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McCain and the Conservative Right

It's looking more and more like John McCain will claim the GOP nomination. He has, however, alienated a lot of Conservatives and burned a lot of bridges along the way. McCain will need those votes to have any chance of winning in November, but it begs the question:

Can John McCain reach out to Conservative Republicans, without throwing a punch?


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I am not ready yet to label... (Below threshold)

I am not ready yet to label myself, and I am sure not ready to support any of the folks who battled for the Republican nomination. However, McCain has to stay healthy until the convention. At his age, that's not guaranteed. Imagine if he has a small stroke, an MI or a new diagnosis of the BIG C between now and then. It could happen.

He needs Huckabee more than... (Below threshold)

He needs Huckabee more than ever now.

He needs the 4 H's:

Health, Huckabee, Haldol (to keep from acting up) and Hillary to screw up.

How could that be DJ? You ... (Below threshold)

How could that be DJ? You said all the polls were wrong. Run by incompetent firms that only surveyed blacks and liberals? Romney should have cleaned clocked instead of breaking even with Huckabee despite dropping serious coin and the backing of the left-wing media?

McCain has dissed conservat... (Below threshold)

McCain has dissed conservatives for years, what makes anyone think he now believes he needs them? He actually thinks that all those 'moderates' and 'independents' will actually stick around to vote for him in November.

I do not suffer from mccain... (Below threshold)

I do not suffer from mccain derangement syndrom....I just do not see any difference between clinton,obama,mccain. As my WWII father used to say (and he was crippled, left behind and captured for a few days by the Germans)a pow is just someone who was caught...no special thing. mccain's contempt for republicans' and his conciliatory manner towards the dems is a small example of what we could expect when confronted by the enemies outside this country....all three, clinton, obama and mccain....will reach some "accomodation" with our enemies, which will not bode well for the USA.

The answer to your question... (Below threshold)
Diane C. Russell:

The answer to your question is No.

Once he clinches the nomination, he'll resume showing his true colors AND the MSM will turn on him, having accomplished their goal of causing Republican self-destruction.

DJ, I see where you are goi... (Below threshold)

DJ, I see where you are going with this. I am a conservative and not a big fan of McCain, but if he is the nominee, I will support him. Any alternative action such as not voting or writing in someone would be a waste. I did that with Perot and I will never make that mistake again. I think what the conservatives should do is suck it up and know a moderate is better for the country then a liberal. The MSM is propagating this rift between the conservatives and McCain. ww

I'll write in Fred Thompson... (Below threshold)

I'll write in Fred Thompson before I'll vote for John McCain. Third party, anyone?

The left-wing strategy fail... (Below threshold)

The left-wing strategy failed because Rush et al. incorrectly read the theme of this election cycle. The majority of the voting public, on both sides, are sick of partisan do nothing governments and wants to return to a government that will work together to solve our many problems even if it means compromise.

It was you a-holes that branded McCain with the liberal/compromise/work with the democrats label.

What is ironic is that Romney's whole term as governor of MA was filled with compromise and working with a democrat controlled state government. Based on his past words, policies and actions it is most certain that Romney would work with and compromise with the democrat controlled US house and senate.

The last line of the origin... (Below threshold)

The last line of the original article should read:

Can John McCain reach out to Conservative Republicans without throwing a punch, while withstanding a vicious assault from the right?

The answer is no, and he should not. Once again, the far-right is overestimating their importance. Half-a-year ago, they were so arrogant that they thought that no one, certainly not McCain, could possibly win without their support. Two weeks ago, they thought Giuliani or Thompson still had a chance. Before Super-Tuesday, they thought that Romney could still save them, and it was time for one last denunciation of McCain. Having been totally wrong and having been severely beaten by McCain all those times, they now think that McCain should rebuild the bridges that they burned? Sorry, boys. McCain won without your support of him in the Republican primary. He needs fewer ties to the hard right in the general election, not more.

It makes no sense to reach out to far-right Conservatives now. He should just pray for Hillary as his opponent and his hard right support will be there for him, in spades. In fact, he might even consider using Coulter or Limbaugh for a Sister Souljah moment, denouncing them as extremists, part of the problem, etc.

P.S. Congrats on winning the "wishful thinking trifecta", D.J. You deserve it.

LOL, does a bear wipe after... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

LOL, does a bear wipe after taking a crap in the woods?


