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Supporting the GOP Nominee

Hugh Hewitt, a very, very big Romney supporter, has an article today in which he outlines the seven reasons why Republicans need to support the GOP nominee:

There are seven reasons for anyone to support the eventual nominee no matter who it is: The war and six Supreme Court justices over the age of 68.

Folks who want to take their ball and go home have to realize that even three SCOTUS appointments could revolutionize the way elections are handled in this country in a stroke, mandating the submission of redistricting lines to court scrutiny for "fairness."

"It is undeniable that political sophisticates understand such fairness and how to go about destroying it," Justice Souter announced in his diseent in Veith v. Jubilerer, the Pennsylvania redistricting case in which the Court declined by a vote of 5 to 4 to immerse itself in the details of the partisan redistricting of Pennsylvania.

If Democrats control the White House and gain even one of the five seats held by the center-right majority of current justices, this and many other crucial issues are up for legal grabs. When activist judges are more than willing to rewrite rules of long-standing, periods of exile should never be self-imposed "for the good of the party." Exiles can go on a very long time indeed. Ask the Whigs.

They can go on indefinitely when enforced by courts.

The GOP as well is the party committed to victory in Iraq and the wider war. A four year time-out would be a disaster, a period of time in which al Qaeda and its jihadist off-shoots would regroup in some places and continue to spread in others. Iran, even if punished in the months before November, would certainly continue and accelerate its plans under the soft pleadings of a President Obama or Clinton 2.0.

I agree with Hugh. We have to unite behind the nominee if we have any chance of beating the Democrats this year. However, there are many conservative voters who refuse to support a McCain candidacy and have become so anti-McCain that they're willing to lose the election instead of vote for him. The New York Post has written about these conservatives and essentially calls them political jihadis (emphasis mine):

Still, McCain has so radicalized key conservatives that some have vowed to turn themselves into suicide voters next November by pulling the lever for Hillary Rodham Clinton over him.

I don't agree with the characterization that McCain is responsible for the radicalization of these conservatives. They have radicalized themselves. They alone are responsible for their emotions and decisions.

Interestingly, as conservatives are painting McCain as liberal, the DNC is prepared to cast McCain as a right wing conservative who has pushed campaign finance reform in order to hide who he really is. This is from a Democratic email I received just today:

John McCain is a media darling, but don't trust his carefully-crafted image - he's worked for years to brand himself. From Iraq to health care, Social Security to special interest tax cuts to ethics, he's promising nothing more than a third Bush term.

After championing campaign finance reform and ethics legislation to score political points, he now has a staggering amount of lobbyists involved in every aspect of his campaign. In fact, two of the top three sources for John McCain's campaign cash are D.C. lobbying firms, and he looked the other way as Jack Abramoff bought and paid for the Republican Party and the Culture of Corruption.

On immigration reform, he's run as far to the right as he can, aligning himself with the most extreme elements of the Republican Party.

On the war, McCain scoffed at Bush's call to leave troops in Iraq for 50 years, saying "Make it a hundred!"

On a woman's right to choose, McCain has vowed to appoint judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade.

What a bizarre situation we have. The DNC calls McCain a right wing conservative while conservatives refuse to accept him as one of them.


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Right now, I'm in the "take... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Right now, I'm in the "take my ball and go home" crowd. That could change between now and November. McCain's judicial nominees are likely to be as liberal as Hillary's. Republicans have a hard time getting conservative nominees when they do their best, much less when they are NOT trying. I do feel that we are at a terrible crossroads. Our country may never be the same after this electoral trainwreck. If so, it will not be because the people abandoned their leaders, but exactly the reverse.

I will pay McCain a backhanded compliment and try to put a positive spin on things.

McCain is a vindictive sort with a nasty temper and a long memory. If elected, in very short order, McCain is going to figure out that the MSM and the leftists are not his friends after all. When this happens, I can only hope that he will lose his temper and direct all that vitriol straight at the Democrats in a way they have never seen.

Republicans have a reputation for virtual spinelessness and restrained "niceness." Perhaps McCain will not be so nice. That is the best scenario I can imagine.

I'm not happy about McCain ... (Below threshold)

I'm not happy about McCain but if I read more of these Democratic talking points he sounds better and better!

CHALLENGE: Please write a p... (Below threshold)

CHALLENGE: Please write a piece entitled "The Case for Senator McCain as President".

I understand and empathize with the idea that Senator Clinton must be stopped. Fine. If you have any experience in politics, then you must know that you can attack your opponent all you want, but starting about a month before the election you have to shift gears into full positive mode. The electorate may understand what you're fighting against, but they need to understand what you're for and a clear sense of what the candidate intends to do.

