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Dear Mayor Bates

Bob Hamer emailed me this letter he sent to Mayor Bates of Berkeley :

February 8, 2008

Mayor Bates:

I read with interest your press release of February 1, 2008 regarding the actions taken by City Council and the Marine Corps recruiting center.


Thank you for clarifying your position.

I am not a citizen of Berkeley but thought you and your city council might like to recognize the humanitarian aid provided by a group I happen to know. I am certain that should your community need their assistance they would provide for you as well.

Are you aware that just recently members of this group have provided the following:

In 2005 as part of the tsunami relief effort they delivered 493,755 pounds of food, water and other supplies between 1/14/05 and 2/9/05.

In 2006, they provided much needed medical aid to East Timor.

In November, 2006 they treated 2,000 victims of the October earthquake in Shinkiari, Pakistan.

In August, 2006, this group worked with the Uganda People's Defense Force on multiple construction projects including the renovation of the local medical clinic, repairing the children's ward, the nurses and nuns residence and the kitchen.

In August, 2007 members of this group participated in Project Handclasp and over a period of six months refurbished and built eight schools.

In December, 2007 they delivered 254,425 pounds of food and supplies plus 14,309 gallons water and treated 2,355 patients, to disaster victims in Bangladesh.

I am sure these men and women don't seek your praise but I think it would appropriate if you and the city council would recognize their efforts.

Oh, by the way, I compiled these statistics by doing a quick Internet check of newspaper articles and I know this only represents a very small contribution made by a partial contingent of this group. In any event it's time they deserve your thanks. Did I forget to mention these are Marines?

Thanks for your consideration.


Bob Hamer


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Comments (15)

This is the last line of th... (Below threshold)
Liberal Nitemare:

This is the last line of the mayor of berkeleys press release

We are truly fortunate to live in a country that can tolerate and accept a range of views and opinions.

--Mayor Tom Bates

This tool doesnt even realize what mealy mouthed turd he really is. How about tolerating and accepting the Marines Corps range of views dipshit?

Bomb Berkeley!... (Below threshold)

Bomb Berkeley!

Because they oppose the War... (Below threshold)

Because they oppose the War in Iraq.
I thought they supported the war in Afghanistan?
I also thought Liberals were all about "Liberty" and free choice so the concept that there kids might have mind of their own and choice to server their country instead of them selves is scaring them

As for his military service well Benedict Arnold was had one loyal leg also.
THis looks like a violation of equal protection which intends to limit the speech .

hcddbz -They're al... (Below threshold)

hcddbz -

They're all for choice - as long as it's the RIGHT choices.

You cannot choose to serve your country in the military. Because although they support the troops, they abhor conflict of any sort.

You cannot choose to be patriotic and love your country, because (here's where the binary thinking comes in) in the past this country has done things they don't like. Therefore, since mistakes have been made, it would be far better toscrap it all and start over with them in control than it would be to fix the mistakes within the systems as they exist.

You cannot choose war over peace - even if such 'peace' as you protest for would end up with much more massive slaughter a decade or two down the road. The 'peace' Chamberlain bought for Britain, at the appeasement of Hitler by giving him pieces of Europe, led to a damnably bloody conflict.

And above all, you cannot choose to dissent. Dissent is bad. Dissent makes people unhappy. And we want people to be happy, so shut up and keep quiet, we don't give a damn about your invalid reasons for disagreeing!

I would also like to add th... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I would also like to add this:

Don't even try to blame us on the "far-right" when McCain loses. We didn't nominate him. To try to blame people that didn't vote for him is to expect those votes to be there. My vote is earned, not expected. i resent the hell out of anyone that just expects my vote. Get over yourselves you McCain supporters. I think you misunderstand the amount of loathing there is for McCain. It's almost as much as there is for Hillary.

"And above all, you cannot ... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

"And above all, you cannot choose to dissent. Dissent is bad. Dissent makes people unhappy. And we want people to be happy, so shut up and keep quiet, we don't give a damn about your invalid reasons for disagreeing!"

