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Super Tuesday Storylines

Here are the storylines I think we'll be talking about tomorrow.

McCain crushes Romney in California.

McCain pulls away from the field, nomination inevitable.

Huckabee surges, Romney sags.

Clinton and Obama fight to a draw - race to go the distance.

And a couple questions:

Can McCain wrap up the nomination early enough to start campaigning against both Democrats?

Will anti-McCain forces fall in behind McCain if he wraps up nomination early?

Does Huckabee's showing make him the leading VP candidate?

Feel free to submit your own overnight storylines or questions in the comment section.


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Comments (24)

"Can McCain wrap up the ... (Below threshold)

"Can McCain wrap up the nomination early enough to start campaigning against both Democrats?"

You mean Hes going to compete against Himself and Huckabee?

What a joke..

Well said, 914.I w... (Below threshold)

Well said, 914.

I wonder how many illegal votes there are within the Dems' own primary. And wouldn't it be funny if all of Bill, Hillary and Gore's hard work in the 90's getting illegal aliens fast-tracked into citizenship, now pays off for Obama!

Alan Keyes for President is what I want.

"Will anti-McCain forces fa... (Below threshold)

"Will anti-McCain forces fall in behind McCain if he wraps up nomination early?"

McCain = Hillary. If it's one vs. the other, I won't bother voting. If it's McCain vs Obama, I'll either stay home, or vote Obama. Yes, I am that disgusted with our "Republican" choice.

Depending on What McCain do... (Below threshold)

Depending on What McCain does in the first term if he wins the Primary/Presidency, the Republican Party will likely be the closest to splitting in recent history come 2012.

"Will anti-McCain forces fa... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

"Will anti-McCain forces fall in behind McCain if he wraps up nomination early?"

It's now likely the next president will be liberal. The only question is what party will he/she belong to? If we have to have a liberal president, then I would rather have one that wears the label rather than one who pretends to be something else.

After yesterday, I have no ... (Below threshold)

After yesterday, I have no doubt that McCain and Huckabee have a deal. They have clearly worked together to get Romeny out of the race.

Fine - that's hardball politics. As Romney himself said yesterday, "No whining".

However, if Huckabee is the VP nominee with McCain, my "maybe" vote for McCain is going to turn into "Not even if Hell freezes over and pigs fly".

I don't want that man anywhere near the White House - even on the tour.

I certainly am not going to vote for a 72 year old man with a questionable health history who picks him as a his VP candidate.

I am not even close to sure... (Below threshold)

I am not even close to sure that McCain will pick Huckabee for VP. If McCain wins the delegates, he could even pick Romney. Politics is just that way. The MSM wants to try to keep the conservatives and moderates of our party fighting by constantly reporting on the disconnect in our party. Some of us are falling right in line. The big prize is the general election and I will always take a republican over a democrat. I will not sit out no matter how I disagree with McCain. If he wins the delegates, he won, fair and square and I am not going to whine and stay home. I will fight on with him. ww

I agree with WildWillie. I ... (Below threshold)

I agree with WildWillie. I will not disenfranchise myself or let socialists like Hillary or Obama waltz into the White House without a fight.

Hillary as much as quoted Karl Marx when she talked about garneshsment of wages to enroll citixens in a mandatory health care program. Her words about from each according to his ability just send chills down my spine.


Excuse me... if it comes do... (Below threshold)

Excuse me... if it comes down to voting for McCain or Clinton I will not cast a vote for either. I will not be party to electing a criminal to the office of the presidency come hell, high water or pigs flying.

When the choice comes down to which criminal, and both of them are, I would support I would rather be able to proclaim I made an honest choice.

As for Obama? I would never vote for someone so diametrically opposed to the ideals I stand for.

Mitt Romney lost every seri... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

Mitt Romney lost every seriously contested race last night after sinking $86 million into this campaign and enjoying a non-stop barrage against his opponents on talk radio. The fact is, he is a conservative CONVERT, not authentic, and people just don't like him. At some point, we need to discuss why he doesn't drop out so the conservative base can rally around the authentic Huckabee who would have a much better chance of catching McCain if he had the same support.

From the sounds of McCain's... (Below threshold)

From the sounds of McCain's speech last night, he and Huckabee have already agreed to be running mates. McCain oozed with praise for Huckabee while Romney got far less recognition.

McCain thinks that with Huckabee he has a lock on the South and Midwest. I'm waiting for the look on McCain's face when the 'dignified' race with Hillary or Obama he expects, turns into a 24/7 bashfest. If he expects help from his 'friends' in the MSM, he'll get a surprise when they have 'revelations' about the Keating 5, and every negative trait he has ever shown.

Headline:"Anyone w... (Below threshold)


"Anyone with a brain is depressed this morning."