He could barely control himself in his speech last night when talking about Romney. 70 years of anger just don't go away, his communication filters can only hold it back so long until it periodically erupts to release the internal pressure.

He will be labeled by the MSM as McCranky by November, and contrasted against a sensitive mother figure or a daring young hero. McCranky will then become McToasted.

FYI, you McLovers out there... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

FYI, you McLovers out there, McCain won with a lot fewer votes than prior nominees. He has the lowest support of a nominee in many years. Clinton and Obama are each getting more votes than McCain, and dems are out voting reps almost 2 to 1 in some states.

Where is McCain going to get his votes? Where did Bush get his votes in 2004? He turned out the conservative base like never before and barely won reelection. You think McCain can do that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...... stop, you're killing me....

OK, our choices really suck... (Below threshold)

OK, our choices really suck. So, let's put all our energies into getting every Congressional seat we can. If we can maintain or even increase and take control of at least one side then we can keep a hold on whichever Bozo sits in the whitehouse.
I also think that a Dem win this year is what we can expect. So we have to do what we can.

"Clinton and Obama... (Below threshold)
"Clinton and Obama are each getting more votes than McCain, and dems are out voting reps almost 2 to 1 in some states."

For the preservation of the party's primary goal (DEFEATING THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE) this has to change in the general election CD.

Ed Morrissey (at CQ) said this in his morning post:

"Romney will probably stay in the race, as will Huckabee, for the next couple of weeks to see how the race progresses and to see whether he can consolidate his extraordinary support from conservative talk radio into any momentum."

This was my response:

The "extraordinary support " Romney has recieved can be better described as a class-one hatchet job on McCain by conservative talk radio, (including our resident right-wing mouth--Ann Coulter---who claims she will actively campaign for Hillary Clinton). At least Laura Ingrahm confessed she would vote for the eventual nominee, which shows "some" party sanity.

In the best interest of the Republican Party and its primary goal, (which is to defeat the Democratic nominee), this "extraordinary support " should at this point be thinking about uniting the party instead of furthering their disdain for the front-runner, which can only do more damage than good. At what point do we face this reality head on. Or is self-destruction on the agenda?

Joe Yangtree,Conse... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Joe Yangtree,

Conservatives were defeated. That is not the same as being "wrong."

You are right about McCain and conservatives. He thinks he can get along fine without us. I say, let him try.

Funny how McCain can't stop picturing himself with Reagan, channeling Reagan, claiming to be the second coming of Reagan. The man is an abject liar.

It's possible that you're r... (Below threshold)

It's possible that you're right civildisobedience, and that McCain has no chance of winning the general election. The current environment is going to make it tough for the Republican nominee (contrary to other's previous predictions).

A little over 6 months ago, people believed that McCain had absolutely no chance

But I will say plainly, that because they have chosen to personally savage the President, to abandon the GOP when their support would have made a difference, and to put their egos and image ahead of the nation's welfare, such candidates as John McCain, Tom Tancredo, and Sam Brownback will never gain the GOP nomination, and thank God for that. Those candidates who wish to claim the GOP nod, must understand that the base of the party will never be defined by extremists, by those uncivil boors who misrepresent honest efforts to resolve issues and find solutions, or who think that angry demands and screaming rhetoric can effectively replace leadership and comprehension of the key issues.

McCain's already killed the conventional wisdom once, and could do it again.

Well, I've already said I'd... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Well, I've already said I'd hold my nose and vote for McCain but my wife, who had been sounding very much like Ann Coulter these past couple of weeks, this morning admitted that when all is said and done she too will hold her nose and vote for him.

I think a lot of the people who are so upset about McCain right now will do that too. After all, you have to realize that as bad as McCain may be, he will be orders of magnitude better than the pure communism you'd get from Bill's wife or the half black guy. Also both Bill's wife and the half black guy have pledged to lead Al Qaeda to victory in Iraq and McCain would never allow that.

Still, just once, one of these years, I'd really like to vote FOR someone.

Conservatives were... (Below threshold)
Conservatives were defeated. That is not the same as being "wrong."

My apologies. You are correct. The first article that I cited in my first response was "wrong". Just plain "wrong" (bad thought processes, arrogant dismissals of opposition, jumping to ill-founded conclusions, etc.), and hilariously so, given the current circumstances. However, I did not intend to imply that the values that conservatives hold are incorrect.

