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Huckabee Wins West Virginia

Mitt Romney won the first round but he hadn't gotten 50% of the vote so another round of voting took place. According to Martha McCallum at Fox, McCain voters then switched to Huckabee, putting him over the top with 52%. Here's the story from Fox News:

Mike Huckabee won the first of 21 GOP contests on Super Tuesday, pulling out a victory in the West Virginia Republican convention even though Mitt Romney won the first round.

The former Arkansas governor pulled ahead after John McCain's delegates apparently defected to his side. In round two, Huckabee took 51.5 percent to Romney's 47.4 percent.

The convention had to go into a second round of voting Tuesday after no candidate took a clear majority the first time. Texas Rep. Ron Paul was knocked out, but Huckabee, Romney and John McCain moved forward.

Paul finished fourth with 10 percent among the 1,133 participating delegates in the first round, while Mitt Romney took 41 percent and Mike Huckabee took 33 percent. McCain, who started the day in New York City before heading to California, reached the second round with 15 percent.

But before Huckabee's surprising turnaround at the convention, McCain delegates told FOX News they had been instructed by the campaign to throw their support to Huckabee.

This definitely supports the argument that Huckabee is still in the race to hurt Romney and help McCain.

The Romney camp has responded:

"Unfortunately, this is what Senator McCain's inside Washington ways look like: he cut a backroom deal with the tax-and-spend candidate he thought could best stop Governor Romney's campaign of conservative change," Beth Myers, Romney's campaign manager, said in a statement.


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Comments (30)

I can see myself voting for... (Below threshold)

I can see myself voting for a third party candidate this go-round. Pat Paulsen, your time has finally come and you are not here to see it.

Screw it, I'm not even voti... (Below threshold)

Screw it, I'm not even voting in the election. I'd die before I voted for Hillary, and there's no way I'll ever vote for McCain now.

Here are the FACTS why peop... (Below threshold)

1. 1033 pardons, including 12 Murderers. Fact that shows he doesn't care about the VICTIMS. Dumond is the worst case. And he lied and said he wasn't involved.
2. There were several ETHIC probes while he was in office.
3. He encouraged illegal immigration by setting up a Mexican Consulate.
4. He sponsored scholarships for Illegals.
5. He raised taxes by 500 million. Not a conservative.
6. He claimed he was the "Christian" candidate. Give me a break.
7. Huckleberry is just a spoiler for McCain. Between McCain and Huckleberry they are moving the Republicans to the LEFT. No thank you.

Woohoo!! Yes!!! that ought ... (Below threshold)

Woohoo!! Yes!!! that ought to shut up the establishment conservative talk show host and liberal media who have tried to shut Governor Huckabee out of the process...He beat the Romney money machine!!! & 18 delegates!!!The media does NOT make the decision--THE PEOPLE DO!!!

10 + years as Governor-& RE-elected 3 times vs Romney's one term...HMMM...Huckabee has spent 7 million to Romney's 87 MILLION ...HMMM...OF COURSE Romney wants him out of the race DUH because like it or not Governor Huckabee is an experienced giant killer! He is about to take Romney down! In Governor Huckabee we FINALLY have a candidate,- who after all of the verbal stumbles of the Bush presidency can ARTICULATE Republican principles with warmth, wit, & wisdom. Remember the giant killer only picked up 5 smooth stones...can those be called geogia, alabama, tennesee, AR, Missouri? We will see---I sure hope so for our countries sake! If the republicans are smart and not stuck in their ways Huckabee SHOULD BE on the ticket in 08- but go aheaed and run someone without any charisma and see how bad you establichment know it all types get SMOKED by the demoncrats!!!

I think this is it, we have... (Below threshold)
stands with a fist:

I think this is it, we have to vote against McCain now! People please fight this man today when you vote. He has never been a true conservative!

West Virgina, big deal. It... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

West Virgina, big deal. It's like kissing your sister.

Give me a break! You know f... (Below threshold)
MK in Arizona:

Give me a break! You know full well that Romney won the first round and only by combining Huckabee and Mccains votes was Huckabee able to pull it off. Romney has had to, in a sense, run a campaign of one against two. Huckabee and Mccain are like two bullies on a playground that know they can't win on their own so they play dirty tricks together to try and take the stronger candidate, Mitt Romney, down. The people of this country are taking notice and will not stand for these kind of low brow tactics and it will be the undoing of both McCain and Huckabee in the end.
Vote for Mitt Romney so that we can have a man of class and integrity running the White House!

Is it violate election rule... (Below threshold)

Is it violate election rule that McCain delegates were instructed to throw their support to Huckabee?