So, without attacking the opposition, please make the positive case for his candidacy.

"Interestingly, as conserva... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

"Interestingly, as conservatives are painting McCain as liberal, the DNC is prepared to cast McCain as a right wing conservative..."

That IS interesting. What a strange twist. I guess we were wrong about McCain all along.

What's bizarre about that? ... (Below threshold)

What's bizarre about that? The DNC would brand Ralph Nader as a reactionary, fascist ultra right-winger if it would help them win the election. That's what parties (including the Republicans) exist to do: anything at all necessary to win elections. It's why building our political life around parties is a bad idea: the need to win trumps the need to govern.

Sarcasm, Jeff. I despise th... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

Sarcasm, Jeff. I despise the politician McCain.

Well here's what I don't ge... (Below threshold)

Well here's what I don't get-

McCain has been carrying the Conservative judge water and voting that way for over twenty four years.

And-The National Review with the aide of Novak and John Fund were willing to trash all that via two unamed sources. The one source heard from the other source.

This reminds me of how Democrats operate-actually it reminds me of the N.O.W. organization.

The N.O.W. organization that said that Obama's refusal to shake Hillary's hand at the State of the Union address was a damn "gender" issue.

That's where NRO went -to that level of frivolity.

If you are willing to smear a guy's twenty four year voting record that easily via HEARSAY it really can't be that important to you.

Because you know the next guy just might think it really isn't worth it if you can rip away a twenty four year voting record that easily.

Why in hell should the next guy bother?

And oh ya-as a National Security Republican who you threaten with yet another Clinton in Chief why should we care any more than you?

You guys that want to sit at home.

The republicans don't have ... (Below threshold)

The republicans don't have much to offer until you compare them with the democrats. Shrillary has a criminal history going back 30+years and not petty crimes, major crimes that would have any of us in prison for life as a repeat offender. B Hussien Obama has a history of connection with the Chicago mob (if he owes them we'll pay the debt) and no one, not even a group of dhimmi supporters (Hannity ask for one thing), can point out one accomplishment (other than being half Arab/black/white?) that qualifies him to be POTUS.
We are in big trouble in this country. It's only a matter of who will sell out our freedom the fastest.

It all makes perfectly good... (Below threshold)

It all makes perfectly good sense, but some of us will not vote for a "McCain type" no matter what. If the country is going to go to pot, we would rather it not be by a Republican president.
Let the backlash of reaction against failed policies come against the Democrats and not the Republicans. Let them be blamed for the economic recession, the high jobless rate, the increase in illegal immigration, and the failure of the war on terrorism. They've been trying to achieve all these failures by consistently attacking the present administration, now let them take full credit for it. It won't be the end of the world.

I might have voted for Rudy if it came down to it, but not for McCain. We don't need an angry vindictive US president who loses control and steps on everybody else.
You don't really believe that McCain (Dole) has a chance at beating the Democrats do you? He may think it is "his turn", but smart people are not going to pull the lever for a person that old.
As the anti-Iraq war people so aptly put it, "Not in my Name."

Myronhalo-The last... (Below threshold)


The last time Democrats had all three power sources the Presidency, the House and the Senate they rewrote the rules-incumbency, gerrymandering for starters that it took Republican FORTY years to overcome that.

Hillary will make sure that you are DEAD before a Conservative Comeback is ever possible.

You know there is "supporti... (Below threshold)

You know there is "supporting the nominee" and there is "supporting the nominee."

Here is what I mean... Do you think McCain will enjoy the full force of the right wing blogosphere that Bush did against Kerry?

Do you the the GOP faithful who work the phone banks and pound signs will support him?

I'm now a "former blogger" but I can tell you that I'd be less willing to work my ass off for McCain than I was last cycle.

I think Hillary is actually worse for the country that Kerry but at some point it becomes an issue of passion and motivation.

For all his problems Ron Paul's freakazoid supporters worked their asses off. That's why he was what he was this year.

McCain might enjoy the "support" of the whole party. But in the real world when bloggers (etc) are faced with burning the midnight oil blogging for him or going to bed, I think the pillow is going to won a whole lot more than it did last cycle.

All that adds up. Look at the last 12 years and you'll see how evenly things are divided... If one side (the GOP) phones it in, the game is over before it starts. -- Just ask Fred Thompson.