Talk about delusional, here... (Below threshold)

Talk about delusional, here is Redstate's Adam C. recap of super Tuesday "Romney slightly underperformed."

That's an instant classic.

With liberals like Barney v... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

With liberals like Barney voting for the liberal extremist Obama (killing surviving aborted babies, possible 2nd holocaust, and another Iraqui genocide if he follows through with his promise), I am with Bunyan. McCain is still better than the racism, class warfare, anti-semitism, and age-discrimination of the liberal left.

"It's possible tha... (Below threshold)
"It's possible that you're right civildisobedience, and that McCain has no chance of winning the general election. The current environment is going to make it tough for the Republican nominee...."

Joe, according to RCP numbers before Supr Tues., McCain leads in the general ahead of Clinton. (exception: CNN and LA Times/Bloomburg)

Is it possible that your assumption does not hold much water given the results of yesterday?

McCain could win if he come... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

McCain could win if he comes out and apologies to conservatives, promises that he will now enforce immigration laws and delay any talk of "legalization" for four years, and he will no longer strike compromises with liberals that go against core tenets of the party. Oh, and publicly fires his hispanic outreach director who is a Mexican citizen and runs the Mexican Government agency attempting to undermine the southwest USA by helping them illegally cross into the USA, get fake paperwork, apply for American aid, and then send the money back to Mexico.

If he does that then I would not only vote for him, I would send him money and march for him. But I seriously doubt he has it in him to reach out to conservatives and promise to protect us.

I have been waiting for him to reach out and make promises for three months, but it has been only insults. He will not only have nowhere near the turnout Bush had in 2004, he will have suicide voters attacking him.

Watch as the S.S. McCain slowly sinks below the tide of opposition and resentment while its captain yells insults at the crew standing ashore.

Barney, you're the a-hole s... (Below threshold)

Barney, you're the a-hole straight up. If you had a clue about McCain and his policies you'd see it's his own actions that labelled him as kowtowing to liberal agenda... it was his own actions that make conservatives want to vomit. You're right on one thing, Romney was able to work with a liberal government. Compromising is one thing (and a GOOD thing.) McCain isn't compromising any beliefs- he just has a liberal agenda.

Good lord, have you learned... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

Good lord, have you learned nothing about generic polls? They can't even get it right just before an election. Where was the Obama and Romney surges in CA yesterday?

A poll of November is meaningless mental masturbation. You have to go state by state and look at prior results, demographic trends, recent election turn outs, etc... What states will McCain take? It ain't gonna be NY or CA come November.

the MSM will turn on him... (Below threshold)

the MSM will turn on him, having accomplished their goal of causing Republican self-destruction.

The MSM is propagating this rift between the conservatives and McCain.

I see a meme forming. What happened to the Republican Party? They media did it!

You guys just keep getting funnier.

Hopefully Romney keeps the ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Hopefully Romney keeps the pressure on McCain all the way to the convention. At 72, there's a significant chance McCain won't be viable by November. At least with Romney we would have a candidate who understands the economic and global warming issues. McCain's singular message that "I'm the oldest fart in the race" guarantees a win by the Democrat.

Again, as a conservative I ... (Below threshold)

Again, as a conservative I will vote for McCain because a compromising Moderate is better for the country then an intolerant liberal. Always has been always will be. GWHB was a moderate in Reagans administration. It does work. I did not want McCain to get the nomination, but, he probably will and I will support him. I lost, but I am not a sore loser. ww

Im writing in Ralph Kramden... (Below threshold)

Im writing in Ralph Kramden in November.

JD, Romey has supported/pas... (Below threshold)

JD, Romey has supported/passed:
-Abortion rights
-Gay rights
-The Brady Bill
-The assault gun ban
-Raised fees (taxes)
-Passed a massive government mandated healthcare program that forces employees to pay for employees health insurance.

And Romney is the "true" conservative? Give me a F'in' break.

Mac Lorry - "McCain's si... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Mac Lorry - "McCain's singular message that "I'm the oldest fart in the race" guarantees a win by the Democrat."

What do you know, Mac and I agree on something!

Barney, Those are t... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Those are the reasons that the conservative base has been slow to embrace Romney. No question about that. However, Romney is the most conservative among the three candidates left on the Republican side.
I agree with you that you can be excited about the prospect of the liberal extremism of Obama or Hillary. You will have your chance of killing even surviving aborted babies, possible 2nd holocaust and Iraq genocide if Obama can follow with this promises. The dems are united and "pure" in their extreme liberalism.

