into the future?
Just tone it down is all. McCain is going to be the nominee...period.
so all this sniping is detrimental to a potential Republican victory in November(even if you don't believe it).

"McCain hasn't scored above... (Below threshold)

"McCain hasn't scored above about a 65 with ACU in the last 8 years. And was behind 40+ senators the past 8 years in his ratings with ACU."

retiredmilitaryman, if you think some liberal named "scott" is trolling under my name, with all due respect, you have your head up your retired ass. I've been posting here for three years, under one name, and I ain't no freakin liberal but a former legislator with my own lifetime conservative rating over 90%. So you can KMA.

And as you can see here, his rating in 2005, (just a short while ago!!) was 80. He dipped down to 65 in 2006, but as 72 in 2004 and 75 in 2003. So your claim is FALSE, innit?

So you can follow Ann Coulter if you want and demonstrate your conservatism by voting for Hillary Clinton or staying home. That'll teach 'em!

McCain is endorsed by LAT a... (Below threshold)
retired military:

McCain is endorsed by LAT and NYT. That is enough for me.

Rather 4 years of the Hildabeast and 8 years of republicans than visa versa.

Sorry I despise Hillary even more so than McCain. I am not someone who blindly follows the party line and votes for someone who has an R behind their name.

Olympia Snowe anyone
Arlen Specter anyone
John McCain anyone

As far as my claim via 65 with ACU so I had my facts wrong. I admit it. He was still behind 40+ other senator's ratings with the ACU for the past 8 years. Something you seem to have neglected to do any fact finding on.

Sorry if McCain or Hillary gets elected the country will take a giant hit. Rather it be on Hillary's watch than someone with an R behind their name. The two are the same.

Open the borders, let Mexico flood us with their problems, raise taxes, etc.

And I am sure that Hillary will be itching to prove to anyone that she can be as tough as a man regarding defense.

By the way since you want me to kiss your ass so much maybe you are along with Hillary and Bill on the dont ask dont tell.

If you arent scott from QandO you sound like him. Two peas in a pod.

retiredmilitaryma... (Below threshold)
retiredmilitaryman, if you think some liberal named "scott" is trolling under my name, with all due respect, you have your head up your retired ass. I've been posting here for three years, under one name, and I ain't no freakin liberal but a former legislator with my own lifetime conservative rating over 90%. So you can KMA.

Mr.Ex civil servant how about YOU
backing up the above quote with some verifiable
sources. You should expect the same standards
for your posts as all others.
And you don't have to KMA, thank you very much.

Easy enough for you to rese... (Below threshold)

Easy enough for you to research my comments here.

Being called a troll on a site I've been commenting on for years is pretty annoying -- especially when I'm being called a liberal.

E... (Below threshold)

Easy enough for you to research my comments here.

I'm not the one who posted the above comment of
legislative history, you are.
You are being disingenious in attempting to change
the subject. Now how about some verifiable sources
outside of your archived wizbang comments.

BTWUsing Mr 3 year... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Using Mr 3 year, nonliberal wavemaker's link

Out of 535 representatives Mr Maverick McCain's

82.5 lifetime rating fell in place 213th for ACU ratings.

For 2006 Maverick came in 263rd place out of 535 for ACU ratings.

For 2005 Maveric was tied for 224th place ratings

BTW just so years cant be thrown up as an issue.

There were 80 lawmakers on the list with 24+ years listed by the ACU.

For 2006 McCain came in 26th place.

For 2005 McCain came in 22nd place.

For lifetime McCain came in 16th.

So going by the vaunted ACLU rating there are PLENTY of people who are more qualified than McCain to become President

The so-called "pure" conser... (Below threshold)

The so-called "pure" conservatives on this site are acting like whiney little babies because they can't get their way...it is sickening. They care more about their opinions than they do the future of the country. They rather let Hillary or Obama wreck it rather than do the PRAGMATIC thing and vote for the one who will opposed either of those two. Just over ten years ago we did not have political blogs, we didn't have to read their stupid blathering when a Jack Kemp lost or a Pat Buchanan lost...but now they get to blather all they want...but in the end when their boys lost in the end did it really matter? It only really matters now because Hillary is running. The big question is...do conservatives really matter?

"The big question is...do c... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"The big question is...do conservatives really matter?

If McCain gets the nomination I guess not.

"They care more about their opinions than they do the future of the country."

And some of us are looking past November and the next 4 years which is *GASP* the future of our country.

Hillary gets elected and she gets opposition from the republicans in the Senate and House along with some of her own party members.

McCain gets elected and we have the republicans who will be chastised for voting against McCain (but he is the Maverick isnt he. Good for him but not good for them) and the democrats gleefully passing their bills with Maverick McCain signing off on them left and right.

Social security wrecked with 20 million eligible immigrants who are now illegal.

So much for the future.

Frankly, I'm fed up with wh... (Below threshold)

Frankly, I'm fed up with where "pragmatic" votes have taken our country. If we slip off the abyss into Euro-socialism sooner rather than later then our generation can do the cleaning up instead of leaving it to our children.

I've said it here (and other places) before, and I'll say it again: if McVain is the R(INO) nominee come November, I'll write in The Fred. Q.E.D.






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