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GOP Primary Results

Fox has called Connecticut, Illinois, and New Jersey for McCain. Romney won his state of Massachusetts by a lot. And Huckabee has won Alabama and West Virginia.

At this point, McCain is leading in Oklahoma and Tennessee with Huckabee in second in both states.

But get this: Jim Geraghty reports that, according to exit polls, Romney is tied with McCain in Arizona!!

Arizona: McCain 36 percent, Romney 36 percent, Huckabee 7 percent. I think there are a lot of tough-on-immigration folks and a lot of Mormons coming together tonight to oppose McCain in his home state. I wouldn't bet a great deal on it holding, but it's a pretty eye-opening result.


Huckabee has won Arkansas. Not a surprise. Add Alabama as well.

Update: McCain has won Delaware.

Update II: Isn't this interesting. Arizona's polls just closed, but it's too close to call right now. Heh.

Update III: Romney and Huckabee will be speaking soon. No idea as to time, just that it will be soon. McCain is expected to speak soon, too.

Update IV: Put Illinois on the McCain list. And New York.

Update V: Fox has called Oklahoma for McCain

Update VI: Mike Huckabee speaks: It is a two man race: McCain and him. Of course, Huckabee isn't going to win the nomination; instead, he's probably hoping to get the VP slot. The Romney camp can't be happy this evening. So far, Mitt's only won his home state of Massachusetts and Utah. Unless he wins a couple more states, it's over for him.

Now we wait to hear from Romney.

Update VII: Mitt Romney speaks: His campaign is going forward. He says they're going all the way to the convention and will win the White House. Watching his wife just over his right shoulder, she doesn't look as convinced as he does. Or maybe it's just fatigue.

Romney wins North Dakota.

Update VIII: Huckabee wins Missouri and Tennessee.

Here's where we stand:

McCain: CT, DE, IL, NJ, NY, OK, AZ, MO

Romney: MA, ND, UT, MT, MN, CO

Huckabee: AL, AR, GA, TN, GA

Update IX: Yikes. McCain may have won Arizona, but he's only at 49% 47% of the vote so far.

Update X: CNN calls Minnesota for Romney. And he's leading in Colorado with 12% of precincts reporting.

Update XI: A note on Huckabee's win in Arkansas. He won his home state more decisively than McCain or Romney won their home states.

Update XII: Add Colorado to Romney's list of wins.


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Comments (29)

The people of Arizona that ... (Below threshold)

The people of Arizona that know Him best should be a tip off to the rest of the people voting for McCain.

The same goes for Hillary. lets see how She does in Her forgotten home state.

What I hate most is that I ... (Below threshold)

What I hate most is that I heard all weekend about how McCain was campaigning in Mass and how Romney should be worried about [the repercussions of] losing in his home state, while not a peep about McCain's home state being in jeopardy.

FOX is a bit gutsy with tha... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

FOX is a bit gutsy with that Alabama call with no votes in... big trust in those exit polls, I guess.

McCain takes Illinois.... (Below threshold)
StrykerDad54 Author Profile Page:

McCain takes Illinois.

Man, looks like conservatives cannot win here. Liberalism has infected even the state's Republicans.

Alabama might go back in th... (Below threshold)

Alabama might go back in the McCain column 25% of the precincts are in and McCain is winning it by 5%.

That is a large margin in a three way race.

Looks like Huckabee will win Georgia and Missouri.

I don't know if it will pan... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I don't know if it will pan out that way, but FOX was reporting earlier that McCain is getting trounced by Romney in Arizona.

Those who know him best, love him least. Reminds me of Tennessee's rejection of Al Gore. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Great. Looking more and mor... (Below threshold)

Great. Looking more and more like McCain is going to be getting the nod. Crossing my fingers that Romney will pull through... but the "momentum" looks to be with McCain. Great.

McCains going to lose Mn..a... (Below threshold)

McCains going to lose Mn..a slap in the face of Rino Governor Tim Pawnplenty..

