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The Political Ironies of the Day

1. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry endorsed Obama. Clinton won Massachusetts by a landslide.

2. Bill Clinton and his supporters never were shy about telling us he was the "first black president." Obama mopped the floor with Hillary in Georgia and in Alabama.

3. Notwithstanding an alleged exit poll showing a very close race, McCain won Arizona by a landslide -- a larger percentage margin, in fact, than Romney won Massachusetts. Hmm.

4. Mike Huckabee came in 2nd; not Romney.


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Good catch on that "exit po... (Below threshold)

Good catch on that "exit poll." Just shows you can't trust Drudge and Hugh.

Goes to show you can't trus... (Below threshold)

Goes to show you can't trust exit polls. If someone had asked me who I voted for, I'd tell 'em Ron Paul... just to skew the numbers. I'm under no obligation to tell anyone how I voted - and have no ethical qualms about lying to a pollster.

Those "exit polls" that sho... (Below threshold)

Those "exit polls" that showed Romney winning Delaware-

Forget exit polls, look at ... (Below threshold)

Forget exit polls, look at Reuters/Zogby tracking "polls" from this morning. Obama by 13, Mitt by 7. What a joke! Is Romney surging now?

How about the one that show... (Below threshold)

How about the one that showed Obama winning Jersey?

Zogby-Conservatives quoting Zogby is like quoting Tokyo Rose.

Oh ya-by the way these are the very same polls and pollsters that tell you that the war is a LOSER.

Even though Lieberman won re-election by 50% in a three way race in that Liberal bastion Connecticut.

Lieberman who ran on an una... (Below threshold)

Lieberman who ran on an unabashedly pro-war platform.

I know the numbers, the par... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

I know the numbers, the partials, the so fars, the total needed etc., but I don't know just how much McCain's lead means at this point in Republican politics. Is he all but locked in assuming no dead girls or live boys in his bed?

How can McCain even be cons... (Below threshold)

How can McCain even be considered eligible for the post, for goodness' sake! He's a security risk with his background, having allegedly been tortured by the Chinese-backed Communists in Vietnam. If China threatens the US, I wouldn't want him with his finger on the button, whether he was tortured or turncoat.

Is that enough irony for yo... (Below threshold)

Is that enough irony for you, jp2? Inquiring minds want to know.

Not sure where you saw Huck... (Below threshold)
Richie Rich:

Not sure where you saw Huckabee's delegate count higher than Romney's but I saw something totally different, with Romney winning more. And that excludes CA, where Romney will surely pick up more than Huck.

Just found a link with gove... (Below threshold)

Just found a link with government documents on McCain Vietnam turncoat activites: Here.







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