McSnarl ? reach out ? Mor... (Below threshold)

McSnarl ? reach out ? More likely he'll lash out ...

Oh and he'll probably distort what his critics said or lie about his record in the process.

Its one thing to say he's a lying bastard but he's our lying bastard, normally those type of folks lie about their real opponents, i.e. the Democrats. But in McCain's case he lies about Republicans and his record alot more than he attacks the Dems with his snarl.

The only saving grace is that as the nominee it will either be Hillary or Obama that stands in his way so he'll snarl at them.

What a leader !!!

Someone needs to rewrite th... (Below threshold)

Someone needs to rewrite the LAI bot. This one's getting kinda stale.

Mantis, The truth h... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

The truth hurts. Those are the records of Obama and Hillary. Go ahead and support them, but at least be honest about it. You cannot be honest about their shit being your stuff. Your distraction tactic is getting stale also. Try to spin with some honesty.

If McCain thinks he can win... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

If McCain thinks he can win without much more conservative support, he is very wrong. If his supporters expect everyone who is a Republican to vote for him, perhaps they should ask themselves how McCain has helped the party over the years. I will probably vote for him, but here in MN it won't do much. Does anyone really think the MSM will give him a pass on Keating 5?

McCain has no shot against Obama, and would need a meltdown from Hillary, which is remotely possible. Good luck Johnny, you're going to need it.

"McCain has no shot aga... (Below threshold)

"McCain has no shot against Obama, and would need a meltdown from Hillary, which is remotely possible."

No problem......one small bucket of water will take care of the wicked witch of the east.

Obama will not stand a chance over the Clinton machine that will eat him alive over the next few weeks.

Why believe this?

'Cause this is what I posted before the Superbowl kick-off:

"As much as it would be fun to see the Giants pull out a stunning victory this afternoon, unless they put pressure on Brady early and often, the tools he has will be too much to overcome. Either that, or if Manning can sustain long time-consuming drives that keeps Brady & Co. on the bench, the game could be close at the end to pull out the upset."

Holy hell.As a mem... (Below threshold)

Holy hell.

As a member of the active duty military community I am getting DISGUSTED with you people-that are INSPIRED by that insipid talk radio.

Honest to hell I use to loathe McCain but for reasons you people wouldn't even get.

Judith-did any of you read her comment about POWS-

Here it is UPTHREAD-

As my WWII father used to say (and he was crippled, left behind and captured for a few days by the Germans)a pow is just someone who was caught...no special thing.

Oh ya my bad you PEOPLE saw it and scored it a +5

Wow be proud of that "action".

Judith let me tell you something-

The Vietnamese tortured on a DAILY basis-they weren't at all like the damn Germans.

And MCcain spent YEARS in the Hanoi Hilton.

Judith that's just a sarcastic name for the prison it was BOMBED out Hilton you know they didn't actually get maid service.

If this is the Conservative Movement-I want no part of it.

Keep your promises to not vote-you do it all the time.



We don't need that NEGATIVE, VILE, HATE that is sewering out from talk radio.

Look who have you all supported?

Tancredo- DOWN.

Duncan Hunter-OUT.


Romney- is out.

Look the REPUBLICAN PUBLIC told Talk Radio "heroes" and the brave "journalists" to go take a hike-

That "crew" Ingraham, Malkin, Levin, NRO, Rush-

They told you to vote for Romney.

They told you a vote for Huckabee was a vote for MCCain.

And what did the REPUBLICAN primary voter do?

THe EXACT opposite.

I am at the point that I will drive through a FLOOD, HAIL AND gawd knows what else to vote for McCain and I have got a gang of great guys to help me get there.

Nellis Air Force Base.

That's McCain's base people.

The military.

The vets.

Go start slimiing that

And for the love of gawd do NOT endorse McCain.

I don\'t think any of us sh... (Below threshold)
stands with a fist:

I don\'t think any of us should vote for McCain. He has shown nothing but contempt for true conservatives for years. From Amnesty, to crtisizing the commander in chief, to attacking people of faith. McCain is not a true conservative.