No, the libs think Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, even over serving your own country! (When Bush is in the White House)

But you are correct. There is no Dissent when they are in charge. Look at how they have stifled and tried to cut off any and all debate on Global Warming. They attack the credibility of the dissenters. Thats how they play the political game. Discredit instead of debate.

Dave W -You're rig... (Below threshold)

Dave W -

You're right - I should have said "Dissent from what WE think is the only and proper way to do things."

As far as Global Warming goes - as I've posted before, according to the geological record we should be deep in an ice age at this point. THEY see only one fix, and that's to drop CO2 levels. There are a number of ways to do it - one of the BIG ones would be to go nuclear like France did.

But that's atomic power, and inherently evil. So we must hamstring the US with the Kyoto Accords, and ignore the massive CO2 and particulate pollution from the developing countries (which is much worse than LA was at it's smoggiest) while flagellating ourselves over trying to improve the clean air standards for this country.

They worry about the wisp of smoke from a candle, while ignoring the burning trash fire outside.

Laura Ingraham sat in for O... (Below threshold)

Laura Ingraham sat in for O'Reilly last night and had the Code Pink lady on and they talked about the marines in Berkeley thing. Oh and did I forget to mention Laura made her look like a fool?! It was great.

Here is the Youtube capture... (Below threshold)

Here is the Youtube capture of Laura vs. Code Stink.

BOYCOTT BERKELEY AND TELL T... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:


More wingnut faux-outrage *... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

More wingnut faux-outrage *yaaaaaaaaawn*

Adrian -You'd prob... (Below threshold)

Adrian -

You'd probably be totally outraged if some city banned Code Pink.

Oddly enough - so would I. I think they serve a useful purpose, like canaries in a coal mine. When they're forcibly shut down, it's time to worry. (For example, in a Shari'a dominated state, they'd be imprisoned or executed.)

That said, I think it's ironic that Berzerkly forcibly shoves away the people who protect it, and worships the drones that don't do anything useful.

DAve - I WILL blam... (Below threshold)

DAve -

I WILL blame you. YOu will be the one who decided that it was less important that you keep hillary out of office, or Barak, than it is to express your personal sanit-fit over McCain. YOu will have been the one who decided that to 'punish' McCain for his apostasy you would punish the rest of the country. YOu would 'punish' McCain by making sure that two to four SUpreme court seats are locked into Ruth Bader-Ginsberg territory for the next 20 to 25 years. YOu will have chosen to punish HIM by making us precipitously pull out of Iraq, and the resulting slaughter of Iraqis? I suppose in your mind that will be a fit 'punishment' for _McCain_. YOu choose to punish McCain by allowing taxes to be ratcheted up, bringing the economy to a rather crashing freefall. YOu choose to lett a Democrat in office to 'punish McCain', thus allowing them to set rules that ban all of the thick - headed talk show hosts who don't seem to realize that a President HIllary or Obama with the cooperation of a Democratic House and Senate, WILL pass a Fairness doctrine at the first opportunity. YOu will 'punish McCain' by having the US signed on to things such as the Kyoto treaties, again bringing the economy here into a tailspin and also signing on to things such as the International court. YOu will watch with glee, as 'McCain' is punished by an opening of the borders which makes any heresy on the issue by him pale in comparison. YOu will 'Chuckle' as 'McCain is punished' by us having a Nationalized health care system that will then _Never go away_ installed in place. Yes, I'm sure you will punish McCain so badly.

SO if your loathing leads you to hurt the country in your fit of hate, then I sauppose I woudl end up loathing you> I don't even like McCain, but the country is much more important than my petty likes and dislikes. ANd I'm not going to damage it just to 'get back at him'.

To expand; there is a time ... (Below threshold)

To expand; there is a time to go against a candidate you dislike; its called the primaries. Once you get into the election itself, anyone with principles that include the country being more important than the party should be obliged to pick that candidate that will do the least damage to the country. The wrong damage from a candidate can take twenty years to undo. Candidatesw are much more capable, on the whole, of doing damage than good, and wether it suits your vendettas or not, defensive voting is a perfectly honorable choice. YOu said you loathe him 'almost' as much? Fine. Use that 'almost' and vote AGAINST the one you loathe more.

Must have run out of decaf.... (Below threshold)

Must have run out of decaf.






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