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With friends like this

The Sun-Sentinel reports Black politicians back Clinton as constituents go for Obama.

With Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the tightest imaginable contest going into today's Super Tuesday voting, South Florida's two most prominent black elected officials are strongly supporting Clinton.

Their constituents are not.

U.S. Reps. Alcee Hastings and Kendrick Meek are campaigning hard for Clinton. Hastings spent much of Sunday and Monday pitching Clinton in radio interviews on stations in Super Tuesday states.


A national co-chairman of the presidential campaign, Hastings was at Clinton's side a week ago at a primary night rally in Davie as the Florida results came in.

Anyone else find odd the way Congressman Hastings is holding the Hillary sign? An upside down flag means distress. Then what is the significance of an upside down campaign sign from one of your supporters?

Of course this photo was featured on the front of page of the Sun-Sentinel's website. A newspaper that often gets things upside down. Like when the Sun-Sentinel declared the Miami Dolphins 12-0 at one point during the last NFL season.

With friends, congressmen, or newspapers like this........


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Comments (5)

Flying the US flag upside d... (Below threshold)

Flying the US flag upside down is a signal of distress. You don't suppose...............

Crap, shoulda finished read... (Below threshold)

Crap, shoulda finished reading before I posted. Sorry.

Anyone else find odd the... (Below threshold)

Anyone else find odd the way Congressman Hastings is holding the Hillary sign?

Sure. It's the way Hastings views the law in general.

He just wants to be right. ... (Below threshold)

He just wants to be right. (Which he is.)

If this had been a weekend ... (Below threshold)

If this had been a weekend caption the photo contest Dr. John would have won going away.






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