Rory, Let 's stop t... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Let 's stop that silly spin from the liberal MSM. Patrick Ruffini is no Romney guy. Here is what he said: "For a campaign that started at 3% in the polls, it came a long way. But it's confronting a harsh reality tonight, with an inability to break out of the low thirties in any primary state Mitt Romney has not called home." .

It is not enough for Romney even though he has gone a long way given all the free media given to McCain and Huckabee.

BTW, Hugh Hewitt concedes and still gives us Seven Reasons To Support The GOP's Nominee

The big question for the McCain team now is how to unite difficult task of uniting the base. His VP choice is one of key signals.

Amen brother Rory.... (Below threshold)

Amen brother Rory.

As one (anonymous) wag put it:

Just remember that when McCain was enduring the torture of the Viet Cong, Obama was playing CYO basketball and Hillary was eating rug at Wellesley and licking Goldwater envelopes.

Now that Mac has it pretty much locked up, hoardes of Independents are going to flock to the remaining Dem primaries to vote for Obama, and at the end of the day, IF Hillary ekes this out against him, she'll be so bruised she'll look like Tina Turner -- and if Obama wins the nomination, by the time the election comes around, people won't be able to look at him without seeing a turban on his head.

The conservatives better do... (Below threshold)

The conservatives better do something fast before they become the modern day whigs. You guys need a new identity because the republican party is falling on hard times.

Take look over at the Politico. They are reporting all sorts of good news such as the RNC has only 5.5-Mil to defend 28-open republican seats (the Dems have 35-Mil). They have six additional house members that are in serious money troubles (Mean Jean one of them).

And if that is not bad enough, there is a serious scandal brewing over at the RNC. It seems an accountant has been forging contribution documentation, and the FBI is investigating. The MSM will play that out all summer long.

That should really help in raising funds.

You're missing the point, R... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

You're missing the point, Rory.

McCain has played a masterful politician's game to claim the delegates he has garnered. No one disputes that.

The problem is, his base is not really the military, though I think you could be right that the military trusts him more than they do Romney or Huckabee. McCain has built up a coalition of not-Conservative Republicans. It's not a majority of the party, just look at his numbers in the 30s and 40s, but with the split on the Conservative side, it's enough for McCain to get a plurality in the state primaries.

The problem for McCain, leaving aside the quality of his policies and positions, is that he has thoroughly abused almost 40% of the Republican Party. Conservatives may not make up the majority anymore of the GOP, but there are still a lot of them. And presuming McCain gets the nomination, the waters he faces then will be much rougher.

The media right now likes him, because he is more liberal on social issues than any of the other candidates.

Liberals like him, because he speaks as they do on shutting down Guantanamo, on giving "rights" to terrorists, on ignoring border security, on right-side blogging and on campaign finance.

But when it's General Election time, McCain will lose their support, because that support will swing over to the Democrat's nominee. When that happens, the only prayer McCain has of winning the White House, will be if he gets at least 88% of the Republican vote, and Republican turnout to match Democrats' turnout.

The only way either of those things can happen for McCain, is if he rebuilds the bridges he absolutely destroyed in the past 7 years. I know McCain's too proud to apologize for insulting the Swift Boat vets, to admit he is wrong on McCain-Feingold, on the Gang of 14, and on his pals Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, but at least he can back off the class warfare rhetoric he's been using for half a decade and more. Waiting until July and suddenly pretending he's Reagan's Second Coming just won't wash. McCain will end up with between 38 and 42 percent of the popular vote if he goes as he is now, and it won't be close to enough.

Think I'm exaggerating or off my rocker? Just read the blogs and the articles by leading Conservatives. Even though it would be a terrible cost to the country to have a Democrat in the White House again, millions of Conservatives are prepared to sit at home, to do nothing rather than have McCain win the White House. Hermie, Diane, and C.D. are spot-on about McCain's hubris right now - he really does not understand that he is trashing people that he will need this fall, and he is very close already to that point where it will be too late for him to repair what he has broken.

I have read a lot of ridicule from McCain supporters which claim that McCain is the victim, not the perp in this matter. I disagree strongly, but even so that's not the point. The point is that McCain needs those 20 to 30 million Republican votes he's trashing right now. he can win the nomination without them by making a deal with the devil, but he won't have that support in the fall, and if he does not wake up right now on that point, John McCain will be just one more sad fool who thought he was more clever than the people, and far too late found out he was wrong.

you got that on auto-post, ... (Below threshold)

you got that on auto-post, fist?