It comes down to this. I ne... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

It comes down to this. I never thought Republicans had much of a chance in the upcoming Presidential election anyway. As much as I admire Bush for his integrity and steadfastness, I hate his political laziness. The guy just won't speak up and defend himself or, to the point, his Party.
Political cycles are real. Americans are ready to give Democrats a crack at the White House again.
Assuming an almost sure Democratic victiory regardless, why should social conservatives (which means Christians as much as neo-cons means Jews) hand a complete victory to libertarians and other anti-Christian conservatives by supporting their candidate even while they are celebrating the anti-"Bible thumpers" victory and talking about finishing them off (politically) entirely.

I was starting to lean toward supporting McCain if he won the nomination despite everything else, but I'm pretty sure now that would be mistake and a useless surrender to self proclaimed political enemies.

I remember GW being written... (Below threshold)

I remember GW being written off in 2000. I remember people saying he would lose congress in 2002. I remember people saying GW would lose 2004. I remember people saying he will be indicted, etc. None of the predictions proved correct. Now the same predictors are saying McCain or any republican can win in 2008. Go on. Keep wishing. It is an eternity between now and then. ww

mikem-So basically... (Below threshold)


So basically you don't owe the military anything.

It's too much to ask for them not to be subjected to yet another Clinton-in-Chief.

It's too much to ask that their sacrifice be preserved.

In other words the military's best hope-the ones that are stupid enough to believe in what they are doing is to give up on Republicans because Republicans are willing to give up on them.

The military should vote for Democrats and hope like hell that they implement a damn DRAFT.

Because maybe then-it will be a "shared" responsibility and you won't be so readily able to toss it all away.

"Folks who want to take the... (Below threshold)
Brad Schwartze:

"Folks who want to take their ball and go home have to realize that even three SCOTUS appointments could revolutionize the way elections are handled in this country in a stroke,"

Hugh, of all people, should know that SCOTUS has long had the ability to do this. It's called Baker v Carr (1962), and it changed the way state legislative seats are drawn.

It's things like this that tend to draw away from Hugh's generally overall excellent point about supporting the GOP nominee.

"The last time Democrats ha... (Below threshold)
Brad Schwartze:

"The last time Democrats had all three power sources the Presidency, the House and the Senate they rewrote the rules-incumbency, gerrymandering for starters that it took Republican FORTY years to overcome that."

Rory, the Dems last had this in 1993-94. Before that, in 1977-81. During neither period were they able to do much of anything. Never underestimate the benefits of having split government on both parties.

And speaking of gerrymandering, you really should thank George HW Bush's Justice Department for the redistricting spadework that allowed the GOP to take the House in '94. Oops, that means giving a BUSH some credit?! Can't allow that to happen, can we?

Michael Medved just gave t... (Below threshold)

Michael Medved just gave the best reason to support McCain over Hillary or Obama. He said if Hillary or Obama is elected they would turn the army gay in one week!!!!!!!!!!!

Rory, I think you make a le... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

Rory, I think you make a legitimate and sincere point about seeing through to victory and who would be least likely to try to reverse it. I'll go with you about McCain on that one, although I never thought that Hillary was a big threat in that regard. Obama I would worry about more.
That said McCain tossed aside any claim he had to defender of our military when he joined with the anti-veteran Democrats who twisted the knife once more with their attacks on his fellow Vietnam veterans for daring to criticize Hanoi John's Vietnam story (2004 edition-John Kerry, Proud Cong Killer).
That was a telling betrayal. All about the art of political whoredom. "Screw my fellow veterans. I've got a political middle to fill."
Never forget.

Are you people mentally ret... (Below threshold)
Ian MacKaye:

Are you people mentally retarded, or do you just smoke crack?

Point heard on Rush's show ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Point heard on Rush's show today:

We are asked to support McCain out of Party loyalty, but McCain has not given loyalty to the Party. He has not even been asked. He has suffered no consequences for his "maverick" status.


Paul: Good point.

I show as much party loyalt... (Below threshold)

I show as much party loyalty as McCain has.

I don't give a rat's ass about the Republican party beyond how it represents me and my ideals. As Reagan said, he didn't leave the Democrats, the party left him. Well, its the McCain party now, not mine.

Good luck and thanks for the Reagan.

Rory,So if we don'... (Below threshold)


So if we don't support McCain, we don't support the troops? What a crock. I support the trooops. I support them with my time and my money. McCain cares less about the troops in harms way than he does about himself.

I'll continue to support the troops. I will vote for every republican down ticket to strengthen Congress. I'll put my money where my mouth is.

But I won't vote for McCain. Not now, not ever. He is a crook, a liar and, imho, mentally unsuitible for the Office of the Presidency.

A far be for me to take the ball and go home. It's not my ball - you can keep it. But I'll be damned if I play YOUR game.

It looks as though this will be the first time I have EVER voted other than republican.