It is the way the system wo... (Below threshold)

It is the way the system works...so what if Romney won trhe first round...
in the end he lost because of the way the system is set up and it has been that way for decades.

Huckabee is slimey. When c... (Below threshold)

Huckabee is slimey. When confronted in the debates he couldn't man up to things he'd done- he simply could not admit, and so he slithered and squirmed and it totally made me realize that he just isn't a good choice. Mitt ROmney is by far the best man for the job. What McCain and his supporters did today in W. VA was something Hillary would do. He's totally lost my vote.

MCCain lost your vote becau... (Below threshold)

MCCain lost your vote because he is trying to win? That is silly. If Romney had done this...it would of been fine with you... hypocrite.

"This definitely supports t... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

"This definitely supports the argument that Huckabee is still in the race to hurt Romney and help McCain.

Then what about the argument that Romney is still in the race to hurt Huckabee and help McCain?

Good grief, all this nonsense about Huckabee only staying in to "ruin" Romney is getting old. He's staying in because he still has a sliver of hope. Huckabee obviously needs to somehow get by Romney to become the sole conservative alternative to McCain. That is why he's focused his efforts on that less surmountable task. McCain sees Romney and his money as a much more serious threat to his front-runner status, so of course he will focus his efforts against him. It's not some conspiracy... it's politics. I didn't hear boo from you when Fred focused all his attacks on Huckabee. He recognized Huckabee was the leader of the conservative right in South Carolina and went after him. Again, it's just politics.

All right Linda, let's stra... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

All right Linda, let's straighten you out:

1. The vast majority of the Huckabee pardons were for people who had already completed their sentences. The only ones who were still incarcerated when released were either infirmed or extremely aged. Tucker commuted Dumond's sentence, not Huckabee.

2. Probes are not convictions. They've probed the heck out of Bush too, but we've never seen any convictions of any wrongdoing. Citing probes is really weak.

3. The Mexican consulate works toward LEGAL immigration. You've got that one backward.

4. He supported scholarships for some CHILDREN of illegals, the majority of whom were actually LEGAL. It was certainly not the politically astute thing to do... I'll give you that part.

5. You do understand that this $500M figure was over 10 years, right? This was actual tax revenue, not the tax RATE, which actually decreased during his tenure. Are you aware that Romney's tax hikes in Massachusetts were larger than those in Arkansas? No, Huckabee is not a slash-and-burn fiscal conservative, but the whole nanny-state nonsense is an exaggeration.

6. Uh, he was a pastor. Pretty solid credentials on the Christian thing.

7. Huckabee is far right of John McCain. They have benefitted from each others' existence in the race out of political convenience. Should the unlikely scenario transpire that Huckabee and McCain are the only two left standing, you will see the huge differences in their platforms. Right now Huckabee's only glimmer of hope rests on his ability to somehow defeat Romney and get McCain one-on-one. I can't imagine that happening, but this has been one strange race.

"If Romney had done this... (Below threshold)

"If Romney had done this...it would have been fine with You.."

But Romney would not do this because He has ethics and class unlike scumbag Hucksterbee and McShame.

Im voting against these creeps in 3 hours.

Michael, you do not know me... (Below threshold)

Michael, you do not know me, so let me straighten you out on something. I would be JUST as disgusted had Romney pulled what McCain did. I want someone with integrity in the White House, plain and simple. Quit your name-calling and maybe try THINKING before you say something, okay?

If McCain and Huckabee are ... (Below threshold)

If McCain and Huckabee are coordinating, it should be unlawful. Since the election is not supposed to be two candidates coordinating against one candidate.

After Huckabee's Iowa win, Huckabee told McCain, "Now it's your turn to kick Romney's ass"

Before Huckabee's surprising turnaround at the convention, McCain delegates told FOX News they had been instructed by the campaign to throw their support to Huckabee.

This was posted on Dailykos... (Below threshold)
stands with a fist:

This was posted on Dailykos mocking what Dobson has said; but I am inclined to agree with him.

Dobson: "I am deeply disappointed the Republican Party seems poised to select a nominee who did not support a Constitutional amendment to protect the institution of marriage, voted for embryonic stem-cell research to kill nascent human beings, opposed tax cuts that ended the marriage penalty, has little regard for freedom of speech, organized the Gang of 14 to preserve filibusters in judicial hearings, and has a legendary temper and often uses foul and obscene language.

"I am convinced Sen. McCain is not a conservative, and in fact, has gone out of his way to stick his thumb in the eyes of those who are. He has sounded at times more like a member of the other party. McCain actually considered leaving the GOP caucus in 2001, and approached John Kerry about being Kerry's running mate in 2004. McCain also said publicly that Hillary Clinton would make a good president. Given these and many other concerns, a spoonful of sugar does NOT make the medicine go down. I cannot, and will not, vote for Sen. John McCain, as a matter of conscience."