Even though it would be ... (Below threshold)

Even though it would be a terrible cost to the country to have a Democrat in the White House again, millions of Conservatives are prepared to sit at home, to do nothing rather than have McCain win the White House.

DJ, I hope you are wrong here. I think you are underestimating the terrible cost. I don't have a problem with a Democrat in the White House. I do however fear greatly President Ms. Clinton in the White House with the support of both houses of Congress.

National health care, once implemented, will not be easy to just rip out a few years later. The economic damage of 50%+ tax rates for "rich" people that start businesses and drive the economy would be horrific.

Comments that McCain is "just the same" as Hillary are laughable. McCain wasn't my first choice as the nominee. But this election is all about NOT allowing the Clintons back into the White House.

If the Democratic and Republican nominees both don't represent your views, you still should consider the choice between the two. Making a point by staying home/writing in a third party candidate might feel good emotionally, but in the end is a wasted effort. Not voting for McCain is voting for Clinton. Would you write a post about how you are campaigning for Clinton in the coming months? I think not.

<a href="http://wizbangblog... (Below threshold)


DJ's predictions:
As I noted, McCain will NOT claim 379 delegates in those races.. " DJ

Your right, so far McCain has grabbed over 500.

DJ on CA: "Sure, if McCain claims a win in every congressional district, he could grab all 173, but only a complete moron would expect that, much less predict it. Which is of course why you predicted it."

DJ, you are right again. Romney took a whole 6-delegates.

You sure showed me; I will never question your judgement or insight again.

Little boy rory, the vets d... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

Little boy rory, the vets do not support McCain. Just google McCain and POW/MIA. They hate him.

Let's see, people who knew him in high school, the academy, the Navy, POW's, his crippled ex-first wife who he abandoned for his current rich hottie, and political colleagues all have disparaging remarks about McCain's actions and character. He doesn't follow rules and he doesn't get along or play nice with people.

He is the anti-thesis of a leader. Anyone with any military experience can see it and understand what it means. He is what one commonly refers to as an "asshole". And he is coming to a rally near you to demand your vote and support. This vet is planning to laugh in his face and tell him to jack it.

Barney, where are the Calif... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Barney, where are the California delegate allotments posted? Last I could find, CNN says they won't be up until Friday.

DK, I wish, but just look around here. A large chunk of Conservatives here are already saying they will sit, and many other sites are showing the same sentiment. McCain can't win without them, and I hope someone gets that into his head real soon. Even if McCain were right and all the Conservatives were wrong, on this McCain needs to reach out and show something better than the bitter selfish git he has been since S Carolina 2000.

DJ, MSNBC election widget.<... (Below threshold)

DJ, MSNBC election widget.

DJ-Look somehow Mc... (Below threshold)


Look somehow McCain is winning Republican primaries.

Now I know Conservatives like to give style points but guess what?

It really is about winning. They can make all the arguments in the world about the "plurality" of the election and back room deals-but that is "politics".

So end result McCain is winning-Republican primaries.

Now how about NOT reading the blogs? Talking to the guy on the street-who's too busy to listen to Rush 24/7....

Ask him-

"Who is the Gang of 14"? In reality not too many know about that.

And here is where the Conservative Movement went wrong.

McCain had the anti-Bush vote locked up. There are a hell of a lot more people watching Meet the Press than those that "listen" to radio.

Well what did Romney do?

He essentially tried to stake out the ground negative of where McCain was pegged except for one key issue.

That "issue" won Gilcrhist only 14% of the vote in Orange County in California during a "special election" where even a small group of voters could have made a huge difference.

I'm getting off track here.

I really don't get what is IMPORTANT to Self described Conservatives-they are willing to throw it all away so is it important?

The War on Terror.

Umm I suspsect that they believe that is a "loser" because the polls paid for by the "media" tell them it is.

Even though Joe Lieberman won in Connecticut of all places on an unabashedly "pro-war" platform.

Yet Conservatives are willing to sit that out-or vote for Hillary.

{ I take that personally but that's besides the point}

They are willing to throw the military to the wolves....Hillary.

How about the Supreme Court?

Maybe three or four nominations are coming up but by gawd they are going to sit that out.

Hillary would be better.

Well OK then!

How about the Judicial Branch as a whole? You know that check and balance on the system? The Appelate Court appointees?

