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The Gender Gap

Obama, Clinton Woo Female Voters

Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on Friday appealed in Washington State for the hearts and votes of female voters.


Speaking of which, here's some interesting info derived from exit polls of the California media/Democrat primary:

-- Women in Cali. voted for Clinton 59-36.
-- White women voted for Clinton 56-36.
-- Latino women voted for Clinton 71-28. {gulp}
-- Black women, however, voted for Obama 75-17. {gulp}

All of which raises an important question, doesn't it?

Why are Democrats so bitterly divided along gender and racial lines?


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Comments (18)

Better question: what the ... (Below threshold)

Better question: what the hell's wrong with white and latino women in the Democrat party???

"Why are Democrats so bitte... (Below threshold)

"Why are Democrats so bitterly divided along gender and racial lines?"

What % of black women voted for any Republican candidate? Ouch.

I explained it this way to ... (Below threshold)

I explained it this way to my 8 year old daughter who said she would vote for Hillary because she wants to see the first woman President: Voting FOR someone simply because of gender or race is just as bad as voting AGAINST someone based on gender or race.

I think she got it; and now wants to know what people stand for.

I am a proud parent.

When will people wake up an... (Below threshold)

When will people wake up and realize B Hussein Obama doesn't know anything about anything. His speaches are provided along with a crib sheet. All he does is mouth someone else's words and the idiots of the country eat it up. He couldn't even decide right from wrong while serving Il. Voting 'here' shows a complete lack of williness, knowledge, (or balls) about any subject brought up before him. I dam* sure don't want him leading me and waiting for someone else to make a decision, even in my job as a firefighter. He would get everyone killed.

Obama: "he would get everyo... (Below threshold)

Obama: "he would get everyone killed."

Scrap - best. slogan. ever. License it before the GOP takes it and runs.

How many evangelics voted f... (Below threshold)

How many evangelics voted for Huckabee over Romney? I heard that Romney got over 90% of the mormon vote in Utah. The party of religious intolerance.

How many times has any Republican voted for someone other than a white christian male? And, please bring up Keys. That will really add to your credibility.

BarneyG2000 said: "How many... (Below threshold)

BarneyG2000 said: "How many times has any Republican voted for someone other than a white christian male? And, please bring up Keys. That will really add to your credibility."

Just off the top of my head, consider the following eminent conservative Republicans, all minorities:

Michael S. Steele: Republican conservative, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland and U.S. Senate candidate.

JC Watts: Republican conservative, former Representative from Oklahoma in the U.S. Congress.

Also consider the following appointments (not elected), with the widespread support of Republican conservatives:

Clarence Thomas: Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United State, nominated by a Republican president.

Condoleeza Rice: United States Secretary of State, appointed by a Republican president. Also served as National Security Advisor.

Colin Powell: United States Secretary of State, appointed by a Republican president. Also served as National Security Advisor and as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Other Wizbang commenters: Please add to this list and help Barney out of his racist funk.

Republicans voted for Sarah... (Below threshold)

Republicans voted for Sarah Palin, and any number of female Congress persons and black men as well.

You're such an idiot, Barney.

Are you suggesting that those Republicans of color and internal plumbing were actually voted for by Democrats?

BarneyG2000Answer ... (Below threshold)


Answer a few questions?
So when have republicans voted for Black People?
Every time their on our ticket but racist Dems vote against therm?
But a better questions which party is more open?

Q: Why was the Republican party founded?
A: Free Slaves
Q:CiVil War Lincoln party was?
A: Republican
Q: Which party controlled the South for 100 years and implemented Jim Crow
A: Democratic
Q: Which President re-introduced Segregation into the Federal Government and what was his party?
A: Woodrow Wilson D.
Q which Party Filibustered the Civli Rights Act?
A. D
q: Which party had more members vote for the Civil Right Acts?
A: R
q: Which party choices qualified people to fill post?
A: R
Q: Which party acts qualified people as being uncle toms because they have different views or do not fit into stereotypes
A: D
Q: What party believes blacks are too stupid to compete unless their given special help.
A: D
Q: Which party fulfills the following concept: I have a dream that someday man will be judge by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin?
A: D
Q: Which party put KKK members on the Supreme Court
A: D
q: Which party put a qualified Black lawyer on the Supreme court?
A: R

What have the Dems done but try and keep blacks and other minorities them dependent on the government by social programs and scare tactics?

Lets not even get into Tammany Hall and their systematic abuse of immigrants.

NAACP liked Good times because it showed blacks living in the Ghetto
They did not like The Cosby show because it show a black doctor and lawyer married. They felt is was unrealistic.

So Barney take your being racist remarks and your party of hate and intolerance. The Dems have put lipstick on pig and they fooled most of the people most of the time. But not all of the people and some day people are going to wake up and realize they are in an abusive relationship were their worth is not valued.
And barney do not say your not because your statement about Keys shows you for the racist or useful idiot you are.

We are talking about Presid... (Below threshold)

We are talking about Presidential elections here.

To my previous list, let me... (Below threshold)

To my previous list, let me add another minority politician, very much supported by Republicans:
Bobby Jindal: Republican governor of Louisiana. He was also a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, re-elected to Congress in 2006 with 88% of the vote. He is the first non-white governor of Louisiana since Reconstruction and the first elected Indian-American governor in U.S. history.

Barney: You are changing th... (Below threshold)

Barney: You are changing the terms of your challenge after the fact, now that numerous examples disproving your charge have been presented.

The Democrats have never chosen a woman or a minority for their presidential candidate, although it appears that this year they will. Are you criticizing Republicans for not doing something in the past that Democrats haven't done in the past? Isn't that a bit hypocritical?

pa, isn't that the the whol... (Below threshold)

pa, isn't that the the whole theme of this post? Isn't it ridiculous to suggest democrats wont vote for a black or a women even though both are getting an even amount of votes after more than half the US has voted? Even though either has received almost more votes than all the republican contenders combined?

I am still waiting for an explanation on why over 90% mormons voted for Romney, but republicans are not intolerant?

Barney, such a moron, can't... (Below threshold)

Barney, such a moron, can't even phrase a question properly. Not that proper phrasing would fix the lack of logic and reason.

Hey Pa - 2 people? Really? ... (Below threshold)

Hey Pa - 2 people? Really? Congrats on winning the argument for the other side.

"We are talking about Presi... (Below threshold)

"We are talking about Presidential elections here."

And Democrats voted for someone who wasn't a white male exactly how many times?

You know... where are the q... (Below threshold)

You know... where are the qualified women and minorities on the Dem ticket?

Both Hillary and Obama are *junior* senators.

Republicans could run a Palin - Jindal ticket and they'd have a ticket with equal experience as Hillary and Obama would have together.

Republicans do vote for and elect women and minorities. They just don't pretend that being a woman or a minority is a *qualification*.

Barney, you mind explaining... (Below threshold)

Barney, you mind explaining to us why Mormons in Utah voting for their fellow Mormon candidate says anything about the "intolerance" of Republicans?

Would you make the same observation about all of the black Democrats who vote overwhelmingly for Obama?






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