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What was on the menu?

Bad winter weather has been snarling traffic across the country. Take for instance-

Two Amtrak trains carrying 400 people got stuck in the mountains of Northern California near Donner Pass, agency officials said. No injuries were reported.

Hat tip- Professor Althouse who asks- 'What did they eat?"

Update- Think outside the bun?


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Damn that global warming</p... (Below threshold)

Damn that global warming

What did they eat? Algorbag... (Below threshold)

What did they eat? Algorbage's a$$ would feed a canibal tribe for a year. Sent him out there, most is Ca are no better than canibals.

Maybe there were some handy... (Below threshold)

Maybe there were some handy Vegans around?

I was on an Amtrak train th... (Below threshold)

I was on an Amtrak train that was stuck for four hours because of an "impediment on the track". This delay, that occured in the 2nd hour of a six hour trip was longer due to the fact that we had to wait for other trains, freight trains etc. We ended up arriving eight hours late.
After the third hour of waiting, they ran out of drinks and by the 4th hour I was drinking and selling the Molsons I got my brother for Christmas.
Being stuck on am Amtrak train in not a fun time. My dad waited in NYC for three hours before he got someone that told the truth about the delay. It was a log that fell off a truck at a crossing.

That was fifteen years ago and it was the last time I took Amtrak.

If this dont do anything to... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

If this dont do anything to prove that AL GOREis all wet and out of his mind its too bad he isnt cuaght in a winter traffic jam






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