Well hell the Conservative Movement is ready to ride that out in the face of Hillary/Pelosi/Reid-so they sold me a damn bill of goods about that being important. They are going to sit it out-it's not worth the fight-so why should I care?

If you trivialize your own "results" or goals nobody else is going to value them more than you do.

"Civil"-I got two ... (Below threshold)


I got two words for ya-

Bud Day.

Swiftboat em!Get r... (Below threshold)

Swiftboat em!

Get ready for Dem commercials referencing Geritol,Viagra and McCain's eruptions or shall We say "senior moments".

He's too old

Rory, McCain is winning PRI... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Rory, McCain is winning PRIMARIES, with support from a mix of political perspectives. The Liberals want the most Liberal candidate, while the Conservatives want the most Conservative.

The Exit polls tell us Liberals and Indies like McCain, while Conservatives are split between Romney, Huckabee, and some are still voting for Thompson, Tancredo, and others already out of the race. That's how McCain is winning now, but that formula will NOT work in the fall. The historical pattern is that the Democrat gets 98% of the Liberal vote, and 70-75% of the Independent vote. This is why "moderate" GOP nominees lose national elections.

Now, from what I see, McCain can still reclaim the Conservatives this fall. He's very pro-Life, he's indisputably a patriot, but he's dead wrong on some things as well. At the very least, McCain needs to follow Rudy's example and explain that he respects the Conservatives, even if he holds a different view. He also needs to back off the attacks against Conservative icons, and to explain his votes on McCain-feingold, the Gang of 14, and the Swift Boat vets.

I agree that it is stupid and suicidal for folks to say they'd rather sit and let the Donks take control ,but at the same time it's McCain's job to earn the votes of the Conservatives. They do NOT owe McCain their support, and he'd better wake up to that fact.

Thanks Barney. Interesting... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Thanks Barney. Interesting, it appears to be a projection, since SecState Cal does not have results yet per district. Also, with 170 to allocate there are still some districts too close to call.

Even though it wou... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Even though it would be a terrible cost to the country to have a Democrat in the White House again, millions of Conservatives are prepared to sit at home, to do nothing rather than have McCain win the White House.

I'm not going to sit home. If McCain is the Republican candidate I'll write in my choice for president and then I'll vote all Republican on the rest of the ballet. The American electorate voted for change in 2006 and I'm not in a mood to let them off the hook. Once the country sinks up to it's neck in the liberal quicksand the people will be ready for a true conservative revolution.

Dj-I think he just... (Below threshold)


I think he just might be a re-alignment candidate.

Also I wouldn't put too much stalk in "exit polls" and how people "self-describe". I think after the talk radio screed "Conservative" is getting the same dirty label as "Liberal".

Also need I go through the list of polls and exit polls that were wrong?

Something is really adrift.

I think McCain appeals to the center and more importantly-McCain appeals to the old Reagan Democrat gaurd.

Hillary has HUGE unfavorables with male Democrats....

That's how he wins it.

Do I wish he could win it on a positive rather than a negative-the Hillary unfavorables-you bet.

I think it is National Security-but then again Conservatives defeat their won causes everytime and they are the ones doing damage to that.

Conservatives are engaging in and flirting with 'self-fufilling" prophecy.

And there is a lot at stake.


The Middle East.

The War on Terror, and all of the ground we have covered in that area.

Conservatives are doing all of the dirty work for the Liberals and the media and they won't even have to say it-they will simply site the ugly spade work and trivializing of the war effort done by Conservatives themselves.

Again Rory, just read throu... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Again Rory, just read through the comments here and at major Conservative sites.

McCain is a Liberal-Indy animal. If he does not work for the Conservative vote starting right now, he is doomed to lose this fall.

And it will be on him, because it's the nominee's job to earn the votes.

If McCain pick Fred as a VP... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

If McCain pick Fred as a VP for example, then it may help ease some discomfort with him. If he intends to rub it in, he is on his own.

DJ-If I believed e... (Below threshold)


If I believed everything I read on Conservative blogs then Fred Thompson should have ran away with it.

Blogs are not representative of the electorate-if they were you'd be looking at Fred Thompson as the nominee.

I think some of the anger stems form the vanity of the NRO et al-they've realized how ineffectual they really are.

The National Review have you ever seen anyone actually buy that off of the newstand outside the beltway?

