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What's Next for Team Romney?

After last night's disappointing showing in California, the Romney camp will have to determine what to do next. According to Amanda Carpenter at Townhall, the Romney camp will have "frank discussions" about where to go next:

MSNBC's John Yang says a Romney senior campaign official says "tomorrow will be a day of frank discussions on the campaign."

Not quite a revelation, but the only news they have. A long day of meetings was already on the schedule long before the California news.

Yang says visit to Kansas on Friday is likely to be nixed.

Hot Air reports that Bill Kristol has said that Romney will probably pull out at CPAC, which takes place on Thursday.


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After last night's... (Below threshold)
After last night's disappointing showing in California, the Romney camp will have to determine what to do next.

I have a suggestion: quit. That is, unless, if Mitt wants to throw even more of his money away on a fruitless endeavor.

John Zogby's final Californ... (Below threshold)
Rovin Author Profile Page:

John Zogby's final California polling had Romney leading by 7 pts. He also had Obama leading in the State. Some one needs to have Mr. Zogby on their show today and explain how he was 20 pts WRONG in the California Democrat and Republican primaries combined?

Concession.... (Below threshold)


Rovin -I think peo... (Below threshold)

Rovin -

I think people have caught on that they're under no obligation to tell the truth in exit polls - or to pollsters in general. Hell, someone calls me up and asks about who I'm voting for - it's none of their business in the first place, and I feel no duty to tell them the truth. This goes double for exit polls - "Yep, I voted for Ron Paul!" when I voted for Hillary or Obama or Romney or McCain.

Exit polls, polls in general are worthless - what counts is the ballot box. But the media gets plenty of mileage out of poll results - might as well make them entertaining!

What's next for the Romney ... (Below threshold)

What's next for the Romney campaign is:

1. deceiving fools on Romney's chance for nomination (really none),

2. holding some $$$ fundraisers soaking said fools,

3. keeping campaign spending low until the inevitable elimination, and

4. paying off the loans Romney made to his own campaign so the family fortune regains some ground.

Romney probably should drop... (Below threshold)

Romney probably should drop out, which will disappoint many conservatives. With McCain vs. Obama or McCain vs. Hillary, we're "Dem'ed if we do and Dem'ed if we don't."

Why even have an election n... (Below threshold)

Why even have an election now? theres no difference between the 3 of them. they're all liberals, pro terrorists rights supporters.

All 3 can share the Presidency as a politically correct "Triple Headed Hydra" a Woman, an African American and a crotchety old curmudgeon to represent the geriatrics among us. priceless.

Rovin, it's even worse than... (Below threshold)

Rovin, it's even worse than the 20 combined points you mention. Zogby had Romney up 7, he lost by 8, for a swing of 15 points. Zogby had Obama up 13, he lost by 10, for a swing of 23 points. A combined total of 38 points off target.

I sent an email to Zogby (through his website) asking if he could explain the numbers. I'll post it here if he replies.

Rovin and JLawson,... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

Rovin and JLawson,

Not all polls are bad. I've been following these with great scrutiny over the past few years and there are some that are accurate time and time again and others which are terribly misleading. Rasmussen, Mason Dixon and now Insider Advantage have been light years ahead of bad pollsters such as Zogby, Gallup and ARG. This is why the ridiculous averages put forth by Real Clear Politics makes very little sense.






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