10:22 pm Haley Bar... (Below threshold)

10:22 pm

Haley Barbour saying if McCain wins CA it's time for Romney to think about coalescing around him, admitting that "he's not as conservative as I am, but I don't think any of hese guys are as conservative as I am."

Time to coalesc around a th... (Below threshold)

Time to coalesc around a third party candidate when push comes to shove.

My,,,my Romney is not doing... (Below threshold)

My,,,my Romney is not doing very well. Maybe he taking votes from Huckabee?

My,,,my Romney is not doing... (Below threshold)

My,,,my Romney is not doing very well. Maybe he is taking votes from Huckabee?

"Time to coalesc around a t... (Below threshold)

"Time to coalesc around a third party candidate when push comes to shove." Now there is a loser's attitude.

This line by Huckabee about... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

This line by Huckabee about Mitt definitely summed up tonight's results: "He was against whining yesterday before being for it today."

Boy that Arizona race sure ... (Below threshold)

Boy that Arizona race sure ended up being a shocker and a nailbiter, huh?

Talk radio is going to be i... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

Talk radio is going to be interesting tomorrow. Hannity was literally screaming that Huckabee cannot win a single race outside of Arkansas. If polls hold, Huckabee could conceivably take 6 states tonight. Wow.

Maybe all the rabid anti-Mc... (Below threshold)

Maybe all the rabid anti-McCain "conservatives" should have hooked with Huckabee...because their boy Romney certainly loses alot.

"Of course, Huckabee isn't ... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

"Of course, Huckabee isn't going to win the nomination; instead, he's probably hoping to get the VP slot.

You're just not getting it. Huckabee may become the conservative alternative to McCain and get enough delegates to force a brokered convention. We do not have nearly as many super delegates in the Republican Party, so it is possible for a minority to prevail in a brokered convention.

I was being sarcastic...gee... (Below threshold)

I was being sarcastic...geesh.

"Time to coalesc around a t... (Below threshold)
Brad Schwartze:

"Time to coalesc around a third party candidate when push comes to shove."

Okay, bigshooter, who you got in mind? And BTW, if there is a brokered convention (the first since '52 for either party), they'll likely settle on McCain. Those things tend to play it safe, and reward those who toil in the trenches. Something neither Romney nor Huckabee are known for doing.

shh michael, don't destroy ... (Below threshold)

shh michael, don't destroy the last of the Romney karma!

A little too soon to tell now, but AZ (25%) is reporting about the same % for their homeboy as MA (76%) is here.

And that Sean Hannity -- what a hack. At least Laura Ingraham can keep a game face while spouting the Romney line. Hannity looks like he's about to puke.

they just took Huckabee off... (Below threshold)

they just took Huckabee off the winner list for Missouri!

Exit polls suck.

We need real reporting.

Yes, losing Missouri would ... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

Yes, losing Missouri would definitely take the shine off Huckabee's apple.

Apparently Mitt Romney is l... (Below threshold)

Apparently Mitt Romney is leading in Colorado 67% to 35% for McCain, with the rest going to Huckabee or undecided. I wouldn't count Romney out just yet. If McCain loses Arizona, that should tell a LOT of folks that he's not presidential timber.

MCCain is not going to lose... (Below threshold)

MCCain is not going to lose AZ....you Romnies are starting to embarrass yourselves.

A crucial battle in Missour... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

A crucial battle in Missouri. Apparently the St. Louis suburbs are still out, so that bodes well for McCain. A Huckabee win in Missouri would be stunning.

Early CA returns (12%) have... (Below threshold)

Early CA returns (12%) have Mac kicking ass 44-25-12. Love to know from where.

FOX has called CA for McCai... (Below threshold)

FOX has called CA for McCain.

Now I can go to bed.

CNN is showing McCain winni... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

CNN is showing McCain winning EVERY district in CA. In a proportional state that's huge. If that holds it's game, set, match McCain.






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