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First CPAC, then the World!

Mark Steyn made the following observation on yesterday's conference-

I arrived at CPAC just before Mitt began to speak and was struck by the number of young student-ish types milling about in McCain T-shirts. While my minder went off to check her coat, I was loafing around the lobby, heard a conversation in Spanish, and noticed it was three of the McCain T-shirted students. Which struck me as odd: you don't hear a lot of Spanish at CPAC.
Mark Steyn fan James Joyner writes-
That's about to change, of course, with McCain in charge. It'll be all Spanish next year, I'm sure.
Of course if Hillary wins in November, crying towels will instead be handed out at CPAC 2009. If Republicans worry about McCain as President, compare it to the probable results of a Democratic President in the White House combined with a Democratic Congress beginning in 2009. That's what the Anti-McCain crowd should be considering.


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"Of course if Hillary wi... (Below threshold)

"Of course if Hillary wins in November, crying towels will instead be handed out at CPAC 2009."

Maybe Burka's, Koran's and intern sign up sheets (at Bill's request) as well.

"Of course if Hillary wi... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Of course if Hillary wins in November, crying towels will instead be handed out at CPAC 2009."

There'll be considerably more crying if the guy Bill Jempty voted for (B.O.) wins. Even though little is known about B.O. what we do know makes him appear pretty far to the left of Clinton's wife.

B.O. will also be far quicker to lead Al Qaeda to victory in Iraq than Clinton's wife. Even though either of them would surely ultimately be strong asset to the Islamofascist movement.

Will there be enough attend... (Below threshold)

Will there be enough attendees left for a CPAC 2009?

Surely when forced to chose between McCain and Hillary on election day, their heads will explode in unison.

And, a <a href="http://atla... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

And, a cilp of irrepressible Steyn at CPAC.

It's pretty weak to try and... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

It's pretty weak to try and say McCain is really that much different than Hillary. Conservatives have already lost the election. No matter who wins it, CPAC should be passing out towels. Hell, they should have been passing them out when McCain was there.

Sure there are differences, but they are few and far between.

I'm so tired of the "Vote f... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:

I'm so tired of the "Vote for the GOP because the Dems will be worse" meme.






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