-- Hickabee's most loony no... (Below threshold)

-- Hickabee's most loony notion is to scrap income taxes and replace them with sales taxes at roughly 30% on everything. By ending graduated taxation, Wall Street zillionaires and heiresses would pay no income taxes while single parent moms or working poor would fork out 30% on everything they spend which usually represents everything they make. It's not tax reform. It's a 30% tax on poverty, bad economics and the opposite of real Judeo-Christian values.

Do you care? If so, you have until Tuesday evening to make your principled and patriotic voice heard. For after Tuesday, if Mike Huckabee succeeds in his self-serving quest to deny Mitt Romney the nomination, then it will be conservatives who will be placed at the back of the line...for years to come.

Poor Huckabee. In his rush to compromise himself, he has not stopped to do some basic math. Basic math that dictates that as soon as he is no longer useful to the McCain campaign, he will be cast off the "Straight Talk" express at the nearest ditch. Blinded by his desire for power, Huckabee has not realized that there is no rational, logical, or political reason, for McCain to pick him as his running mate. Once the nomination is secure, Huckabee will revert back to the kind of evangelical McCain denounced so loudly back in 2000.

Huckabee's suicide pact can only succeed if conservatives hold his hand as he leaps off the cliff. For the next two days, all the power still rests with the conservative movement. Not with Mike Huckabee. Not with John McCain. Not with the New York Times. For the next thirty-six hours or so, you, the conservative voter, control your destiny.

How much do you really care about border security? How much do you really care about stopping the illegal invasion of our nation? How much do you really care about not letting the United States morph into the North American Union? How much do you really care about true conservatives being appointed to the Supreme Court? How much do you really care about permanent tax cuts?

The betting in the McCain-Huckabee-New York Times camp is that your conservative opinion has become irrelevant. That your opinion and your vote has been displaced by a coalition of liberal, Democrat, independent, and Hispanic votes that have been directed to the "Straight Talk" express by the far-left media.

Bill Clinton has recently talked about fairy tales. A popular fairy tale being floated by the mainstream media is that John McCain would be the toughest Republican for the Democrat nominee to defeat in November. While entertaining in some quarters, it is not true. When asked, every single Democrat powerbroker I have spoken with in Washington, has told me that they fear Romney in a general election. They feel his "reasoned" conservatism would strike a chord with a majority of voters concerned with economic and national security, as well as illegal immigration.

That said, with no hope for the nomination, and no hope to be picked as a running mate, Mike Huckabee continues his Machiavellian campaign to derail Romney. Why?

In concert with that campaign, pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, pro-tax hike, "Republicans" and editorial pages, rush to endorse John McCain. Why?

Simple. They believe that the conservative movement is fractured and that its voice is muted. They believe you no longer count.

You have until Tuesday evening to prove them wrong. If not, we will all pay a very steep price.

Why couldn't this have happ... (Below threshold)

Why couldn't this have happened last week? Now its too late for this to get to the majority of voters before they cast their primary vote.

Jane,Since you bro... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:


Since you brought up some "basic math", I'll share some with you:

The abolition of corporate tax would result in lower prices for the consumer because the manufacturers and retailers are not being hit at the point of profit.

The FairTax is NOT regressive because the poor receive prebates which pays their sales tax for them.

You are obviously woefully underprepared to wage an argument against the FairTax. The rich buy tons more stuff than the poor, so the tax is amply progressive for you liberals. I strongly suggest you get hold of Neal Boortz's book as soon as possible!

Mitt Romney's successful bu... (Below threshold)

Mitt Romney's successful business experience, successful Olympic experience, and successful state governing success set him above all other candidates. His vision of using economic strength to combat terrorist and his Apollo plan for energy independence are also set him above all other candidates. He is a real leader who can lead American to build a strong economic and therefore a strong nation! Hope American people will elect Mitt Romney, the only competent candidate, to be our president.

How could any moderates and liberals backs war monger McCain. McCain wants to bomb Iran and stay in Iraq for 100 years and promised for more wars. McCain says he wants interest rates to be ZERO out of complete ignorance for how interest rates affect the economy. I'd like to see him say that to retirees on a fixed income. McCain want 20 million illegal immigrants to stay permanently and legal immigrants who can vote do not support it. How could this country be secure if he is in power??? If McCain is nominee, as a republican I would rather vote Clinton than McCain. As least we know Clinton has some intelligence and lead the booming economic. McCain will lead this country to a total ruin with his lack of intelligence and no executive experience. Mitt Romney is an expert in economics and finance and is the man we need as president.

