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Obama Wins Georgia

Fox News just called it. Georgia's polls just closed at 7:00pm so he had to have won by a huge margin. Expect Bill Clinton to dismiss Obama's win here just as he did South Carolina.


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One of the guys I worked wi... (Below threshold)

One of the guys I worked with will be very disappointed - he spent the better part of a half hour trying to persuade me to vote for Hillary. Kept asking me if I wanted 'change' - and I kept telling him I'd rather keep the whole dollar, which Hillary would NOT do.

Poor sap. He really believes she CARES. (About something other than her last chance at royalty, that is...)

Looks like a good night for... (Below threshold)

Looks like a good night for Obama.

Ha ha..Hillarys crocodile t... (Below threshold)

Ha ha..Hillarys crocodile tears have failed. watch out for snipers Obama.

Hillary picked up Tennessee... (Below threshold)

Hillary picked up Tennessee though. I expected Obama to do better there. The Obama wave might be petering out.

Obama took Delaware so that... (Below threshold)

Obama took Delaware so that might be a good indicator for his prospects in Massachusetts and Connecticut.






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