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She wants to set the record straight

Convicted felon Andrea Schwartz thinks her conviction is all based on a misunderstanding.

A midtown madam being sentenced on drug and prostitution charges Wednesday told a Manhattan judge she lost everything because she was wrongly portrayed as a lesbian.

"I am not a lesbian; I never in my life had a relationship with a woman," convicted Brazilian madam Andrea Schwartz told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus. "Twenty months in prison, [and I] never touched a woman."

Prostitutes unlike the second oldest profession(politics) have standards to uphold. Good for you Ms. Schwartz. Andrea Schwartz is an interesting name for a Brazilian madam, then I've never knowingly met such a woman in my life.

Some Wizbang readers will be gladdened to read this-

Among Schwartz's former sugar daddies was former Time Warner Chief Financial Officer Wayne Pace. Schwartz insisted cops set her up. She is expected to be released to federal immigration officials and deported.
One less Brazilian madam to worry about. I think the US economy can survive the hit.(Sarcastic laughter time)

Note- Where are all the other Wizbang contributors right now? I'm the only person to post for the last 15 hours.

Update- Other Wizbang contributors are back. I was starting to get worried.

Thanks to the commenter that reminded me about Germans who moved to South America after WWII. I really should have known that, because I'm an old fan of 'Get Smart'. Siegfried, Vice President of Public Relations and Terrorism for KAOS, once saying after the war he returned to his glorious Fatherland, Argentina.

Chief: How can we believe a man who would sell out his friends?
Siegfried: Dumkopf! Who else are you supposed to sell out? You can't betray enemies!


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AFAIK, German names are act... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:

AFAIK, German names are actually fairly common in South America since the end of WWII. Draw your own conclusions.

She was just doing work Ame... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

She was just doing work American women just won't do!






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