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Another undersea Internet cable damaged in Mideast

Is the internet under attack?

NEW DELHI (AFP) - - Another Middle East undersea Internet cable has been damaged, adding to disruption in Indian online services caused when several lines were cut earlier this week, a cable operating firm said Saturday.

The Falcon cable was cut 56 kilometres (35 miles) from Dubai, between Oman and the United Arab Emirates, according to its owner FLAG Telecom, part of India's Reliance Communications.

The company said on its website that a repair ship had been notified and was expected to arrive at the site in the next few days.

The cause of the latest cable damage was not immediately known.

Flag Telecom owns another undersea cable which was damaged off Egypt on Wednesday in the Mediterranean. Indian media reports have attributed that damage to a ship's anchor which dropped on the cable.

On the same day in Kuwait, the government reported two cables damaged by "weather conditions and maritime traffic."

The cable damage has left India's vital outsourcing industry grappling with major communications disruptions and businesses saying they could take up to two weeks to return to normal.

It has also disrupted Internet service across the Middle East and other parts of South Asia.

Lawhawk sees the four recent 'accidents' as "quite strange and definitely worth following further". I personally find the news disturbing. The India interuption will have effects on US companies who outsource their work to India. Yesterday I tried getting through to my mortgage company over a missing tax form and got bounced around for 15 minutes. Is a Cyber war under way right now?

Not too many people seem concerned by this news. Super Tuesday, Brittney, and other trivia like forgetting Winston Churchhill are getting all the attention from the news media and bloggers. As interesting as some find rehashing why John McCain isn't good for the Republican party may sound, something much more dangerous to the well being of this republic could be under way at this moment. And no one seems to care. When US internet service is disrupted and our economy takes a major even catastrophic hit, people may wonder where were the warning signs. Right under their noses.


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Can't get through to lawhaw... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Can't get through to lawhawk's page, but I'm pretty sure the monster from Cloverfield is responsible.

Wouldn't be the first time ... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't be the first time the important was ignored for the trivial in the news. After all, ratings are MUCH more important.

Who cares about a busted cable infrastructure - unless... maybe we can say Brittany and Jamie Spears did it, while Paris Hilton watched?

I support the War on Terror... (Below threshold)

I support the War on Terror in general which includes but not limited to business/economic reasons.

But the cynic in my knows that many Republicans only weather the Political Correctness to support the WoT because it threatens Outsourcing and other aspects of Free Trade. McCain comes to mind.

So who is HELPED by this un... (Below threshold)

So who is HELPED by this unfortunate series of events?

I don't see this as a threa... (Below threshold)

I don't see this as a threat to the US internet Bill. The majority of "nodes" are here in the states, and massive amount of cables and routers and lines run inside the states anyway.

What this DOES prove, is how fragile internet service is OUTSIDE of the United States...

Might the internet "outage" be due to someone else tapping into the lines? Makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes that we don't know about...

Henry,There have b... (Below threshold)


There have been internet attacks before, one I blogged about too at Wizbang.

You're also forgetting about globalization. The US economy is interlocked with others around the world. Including India. As I pointed out, many US companies outsource to that country. With internet service cut there, it has to have some ripple effects here.

Four instnaces of internet cables cut in a short period of time in the same part of the world. That's a great deal of coincidence to swallow.

No one's blaming Iranian su... (Below threshold)

No one's blaming Iranian subs yet?

Maybe this is how the Shah ... (Below threshold)

Maybe this is how the Shah and the Mullahs are spinning the fact that they haven't paid their phone bill.

IDK, Achmydinnerjacket probably went crazy with his Sidekick again, texting his BFF Jill.

DDos? I must have missed th... (Below threshold)

DDos? I must have missed that?

Attacking a single website is far different from destroying hardware which disrupts internet for an ENTIRE COUNTRY.

What I meant was it would be hard to disrupt internet service for the entire US of A, as almost all the internet "nodes" are within this country.

Maybe the engineers who des... (Below threshold)
John S:

Maybe the engineers who designed and built the Internet are sick and tired of their jobs going to India and are finally doing something about it...

You mean AlGOre has gone Te... (Below threshold)

You mean AlGOre has gone Terrorist?

It's not THAT rare.<p... (Below threshold)

It's not THAT rare.

>Undersea cable damage is hardly rare-indeed, more than 50 repair operations were mounted in the Atlantic alone last year, according to marine cable repair company Global Marine Systems. But last week's breaks came at one of the world's bottlenecks, where Net traffic for whole regions is funneled along a single route.


And at least one of the breaks wasn't anywhere near the others. Sounds like how shark attacks were all the rage in the summer of 2001 (because nothing else was going on...)

Dude, what are internet "no... (Below threshold)

Dude, what are internet "nodes" and are they cancerous? Should I step away from the keyboard? And why are they only in America, like polyps in a colon?






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