If anyone can rescue the economy at this point, it would have to be Mitt. The US is $53 trillion in debt, that is $400K per household. The dollar is becoming useless and the Euro is now becoming the credible currency. Along with the national debt, most citizens are also deeply in debt. Tommorow the market is likely going to take a dump. If we don't have a good economy you can forget foreign policy, fighting wars, or healthcare, funding for top education. The economy needs to be front and center, not religion, steriotypes and other trivial things.

It's time to remind the public about the Keating 5. Here the banks are falling appart and the economy is going into recession and we want to reward a slime ball like McCain who was wrapped up with Charles Keating, the guy who tanked Lincoln Savings & Loan, driving a previous recession? Go figure. Given what this did to the economy in the early 90's, McCain should have just taken a baseball bat to the knee caps of the American people. Mitt is too kind to this power hungry geriatric sellout!
John McCain has allowed countless billions of American dollars to be siphoned out of this country into Mexico alongside the countless billions of taxpayer dollars spent on health care, education, welfare, crime and mortgage bailouts for illegal aliens. John McCain, in his support for illegal immigration, has allowed Al Qaeda terrorist to use Mexican drug smuggling tunnels to enter the United States and plot to attack Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona. This litany of positions contrary to conservatism and American interests could go on and on.

A vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain.

Jane is just repeating the ... (Below threshold)

Jane is just repeating the old, worn-out (and disproved) line about the Fairtax being regressive. Jane, read the book. Your uninformed argument is tiresome.

Speaking ashamedly as a for... (Below threshold)
Banjo Pete:

Speaking ashamedly as a former resident of the great state of west Virginia it's simple why huckabee won, simply because "he are a man of god pa", this is the same state that was fear mongered to vote bush a 2nd term, these folks are backward, it's easier to label someone a Quwar if they're different than it is to look at the situation with an open eye. One thing will always ring true, this state is backward, always has been always will be. Why are there so many dumb people in WV ? the smart ones leave. I can say this because I have walked among them, until i could afford running shoes to get the hell out of there. I could run my dog as a minister and win this state, they're not famous for their thinking, right sis ?

"Not fair not fair!!!!" </p... (Below threshold)

"Not fair not fair!!!!"

Wait'll you see what goes on during the brokered convention.

Oh wait, we won't "see" that because it'll take place behind closed doors. But if Mitt comes out on the top of that process, I'm sure all the Mittsters here will be fine with it -- and as a McCain supporter, so will I.

I'd love to be assured of reciprocation, but I am not that gullible.

So in the midst of all the ... (Below threshold)

So in the midst of all the furor, might I remind those who refuse to vote that there are many seats up for grabs here, and by not voting you may well cede total majority to the Dems? In the event of a hillary or Barry win, that would be an even worse scenario.

McCain is slime.Ro... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

McCain is slime.

Romney isn't a big conservative, but he's the best shot we have at keeping populist idiots out of the white house. McCain or Huckabee nominated for GOP? Alot of voters stay home. Plain and simple. I won't stay home, i still plan on voting for house and senate seats, but i more than likely will not vote for the presidential ticket, or might vote 3rd party if McCain or Huckabee win. A vote for either of them is a vote against my principles. Those two stand for everything i am not. I'd LOVE to see Thompson jump in 3rd candidate, but i know he'd never bail on the party like that...

"I want someone with integr... (Below threshold)

"I want someone with integrity in the White House, plain and simple."
Under what President did this actually exist? Kind of pie in sky.

"Mitt Romney's successful b... (Below threshold)

"Mitt Romney's successful business experience, successful Olympic experience, and successful state governing success set him above all other candidates. His vision of using economic strength to combat terrorist and his Apollo plan for energy independence are also set him above all other candidates. He is a real leader who can lead American to build a strong economic and therefore a strong nation! Hope American people will elect Mitt Romney, the only competent candidate, to be our president.....blah...blah...blah....blah...."

This is Romney worship is getting tedious.

Yes by all means, to HELL w... (Below threshold)

Yes by all means, to HELL with those populist idiots!!

This is the normal hardball... (Below threshold)
Love America, Immigrant:

This is the normal hardball politics. Nothing to complain about here. Still this doesn't answer my questions about McCain. He is quite willing to play hardball politics against Romney even with nasty spins. However, I am still waiting for him to play hardball politics with the dems. Heard that his campaign is reluctant to run ads attacking Obama. Hope it is not true. But given his history of reaching out across the aisle to do what the dems want instead of advancing conservative agenda, this doesn't give me much comfort.

We know that Bob Dole is a moderate Republican, but we know that he is a loyal Republican. That cannot be said of McCain. That 's a fact.






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