Rory, If that is Mc... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

If that is McCain attitude, then he wouldn't care about the support from NRO, Rush, and other conservatives in any case. So people may sit out or write in and McCain wouldn't care about it either. Good luck with that in the general election.

Rory, all I can do I warn y... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Rory, all I can do I warn you - as things stand now, McCain might win Texas in the primary, but not in the fall. I work in Texas GOP and I can tell you the man is NOT winning hearts and minds.

And Texas is not as far-right as some other states McCain would need to win to claim the White House.

I'm not saying McCain has to suddenly change all his beliefs and policies - that would mean telling him not to be who his ideals and morals tell him. But he has GOT to start mending fences, and yes HE has to do that, because if he wants to be the party's leader it's on his shoulders to act correctly in that role.

If it were Romney or Huckabee in the lead, I'd be giving the same advice, because you just cannot shut out a major part of the party and expect to win. You might like one of your tires a whole lot more than the others, but if you don't take care of all of them, you end up stuck on the side of the road.

Well DJ I am going to belie... (Below threshold)

Well DJ I am going to believe you about Texas.

I was going to ask you if Oklahoma can be extrapolated to represent Texas-or would that be an insult?

And hell Texans voting for Hillary!?

There remain insidious pock... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

There remain insidious pockets of Liberality in Texas, Rory. Dallas, Austin, and a few places in East Texas which are reminiscent of certain scenes from 'Deliverance' ...

DJ-LOL! Man thanks... (Below threshold)


LOL! Man thanks I needed that. I am really tired.

Where is McCain on this one... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Where is McCain on this one? This is a golden opportunity for him to take the fight to the lunatic left at Berkeley (those Obama type liberal extremists)
Cornyn to Berkeley: I'm cutting you off!

Me too, Rory. Sorry about ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Me too, Rory. Sorry about the tone the other day, I think we all wish there was a Reaganite in the race.

Maybe we should hold a wake for Fred's campaign?

Dude you are good egg. I do... (Below threshold)

Dude you are good egg. I don't forget that. I've been reading you for a long time.

Man we should do it In the New Orleans style-or like the Irish 'cause I need a drink.

If you could find it in your heart to do a funny post in the future I sure would appreciate it.

Give me a little time there... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Give me a little time there, Rory. I lost two friends last week, one to Leukemia and the other was a co-worker who died suddenly. I didn't mention it in posts because I did not want to dwell on it, but it's been hard to be upbeat.

'Funny' will come, but just not yet. I agree we could use a good laugh right now.

It's not so much that McCai... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It's not so much that McCain needs to mend fences, as if people are going to believe he has had a sincere change of heart, it's that McCain needs to get a clue on the issues he could have some impact on if he's elected President.

Few are going to swallow the idea that McCain all of a sudden finds his conservative voice at 72, but it's easier to accept a change in knowledge. McCain needs to get on the fast track in learning about issues like the economy, global warming, immigration, and securing the boarder. McCain's idea of having the governors of border states certify that the borders are secure is typical of how ignorant the man is. Does he think the states run the border patrol? Is he going to cede defense of U.S. borders to the states? Who voted for this dunce?

If McCain really wanted to mend fences with conservatives he would withdraw from the race.

DJVery sorry to he... (Below threshold)


Very sorry to hear your news. We will be
going to the funeral of a young man who
did two tours in Iraq, only to come home and
be blown away by someone he probably knew.
Sometimes life is really rough.

The killer is in jail, unde... (Below threshold)

The killer is in jail, under half million
dollar bond.
I'm sure he recieved some appropriate
treatment. Liberty county jail, not
known for being kind.

He probably doesnt feel lik... (Below threshold)
retired military:

He probably doesnt feel like he has to dirty his hands by reaching out. After all he has his moderate buddies to help him.

The "problem" with the cons... (Below threshold)

The "problem" with the conservative movement is that fewer and fewer people actually want a more conservative country -- at least according to what "conservative" has historically meant (lower taxes, smaller government, more personal & business freedoms, greater self-sufficiency, etc). They want a nanny state, cradle-to-grave ride, even if it comes at the expense of their fellow citizen.

I sense that we've reached the knee in the curve: a significant enough portion of the electorate has realized that they can hire the federal government to pickpocket their fellow citizen by simply voting for the right candidates. From here on out we're simply coasting on the momentum of our prior sacrifices and successes as a country.

DJThat is a fabulo... (Below threshold)


That is a fabulously worded question.






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