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Law & Order Update

In this update we've got musings on DNA technology and parole policies, a state supreme court decision regarding capital punishment, a major worksite immigraton raid, along with a veritable pot luck of recent news items on the immigration enforcement front.

Click the below link if you'd like to read more.

Feds Conduct Major Worksite Immigration Enforcement Raid

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents executed a federal search warrant yesterday afternoon at a Los Angeles-area computer printer cartridge manufacturing plant, arresting 138 employees for criminal violations or administrative immigration law violations.

There's more:

In fiscal year 2007, ICE made more than 4,900 arrests in connection with worksite enforcement investigations, including 863 involving criminal violations. That represents a 45-fold increase in criminal worksite arrests compared to fiscal year 2001. In addition, ICE obtained more than $31 million in criminal fines, restitutions and civil judgments in fiscal year 2007 as a result of worksite-related enforcement actions.

Go figure.

Here's a link to the source material for that entry.

For obvious reasons those facts have no chance of being reported by the national media. The far-left media has no interest in allowing that info to filter out to the general public. So too the conservative media -- especially talk radio -- has absolutely no interest whatsoever in any facts regarding immigration enforcement.

Speaking of unreported items on the immigration front, here's a synopsis of the ways in which some of your tax dollars in February 2008 have been put to use:

ICE Releases Final Arrest Numbers for Utah Worksite Enforcement Operation

* * *
Read the whole thing.

* * *
Arkansas Immigration Criminal Apprehension Taskforce Deports Hundreds

* * *
Read the whole thing.

* * *
Georgia Sheriff's Deputies Complete Immigration Enforcement Training

* * *
Read the whole thing.

* * *
ICE Begins Immigration Enforcement Training for Maryland and Virginia State Officers

* * *
Read the whole thing.

* * *
* * *
DNA Technology Used by States to Deny Parole

State law enforcement officials and crime victims are using DNA evidence that links parole candidates to crimes for which they never were prosecuted in an emerging strategy to block early releases from state prisons.

Here's a link to the salient article by USA Today.

That's a prime example of Federalism in action. Bonus points, however, to the first liberal student or professor who can figure out a way to complain about those activities *and* simultaneously to advocate for states' rights in connection with their pet issues, e.g., assisted suicide, gun control, drug violations, medical marijuana, etc.

* * *
Nebraska Supreme Court Rules Electrocutions Violate State Constitution

* * *
Here's a link to the text of that opinion.

That too is a perfect example of Federalism in action. The key point is the state court invalidated Nebraska's capital punishment law under the state's own constitution. Whether you agree with the decision or not you have to find solace in the absence of any invocation of federal power or federal court authority.

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