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Obama Running Super Bowl Ad

I thought Fox said no political ads during the Super Bowl.

The reasons: The show is sold out and equal opportunities couldn't be provided to all candidates, even if some additional time could be found for one to buy in.

Fox is saying it will comply with Federal Communications Commission rules.

"We comply with all legal requirements when it comes to selling time to candidates, including any requirements that might apply to a unique broadcast like the Super Bowl," the network said.

Sources close to the situation said that because ad time in the Super Bowl is essentially sold out, Fox will choose to not sell time to a candidate, citing an FCC ruling that a network can reasonably refuse to sell political time in "unique, one-time-only" broadcasts where equal ad time can't be offered to all candidates.

I guess they decided otherwise. I wonder when the decision to accept Obama's ad was made, and did they turn down other candidates prior to accepting his ad. Did Mitt try to purchase time as well?

Ben Smith at the Politico thinks has a half time pep talk tone to it.


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Just finished watching the ... (Below threshold)

Just finished watching the Declaration of Independence and dedication.

Obama can't beat that.

My first question is did he... (Below threshold)

My first question is did he pay the going rate, reportedly $2.5 mil per one minute spot, or something less for what is apparently only 15-20 seconds long?

My second response is, what ever happened to the "everything associated with Fox is EVIL" line of tripe the Dems have been pushing?

Funny how that works isn't it? And before anyone does, don't hand me any of the FoxSports isn't Faux News garbage.

Both Obama and Shillary appeared on Fox News Sunday.

And while on the subject of political pandering... Ron Paul is looking for cash so he can place an ad as a sponsor on a Daytona 500 entry.

Yeah, lotsa luck with that PaulBots, most sponsorships have long been bought and his only hope is first to get the cash and then hope the third tier car that excepts his money makes the field for race day.

Not very likely.

Does he want to change it?<... (Below threshold)

Does he want to change it?

I heard on the radio just a... (Below threshold)

I heard on the radio just a few moments ago that Obama bought time on some local affiliates but the ads are not national.

Didn't see it on our Fox ca... (Below threshold)

Didn't see it on our Fox cable channel.

He bought time in Super Tue... (Below threshold)

He bought time in Super Tuesday markets.

Mitt ran one in California ... (Below threshold)
Mike McClellan:

Mitt ran one in California during the 1st quarter, so I think it was the portion allocated to local advertising. The ad was focused on the fact he has lots of experience. My problem with it was that it was targeted to Hillary's inexperience, and not directed toward McCain. One step at a time....






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