"It's why building our poli... (Below threshold)
Brad Schwartze:

"It's why building our political life around parties is a bad idea: the need to win trumps the need to govern."

Jeff, throughout the history of both the Democratic and Republican parties, party identity has been the PRIME driver of voter turnout. Up until very recently, there were newspapers throughout the country that were named Democrat and Republican; some of those newspapers were even issued by the parties themselves. People want to feel the need to be part of "the team," regardless of the issues of the day. Statements on issues are best reserved for party platforms, which are merely vehicles for every group to have at least some say. This helps the Identity and Validation feelings along even more.

In fact, the last time the GOP placed ideology/principles over party identity, the GOP suffered one of its worst electoral defeats. And I'm not talking 1992.

McCain called the Swift Vet... (Below threshold)

McCain called the Swift Vets liars ..

and he has lied about his tax cut votes ...

and has lied about his Immigration Amnesty bill ...

War Hero, yes ...

liar for his own political ambition, yes ...

the slander of honorable men, yes ... and for that he will never get my Independent veteran vote ...

Have fun with that snarling bastard ... he'll bite you hard ... and you'll deserve it ...

"Interestingly, as conserva... (Below threshold)

"Interestingly, as conservatives are painting McCain as liberal, the DNC is prepared to cast McCain as a right wing conservative..."

This will be a piece of cake for the Dems. Just have a video that combines McCain's "why not 100?" (years in Iraq) with his "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" joke with images from Iraq.

Iraq will be an electoral albatross around the necks of Republicans for as long as they hang onto it.

I give McCain credit for Ir... (Below threshold)

I give McCain credit for Iraq support. Not so sure about the judges thing. But that is all he has. The war thing. Is that enough? Do we help secure the world but let out own country fall? Maybe. Under the Dems both will fall.
We need to work hard for Congressional seats. That is the only thing that will save us.
And yes, the party has left me, but I will try one more time to help it in Congress.

Unfortunately Hillary is a ... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately Hillary is a real threat.

There are all kinds of stories within the military about how the Clintons treated the military when no one was looking.

Hell maybe the military should start their own party-

Junta style.

That's a joke but you get it.

Also the writing is on the wall neither parties' base has the fortitude to win a war.

That's the message being sent overseas.

I'm tired of having a gun t... (Below threshold)

I'm tired of having a gun to my head.

Republican Congress - "re-elect us or the tax cuts will expire!" - Why didn't you make them permanent in the first place?

Bush & Congress - "Pass Amnesty or we won't do anything at all about illegal immigration"

McCain Supporters - "Elect McCain or we'll lose the war on terror".

We've compromised too much already with continued illegal immigration and excessive government spending. No more. If we're only one issue different than the Democrats, we're Democrats. I won't sign off on that.

Kim,Hillary will be ... (Below threshold)

Hillary will be much better for the country than McCain. McCain only cares about McCain.
He won't carry a single state.

I'm tired of havin... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:
I'm tired of having a gun to my head.

And as long as we keep playing it'll keep happening.

If he picks a good running mate, things may change.

One thing right now that Mc... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

One thing right now that McCain can do to excite the base for him is to take on the lunatic left at Berkeley (those Obama Moveon type liberal extremists)


I keep encouraging you guys... (Below threshold)

I keep encouraging you guys to think third party. Why not Romney for a third party bid? He's got the money.

As a committed leftist, I would actually be fine with McCain as president. I'd certainly rather have him than Hillary. We should have increased majorities in both houses of Congress so McCain won't be able to do anything drastic. We can easily shoot down his SCOTUS nominees with a larger Senate majority (which we are almost certain to have).

Iraq is the only problem but I think McCain silently wants to find a way out. He should begin tacking sharply back to where the American people are on that issue now that he's wrapped up the nomination.

I keep encouraging you guys... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

I keep encouraging you guys to think third party.
Thanks for the advice from a committed leftist. I assume that you would vote for Obama over McCain. And that scares me. Obama is a liberal extremist. If he goes through with his promises and with bigger dem majorities, you leftists will have your real chance at killing even surviving aborted babies. Given Obama 's long association with his racits/anti-semitic pastor, Israel definitely facing its greatest threat of another holocaust. And he will erase our gain in Iraq causing probably another genocide. Obama claimed to be a committed christian while voting against providing medical care for surviving aborted babies. That is too much a hypocrisy. He wouldn't dare vote against the disgraceful MoveOn.org smear of Patreaus. In return that disgraceful organizatin endorsed him over Hillary 70%-30%.

In good conscience, I have to wipe my nose and vote for McCain even just to help keep the liberal extremist Obama from the lever of power.

