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If You Want to Support the Nominee

If you are concerned, as I am, about the prospect of a Democrat commander-in-chief with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, consider contributing to the Republican presidential nominee through Rightroots' F7 project. There are still a few minutes to get your contribution in before midnight Feb. 7, but you can continue to contribute thereafter as well.


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Why are you concerned? We h... (Below threshold)

Why are you concerned? We have seen what the present administration has/hasn't done, so what makes you think a Demo CIC would do better or worse?

And no, this is not a BDS, it's an honest question, asked decently, and would like to see an decent honestly response to it.

I'm a conservative Bush sup... (Below threshold)

I'm a conservative Bush supporter all the way.

But i'm no McCain supporter. Seriously, ask yourself this question:

Who will be better for getting out the conservative message in the United States? A Republican McCain Presidency or a Democratic Hillary Presidency?

Also, Hugh's challenge is nonesense. You think 6 Judges will be confirmed in the next 4 years? Yeah right. Maybe 2. At the outside, 3 at the absolute most.

So liberal judges will get replaced with liberal judges (No conservative judge is going to quit with a Dem in office and its not like they are in ill health or something).

That means we'll be just fine until 2012. Unless of course we elect John McCain. In which case, conservatism will be dead.

GADZOOKS! 32 DONORS ALREADY... (Below threshold)


The Democrats have a very g... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

The Democrats have a very good chance of winning the White House so to say that you are "concerned" about a Democrat becoming Commander-In-Chief doesn't really send a good message to the troops.

They have to worry about that now too?

It's not very supportive .

I have no idea what "cons... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

I have no idea what "conservatism" is. I can't be fiscal conservatism since the the 6 years of absolute conservative governance has taken a 350 billion budget surplus and turned it into a 400 billion budget deficit. America is now 3.5 trillion in debt. The economy is in utter free-fall. Heating oil has more than doubled. Gas has more than doubled. 11 million more people have no health insurance. Insurance premiums have increased an average of 4000.00 dollars per year. And because of the "hands off business" attitude of Republican lawmakers and lack of any attempt at oversight we face historic rates of foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Moral conservatism? I can't even count the number of "conservative" leaders busted on creepy sex charges.

A strong defense? Our military is stretched to the breaking point. 4000 of our soldiers are dead in an occupation based on lies. Bin Laden is quite well. Afghanistan is producing record opium crops as the Taliban is gaining control of key provinces.

The shining city on the hill? Because of my job I have to travel overseas a lot. Everywhere I go I hear OVER and OVER again: "What the fuck has happened to your country?" In places in the world America is more feared than al Queda.

For the past seven years conservatives have been cheering on a functionally retarded man as president. Why?

I mean honestly to say that you support "conservatism" and Bush at this late hour is like admitting that you are an absolute brainwashed moron.

And the most shocking trait of "conservatism". They are able to ignore reality and believe lies. Why not just call them what they are...authoritarians.

They are able to ignore rea... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

They are able to ignore reality and believe lies. Why not just call them what they are...authoritarians.
A projection from an Obama supporter maybe?

DrLava is right in one aspe... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

DrLava is right in one aspect. Conservatism is not completely clear at this point. But liberalism is clear already

(1) Clintonian ethics and racism
(2) Murtha pork, Pelosi/Reid liberal culture of corruption
(3) Liberal presidential candidates signing among 40 dem senators signing on an intentional lie to silence a private citizen
(4) Former dem presidents going around the world embracing America's enemies
(5) George Soro's filthy money
(6) Giving maximum legal protection to the terrorists and none even to surviving aborted babies
(7) Acting as a propaganda arm for the terrorists and other enemies of America

Too long to list, but this is enough for now.

Using Lava's argument, only a brainwashed moron could be a liberal and support the dem party.

In places in the world Amer... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

In places in the world America is more feared than al Queda.
Lava, just curious, what are those countries? Are those Iran, Syria, North Korea? Did you have a chance to touch base with Adm, Assad, and Kim about their views of America? What do people in those places think about AlQ using retarded women, children as bombers? What do liberals think about it? Sorry to ask but I don't hear them talk much about it.

Using Lava's argum... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Using Lava's argument, only a brainwashed moron could be a liberal and support the dem party.

I don't support the dem party, but neither do I support McCain. I figure the best way to prove the lies people like dr lava spout is to let the dems have a crack at running the nation. We'll see what they do when their tax, social spending, and carbon curbing agendas tank the economy and decimate the military. Then what will they do when terrorists strike, blame Bush?

Maybe I'm wrong but the dems are likely going to have to prove it come 2009 to 2012. If not they'll be swept out faster than they were swept in.

Mac, I do respect y... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

I do respect your decision. With McCain, it is a tough call. I can understand why people would rather not vote for him.

Also, Lava "the visitor of ... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Also, Lava "the visitor of places where America is feared more than AlQ" may want to visit various liberal utopia in America like DC, Detroit, Michigan ... to see how well liberal policies have been working.

Mac, See how fast t... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

See how fast the dems brought up the liberal culture of corruption in Congress. In mere 6 months!

Dr. Lava is right on one po... (Below threshold)

Dr. Lava is right on one point...he can't count.

Coulter makes a good point. It would be better to have a democrat in the office and screw things up then a republican like McCain screw it up.

Dr. Lava proves what I have said many time: Liberals are self loathing, american hating creatures. ww

I wouldn't support McCain a... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I wouldn't support McCain any more than I would support Obama or Hillary. A liberal is a liberal. I don't care if there is an R or a D next to their name.

I didn't leave the republican party. The republican party left me.

At this point I don't believe i will be participating in the presidential election. My conscience will not let me do it. However, I will be voting in the Senate and the House elections. So I won't be staying home election day, but i won't vote McCain, Obama or Clinton either. I'll never want that on my conscience.

Think of it this way, anyone supporting McCain is essentially an enabler. You support this one, and then they'll expect you to support the next liberal and the one after that.

This isn't about using losing as a strategy to make the republicans see the light, it's about principles. I can't vote for a liberal this time or next time. I did my civic duty in the primary and voted Thompson, it was all i could do to keep this from happening, but evidently enough people wanted McCain. Essentially it makes the presidential campaign irrelevant.

What are they going to debate at the presidential primary? Who is more liberal? Who hates George Bush more? Who can misquote Reagan more? Who hates tax rate cuts more? Seriously. What can McCain debate about with liberals? He'll be singing to the choir!






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