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Super Bowl XLII Open Thread

***UPSET! The Giants win the Super Bowl!***

The reading of the Declaration of Independence in honor of the troops was amazing. It choked me up. Update: Here's the video:

Jordin Sparks' version of the Star Spangled Banner was almost a good as Whitney Houston's. Almost.

Brady's ankle was checked out and he says it's "pain free." I'm sure when the Giants' defense tries to sack him, they will go for the ankle.

Ok. I loved the Bud Light/breathe fire commercial. Hysterical.

Woo hoo! Giants score first with a field goal.

Patriots score a touchdown three seconds into the second quarter.

NOOOO! The Pats intercepted.

It's halftime and the score is 7-3 Patriots. So far it's not a bad game. Usually the Super Bowl ends up being really anti-climactic.

The halftime show is Tom Petty. Does half the audience even know who he is? At least we won't have any wardrobe malfunctions. Hopefully. But it was really good; one of the few that I remember liking.

Ok, it's now the end of the third quarter, and this is really starting to get boring. It's still 7-3 Patriots because no one can get the stupid ball down the field. At least Tom Brady has gotten his clock cleaned a bunch of times.

Finally, something is happening. The Giants just made a big play. Is it possible that this game might actually come alive? Someone - anyone - please score for the love of Pete!

Yes! Another pass completion for the Giants.

Yeah!!! The Giants score! It's now 10-7. Come on Giants, win this game!

Patriots score with a little more than 2:42 left in the game. It's now 14-10.

Wow! What an incredible catch! I can't believe Eli managed to get out of that sack.

Unbelievable! The Giants score!!!!! Only 35 seconds left in the game!

Brady sacked!

GIANTS WIN!!!!!! I can't believe it. Actually, the game technically isn't over because there's one second left and the ball needs to be downed in order for the game to be over, but hundreds of people have stormed onto the field. The officials have to try to get everyone off the field. This is really bizarre.

Ok, now the game is over. Man - what an exciting fourth quarter.

And what did John McCain say earlier today: Somebody show me how you beat the Patriots. That, Senator, is how you beat the Patriots.

I bet Lt. Col. Greg Gadson is thrilled. He is the man who's credited with turning around the Giants' season.


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Comments (22)

How about Terry saying "big... (Below threshold)

How about Terry saying "big fucking head" in the pre game?

He did? I missed it.... (Below threshold)

He did? I missed it.

The Audu commercial was in ... (Below threshold)

The Audu commercial was in poor taste.

now THIS is a borrrrrrrrrrr... (Below threshold)

now THIS is a borrrrrrrrrrrrring Super Bowl!!


What sucks are the too freq... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

What sucks are the too frequent commercials. Normally the broadcasters use time between plays to go back and show something important that we didn't see earlier, like a critical block that sprang a 15 yard run on 3rd and 8 and so on.
Now it's like deadtime is time "wasted" on the football game and away from the critical commercials.

I miss my TIVO too.

Giants WIN !!! Heh... (Below threshold)

Giants WIN !!! Heh

Bill Belichick, knowing ful... (Below threshold)

Bill Belichick, knowing full well the rules, leaves the field before the end of play.

Classless. Give me Don Schula anyday.

well, you got the ending yo... (Below threshold)

well, you got the ending you wanted.

and I wanted.

The Patriots lost to the G-men. :)

I couldn't believe that pla... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

I couldn't believe that play where Manning got away from what looked like a done deal sack, and then that miraculous helmet catch. I kept thinking a ref would call "in the grasp" and a sack. They must have changed the rule that they instituted years ago to protect quarterbacks.

Best ending to the most boring game ever.

Awesome game! YAY GIANTS!<... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Awesome game! YAY GIANTS!

Another blow against the Gl... (Below threshold)

Another blow against the Global Warming doomsayers.

Holy Macaroni!!!Th... (Below threshold)

Holy Macaroni!!!

The Jints Won!!

Props to the defense (if you don't believe me, look at the score), but, I tip my hat to Tom Coughlin..

Just think of how they started and where they ended..

Belief and conceptual entegrity start from the top..

One of my teams FINALLY did it..

Very exciting and grateful game..


Appropriate finish given th... (Below threshold)

Appropriate finish given the year of the Bellicheat scandal.

I watched the game with my ... (Below threshold)
Miss Elliott:

I watched the game with my two children, aged 14 and 16. When half-time came and Tom Petty came on stage, they were hooting, 'who is THAT??, it looks like the CRYPT-KEEPER!!' I think the powers that be need to get with the times a bit on the half-time show. There has GOT to be a happy medium between Tom Petty and deliberate wardrobe malfunctions....

And now, show me how you be... (Below threshold)

And now, show me how you beat a McCain...

Jordin Sparks lipsynched th... (Below threshold)

Jordin Sparks lipsynched the Star Spangled Banner, Whitney sang live. No comparison.

What is truly a shame is th... (Below threshold)

What is truly a shame is that instead of being remembered as the best team in football and the best QB in the game, the Pats will be remembered for their "choke." All because of one off game. Congrats to the Giants for an incredible game, and Pats haters, enjoy your gloating... but the Patriots are still the best team in football, despite losing a game :)

enjoy your gloatin... (Below threshold)
enjoy your gloating... but the Patriots are still the best team in football, despite losing a game
What wine is best served with sour grapes?
Karma baby!Beliche... (Below threshold)

Karma baby!

Belicheat gets what he deserves. Now we don't have to put an asterisk by the 19-0 Pat's record...they did it for us hater's with that performance.

Maybe this will make teams re-think where they stay before the big game. The Giants where holed up out on the Indian reservation with no surrounding nightlife, while the Pat's lived it up in the heart of Scottsdale with the best clubs and restuarants.

FWIW, I wouldn't have been able to stand for Boston to have the World Series and the Super Bowl.

Great game -- LOVED the Dec... (Below threshold)

Great game -- LOVED the Declaration video -- but it is last years (or another year's) -- no Widow of Pat Tillman, no LT on the carrier with the sailors, no Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning.... but it was interesting to see this version, and realize they re-use some of the same clips (Jack Kemp, Emmitt Smith, Jim Brown, Steve Largent) each year, and that some (Don Shula, most obviously) retape parts.....

OK, YES, the Declaration recitation is one of the very best parts of any Super Bowl -- especially if you're a Cowboy's fans and your your 'Boys lost way too early.

Guess all the Manning hater... (Below threshold)

Guess all the Manning haters will have to sit down and STFU now...

Last year Peyton couldn't win the big one and this year Eli was just a joke. Fast forward 1 season and 1 game and the brothers are back to back Superbowl MVPs.

nuff said.

"the Patriots are still the... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

"the Patriots are still the best team in football"

You're so right! The playoffs don't count. Everyone knows that.






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