Bill Bennett had Senator Co... (Below threshold)

Bill Bennett had Senator Coburn on his show opening the second hour. Coburn has endorsed McCain is the strongest and most persuasive terms. In fact Coburn will introduce him at Cpac. He basically says that in hindsight although he was mad about the Gang of 14 it was the right thing to do to get Brown, Alito, He claims from Bork to Brown, McCain as been with the GOP. He claims that McCain was right about corruption in DC but McCain-Fools-gold was the wrong solution. He claims that on Amnesty he has learned is lesson. He claims that in a Fox hole you wanna be with the guy who is with you know is with you 80% of the time and said that presents McCain rather than the guy who says he is 100% of the time but is just talk(he did not mention any names). He claims Dobson is great but he does not agree with him on the Marriage issue and should be left up to the States and not the Federal level like Dobson wants. He claims that McCain is the one force in DC that changes the hardest things because he is an unrelenting fighter. He says that the "vitriol" from conservative talk radio is hurting the Conservative Movement and needs to stop. Basically it was a resounding endorsement by a very conservative Senator! However he did not mention McCain's ESC support, McCain's flip flop on the Law of the Sea Treaty, Kerry VP flirtation, Keating 5, Vote against premanent tax cuts, initial leaning to support the Fairness Doctrine, Global Warming belief......

My take, the McCain Machiavelli Triangulation of MSM, Independents, Hispanics, Inside Beltway types,has aligned with the Constellation of Stars in the Sky and his time as come to lead the GOP but it'll be a PYRRHIC VICTORY for him and the GOP. McCain will get creamed in the General by Obama if he gets the nod and by Clinton but by a lesser beating if she gets the node, as the Dems are out Primarying the GOP 2 to 1! The Dems are energized and the GOP is not and it is time for a Dem in the White House per the American Electorate. Huckabee will be McCain's VP because of his strength in the Bible Belt but it will not help and thus will not matter.

We have entered the McCain version of the Rockefeller/Ford/Dole era of an Impotent GOP! Like Global Warming which is cyclical so is Conservatism and we have cycled into the Conservative Warming Era of light GOP-ism. The Electoral Will of the GOP is anemic too otherwise Romney would have won and sorry but Romney, who is valiant fighter does not have the Reagan Mystic needed to lead. Obama has the JFK Mystic which is dangerous because JFK was a Politcal Saint compared to Obama.

Dominus Vobiscum on Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. We will have to Offer Up our disappointment to the Cross with the hope that our disappointment will lead to a Metanoia in America towards God's Ways and not McCain's and God forbid Obama's "lets kill the botched abortion babies way"!

McCain/Hillary/Obama - what... (Below threshold)

McCain/Hillary/Obama - what's the diff? Ok, Hill & Barrack are died-in-the-wool socialists, but McCain will do all the dems bidding as president - he's fully demostrated that with his alliances with Kennedy, Feingold, etc. May as well sell the shithouse - we just lost our ass. Oh yeah - my question is: Who is the true conservative we can start grooming for the 2012 race?

Ohio Voter:All thi... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

Ohio Voter:

All this nonsense about a "deal" between McCain and Huckabee is just another way to explain Huckabee's surprising successes. He WON those states. McCain came second in almost all of those...meaning McCain would have won them had Huckabee dropped out. Huckabee took more delegates away from McCain than Romney last night. Your conspiratorial theories are troublesome.

Assuming Grandpa McCain is ... (Below threshold)

Assuming Grandpa McCain is the nominee, then I will very reluctantly pull the lever for him in November, simply because the alternative is too awful to think about.
However, if he chooses Huckleberry as his VP, then all bets are off. In that case, I'd probably go with Obama and hope that we can survive the resulting 4 year disaster and spur a true Reaganesque candidate to emerge for the GOP in 2012. 1980 redux.
Under NO circumstances will I ever "suicide" vote for Hillary. Not no way, not no how!

"Like Global Warming which ... (Below threshold)

"Like Global Warming which is cyclical"

More like due to Republican incompetence and bad policy the Democratic tsunami is inevitable like global warming.

"I certainly am not going t... (Below threshold)

"I certainly am not going to vote for a 72 year old man with a questionable health history..."

Did you see his 96-year old mother on the stage last night? McCain really has some bad genes in his family

"Did you see his 96-year... (Below threshold)

"Did you see his 96-year old mother on the stage last night? McCain really has some bad genes in his family"

So do you, Barney... so do you.

We should give Barney time ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

We should give Barney time to gloat. His guy Obama got more delegates last night. So he is looking towards killing more babies while claiming to be a committed christian. Also Barney may have a chance to see a 2nd holocaust with the type of people Obama have selected. Barney is also looking forward to another genocide in Iraq if Obama can go forward with his promise.

Lovie, I am happy to know t... (Below threshold)

Lovie, I am happy to know that you have been disenfranchised and are delusional. I mean disillusion. No delusional is more accurate.

Barncommie, Just tr... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Just try to point out the truth about to you and you are not happy. Or you simply support Obama because he is young and a good liar. Those are Obama 's records. Looks like liberals like you have no qualm about it. More seem like excitement. AT the same time, try to attack McCain on age. So I think discrimination and prejudice is inherent on the left now. Racism, anti-semitism, and age-discrimination now.

BTW, thanks for reminding u... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

BTW, thanks for reminding us again that McCain is still better than the liberal extremism and lying of Obama. In good conscience, we simply cannot vote for Obama and Hillary.

Wishful thinking Headlines:... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

Wishful thinking Headlines:

"Conservatives to form new America First Party"

"Southern States Start Talk of Secession"






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