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War widow won't be deported, gets permanent residency

Dahianna Heard was given permanent residency. Now she can raise her son Bryan Harley in the country Jeffrey Heard gave his life for. Here's the press release.

If Mrs. Heard won her fight, the legal battle against The Widow Penalty continues. These women and men, who were trying to legally immigrate to this country before their spouses died, shouldn't be penalized for no other reason than an act of God.


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Slam dunk. It's sad and dis... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

Slam dunk. It's sad and disappointing that it took publicity to get us to do the obvious right thing. Hopefully this will set the correct precedent for similar cases.

I'm glad it worked out for ... (Below threshold)

I'm glad it worked out for her. That's a shame that those things happen sometimes. I hope that this young lady's Congressperson would put in a bill to adjust Title 8 to ensure that this isn't even an issue in the future.

Good let her stay and repor... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Good let her stay and report all those illegal aleins

Good. It's nice to read ab... (Below threshold)

Good. It's nice to read about a happy ending!

Shot to death in an ambush ... (Below threshold)
Rance Frayger:

Shot to death in an ambush = "Act of God"?

If so, we had best get the heck out of Dodge, 'cuz we are surely on the wrong side if The Almighty is carrying an AK-47 for the other side.

Exellent.I was stu... (Below threshold)


I was stunned this week that my wife had her I-751 receipt in hand from the USCIS after applying late January '08. They actually were timely, at least on receipting.

I hope it doesn't take another year to go through the obvious evidence of our legit marriage. The mail order bride business causes the rest of us to put up with more than we should have to.






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