Be careful what you wish fo... (Below threshold)

Be careful what you wish for Larkin. The Democrat Party Leadership is to the left of most of its voters. Most don't realize it.

If the Repubican Party Split, it would hurt both halves short term. But eventually the Leftward Half would replace the Democrat Party but with less radical leadership. The current Democrat Party would become extinct.

That's basically what happened the last time the Republicans split. The two halves became the two new main parties.

With regard to SCOTUS appoi... (Below threshold)
Aog Author Profile Page:

With regard to SCOTUS appointments, I saw an excellent question to ask about that elsewhere recently. That is, given that McCain's signature issues (such as McCain-Feingold) have been opposed by the SCOTUS conservatives and supported by SCOTUS liberals, why would McCain appoint more conservatives to vote against his policies?

Yup, Andy McCarthy at NRO r... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Yup, Andy McCarthy at NRO raised that excellent question. Anyway, let me follow Larkin 's logic. If McCain is smart knowing that the dem will shoot down any SCOTUS nominees, then he should send more people like Alito up and let the dems shoot them down. That 's one quick way to unite the party and probably have a more Rep congress 2 years from now. Also it will help highlight the cold-hearted liberal extremism of the dems.

And as long as ... (Below threshold)
And as long as we keep playing it'll keep happening.
Exactly. The "prisoners' dilemma" is for prisoners. Which I ain't.
there are many conser... (Below threshold)

there are many conservative voters who refuse to support a McCain candidacy and have become so anti-McCain that they're willing to lose the election instead of vote for him.


This is what happened in 1976. A damaged, marginal Republican ran against a "change" candidate (Jimmy "I will never lie to you" Carter).

Certain parts of the Republican base will never pull the lever for a compromised candidate. While I don't and never will agree with the "stay and home" constituency, they nonetheless have a history of sending a strong message to candidates in the Republican Party.

If McCain supporters only o... (Below threshold)

If McCain supporters only option is to say that if I do not vote for McCain i'm voting for Hillary, well, that's not going to work.

-- McCain is not better on the War on Terror. He's against waterboarding and he supports inclusion in the world criminal courts.

-- McCain won't be better than Hillary on Supreme Court nominees. McCain likes to work with Democrats. Bush was vilified for not accepting a list from Senate Democrats on acceptable nominees. Does anyone seriously believe that McCain will thumb his nose at the Democrats like Bush did and pick his own nominee to the Supreme Court? I don't.

-- Immigration.


-- Global Warming

How does McCain differ on these subject with Hillary?

The thing is this. McCain will be the de facto spokesman for the conservative movement in this nation if he becomes President.

If someone is going to spout liberal ideology and platitudes, i'd rather have it be a person professing to be a liberal than someone who professes to be a conservative.

About the best thing that M... (Below threshold)
retired military:

About the best thing that McCain can do for the Republican party is have a heart attack.
Yes it's wrong to say it but oh so true.

the best that those of us who dont support McCain can do is vote Straight R and then tick the lever to the middle for neither Hillary or McCain. With any luck Hillary will get elected and we will regain both houses of congress. One can dream I guess.

Not voting for McCain is an... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Not voting for McCain is an acceptable option for me unless he starts some real fence mending now. I will probably wipe my nose to vote for him but I can understand why others don't want to vote for him.

1) Lifelong Republican vote... (Below threshold)

1) Lifelong Republican voter
2) Fiscal conservative, Social libertarian
3) Big government/incumbency is the problem
4) Both parties don't have a clue
5) No vision, no leadership
6) It's all about staying in power
7) Will not stay home, will vote
8) But not for McCain, will vote Democrat
9) Let the Dems have a free rein to do it their way
10) Free health care, tax the rich, retreat from the Middle East, open borders
11) All milk and honey OR smoke and mirrors - we'll see.

41. "Not voting for McCain ... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

41. "Not voting for McCain is an acceptable option for me unless he starts some real fence mending now."

LOL, nice one, and I agree. He can start with a certain fence we have been asking for....

If you don't vote for McCai... (Below threshold)

If you don't vote for McCain you are not a "suicide voter"

You are a "Maverick Voter", come on join the fun be a Maverick. Have the MSM love you and get invited to fabulous parties. That's right you can be a Maverick also.

If McCain ends up as the pa... (Below threshold)

If McCain ends up as the party's candidate, I will support that .. not him. I will not post glowing thoughts about him on my blog, nor will I turn my "W" upside down on my vehicle. As far as I'm concerned, putting him in the Whitehouse is a loss to the conservative base. The only bright spot is he is the lessor of the liberal choices to be made.






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